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The Truth About Buying & Selling Clash Accounts

Building a strong base in Clash of Clans is something that requires dedication, passion and a lot of time. Unfortunately, lots of people are lacking mostly the last one and in the past years a big number of accounts got sold and bought among Clashers. In this post I don’t want to show you how you can buy or sell a Clash of Clans account, I want to show you why this is no good idea and can end in either losing the account or a lot of money. If you already bought an account, I want to give you some advice how you can at least be safe from being betrayed by the seller.

If your account got banned, find some help here:

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Reasons To Buy Or Sell Clash of Clans Accounts

When people tell me they bought or sold an account, I as why they did that and almost all the time I hear the same answers. Answers that sound¬†reasonable in the first place, but only in the first place. “I didn’t want to play ages until I have a TH10 Base” or “COC didn’t entertain me that much so I sold my account”. I want to give both sides perfect reasons why they made a mistake.

Why selling your account?

You don’t have that much fun anymore or maybe not that much time to play on your regular level? So what? It’s absolutely normal that the game entertains us in a completely different way in the beginning compared to the end game. In the end game, you will have real love for your base because you needed to play every day to get it like it is today. You don’t want to simply shut that down for 100 or 200 dollars.

reinforcement request in clash of clans in a clan war attack
Requesting Troops for Clan War attack

If you don’t have the time you can simply play less or take a break. I think every TH10 Clasher had a time in between when taking a break, so did I! Imagine you sell your account and something great like Clan Wars gets introduced. You really want to check that out – once a Clasher always a Clasher. Without an account, you can’t unless you start over with a new village. I can promise you will hate yourself in that very moment.

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I personally am not capable of even selling my account, even when I lose all my fingers and get blind and can’t continue playing. I love my base, every villager in there and when seeing someone crushed my base I feel pain and anger to revenge. That’s exactly what drives us to keep pushing in the game and I simply never would give up my base because I spend som much time with it.

Buying accounts is a great way to miss a great experience

Don’t you have the time to max your base? That’s by definition not true, you simply need a lot longer than someone playing 8 hours every day and that’s totally ok. Progress as fast as you can and stop comparing yourself to the top leaderboard! You’ll get a great experience when upgrading your Town Hall and get new Troops and Spells or Defenses! You will miss that great story that will connect you personally to your account.

champions league without hacks

You can’t connect yourself on an emotional way with something you bought instead of building it up yourself – take a look at things that matters to you (not people) and what things are important to you? Those who you use a lot and personalize. Any iPhone in the world is simply an iPhone for me, but my iPhone with my settings, the scratches when I dropped it somewhere and everything else is mine. Simply a short example what I mean about connecting.

You’ll maybe have a setup account, but it’s not the same feeling than having set it up yourself. That feeling is much more important than Town Hall Levels.

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Save Clash of Clans Account Buying

Again, I don’t want to give you an instruction, but if you already bought an account you should be at least save! Some buyers someday want their account back and then there’s simply nothing you can do about it. Unless you save.

Also important! Account Trading is against the Supercell Terms of Use and they probably ban your account immediately they find out you bought is somewhere! Don’t expect any help there

Here is the basic rule for buying an account:

  • Unlink everything in the account that belongs to the seller

Stop! Sorry, but that’s not possible. You can’t control if someone unlinked his account. You need to use someone else Gamecenter on iOS and you can’t force the person to not claim that back. I’ve heard some stories from people that have contacted Supercell with a story about sold devices to make them unlink the Gamecenter.

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You see there’re only two options after that:

  1. Contacting Supercell and risk that they ban the account (all gone)
  2. Live with the feeling that someone may access your base anytime

Don’t get me wrong, when you switched the GameCenter etc. to a new email only you control, there’s not the risk that they can take the account away from you, BUT they can access it.


If my earlier points didn’t convince you that buying and selling Clash accounts is not a good idea, I hope the last one did. It’s a game, not a competition and if you want to achieve something, you need to achieve it yourself. That’s the only way to feel really proud about it.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. It’s a game, why would you ever care who buy/sells what? Supercell seriously doesn’t care since their tryhard players buys alot of gems over and over. Personally I love selling accounts and my buyers are still to this day able to play on them.
    My opinion, you live life once.

  2. Timy it is wrong to buy a account OK but can you give me your. Any I’d if you want. So please answer within one day I will wait for your answer.thanks and please give me any of yours accounts

  3. Trash article ( Sorry no bad feelings )
    Loll It’s just a game bro
    U can do anything
    All the best all of u ????????????????
    Clash On !!!

  4. I have a coc acunt but few days before i worngly removed coc in my email…please tell refund my coc acunt

    • Just add your account again in email then clear data of clash of clans then open it and choose your account .
      Hope it helps you .
      Good luck ????????????????

  5. Thanks timmy your words are awesome & helpfull
    now i am proud of my village ….
    leave those sell their account …
    they will get a lesson someday!

  6. I’m wondering weather you wrote this yourself or you did for Super Cell! lol
    it’s just a game and it’s ok to move on. I personally planning to sell my account for 200+$ to buy a PS4 which is way more entertaining and it aint put you in that awkward feeling that make you think you’re wasting your time for nothing and making someone else (well.. a whole company!) RICH out of it! thats… thats just one thing you can’t deal with when you looking at it from above, outside the box or whatever.. you know.

    So, it’s ok to stop this whenever you want. Whenever you feel like it’s enough wasting time, and let’s not waste it anymore!
    Punch line is, Time is Gold and there are other ways to make yourself entertained. Peace.

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