Troop and Spell Upgrade Priority Guide

After having written my general guide with tips for how you can decide which Defense to upgrade next, I got a lot of feedback and also had some interesting discussions in the comments. I also have gotten some mail and messages via Twitter and Facebook asking me about upgrading order for Elixir based upgrades. This post is dedicated to upgrading Troops because you can only upgrade one troop at a time and I didn’t want to mix that together with other buildings, just because both upgrades cost Elixir. In this post I will show you which troop upgrades are very important, a great investment or more or less nice to have.

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The important thing about upgrading troops

Well, let’s start from the beginning so we’re all on the same page. When you upgrade your troops in your Laboratory they get stronger – but the training costs will increase and you’ll have to invest some Elixir or Dark Elixir and wait quite a while. The main difference compared to Defense upgrades are:

  • You can only upgrade one troop or spell at a time
  • You can use the troop and spell during the upgrade time

This is a key change compared to upgrading a Defense because we don’t have to worry about a drop out of a specific troop and can always upgrade the troop or spell we want. I remember when I made the mistake of upgrading 3 Air Defenses at the same time and my base was a free for all for Balloons and Dragons – when upgrading buildings we always have to ensure some kind of emergency setup to keep everything running, at least at a minimum.

Clan War Scouting through available troops in Clash of Clans

How to decide which troop or spell you should upgrade next

You probably remember that I didn’t make an “upgrade this, then upgrade that” guide about the defenses? I won’t do that here either. I will give you some key criteria to show you which troop and spell upgrades are good and which ones are even better – in the end you’ll need to upgrade them all to max anyway 😉

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Upgrade what you use

In the beginning of the game, you’ll be using Archers and Barbarians most and they will be an important part of your attacking until TH7. It’s helpful to get them to a decent level as soon as possible. When you get the Giants and the Healer you will be using them for quite some TH levels, so upgrading them is very helpful.


In addition, be strategic – when you get the Balloons first, try them out. Some like air attacks, some don’t. In lower Town Hall levels, you can use them but you can also have a good life if you don’t use them. They are also a special case because they only get strong in the late levels – this leads to another important thing to consider.

Know when to leave them

Some upgrades bring big increases in health and damage, other don’t – let’s pick the last 2 levels of the Archers. The increase is quite low compared to what it costs and also what it will do to the training costs.

upgrading archer

I can tell you that the 10% extra is nothing that will boost your progress. It’s the other way around with Balloons:

upgrade balloon

But always mind the first rule: first priority is always what you use most. If you don’t plan to use Balloons that soon you can funnel your resources and upgrade capacity into an upgrade that really helps you out.

PS: Lightning Spells are something you’ll be using a lot through almost the whole game – that upgrade is always a good choice!

Don’t forget the Spells!

Spells are very often neglected and when you come to a certain spot in the game where you simply need them to raid properly you are far behind – because you have to wait for every single upgrade step until they are usable for you. The Spells in the low levels are really bad so try to keep them in your upgrade queue once in a while.

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Attention! Don’t focus wrong!

Lots of Clashers, also lower levels, watch the channels on Youtube. Youtubers say Lavaloonion is the best, GoWiPe beats all, etc. Don’t focus on that, with almost every update the most popular raiding techniques change and when the Lava Hounds got that popular, lots of Clashers started upgrading them, even if they hadn’t used them before. By the time they had them upgraded to max, the Air Sweeper was introduced. The same for Hog Riders, when they got that overpowered and everybody started upgrading them, Supercell simply introduced the additional damage to Giant Bombs and the Hogging was more or less a topic of the past.


What I want to tell you is – Supercell changes the dynamics in the game with every update. On one hand they do it to keep the game enticing and agile, but also because even very careful changes have a very big impact when they get released to a 100M+ player base. You can’t simulate that and Clash will always be like that. Simply watch what’s ahead of you and upgrade in balance what you need.

PS: Hero Upgrades!

What about the Heroes?

Heroes are also a topic when talking about troop upgrading – but they are not within the Laboratory and they’re not available when upgrading – no worries, I published a post about upgrading Heroes a while back 🙂 You can read the post about upgrading Heroes here.

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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