Troop setup for farming without downtime

We have recently talked about loot indication and what a good farming base should look like, but how do you manage to farm lots of resources? There are two main setups you can use to farm enemy bases without training downtimes and that you won’t need to use gems for.

BARCH – Barbarians and Archers (Town Hall level 3 to 8)

This setup is used when you don’t have Dark Barracks and are not able to use the BAM-tactic. Essentially you always have Barbarians and Archers fully queued in your Barracks – if you have 4 Barracks you will have two of them full with Barbarians and the other two full of Archers. If you have less, you may want to use two Barracks for Barbarians and one for Archers etc.

The point of this is that you will have troops that will be trained in a short amount of time, starting while you are attacking. The big advantage is that after you finished an attack you will already have most of your troops trained to instantly start finding your next battle. While attacking don’t go for 3 stars, focus on resources! For example, look for bases having mines etc on the outside:


Don’t mind your trophies, all that counts is getting as much loot as possible without wasting all your troops so you can instantly go to your next attack. Here is a video I found on Youtube showing you some raids with this strategy.

BAM – Barbarians, Archers and Minions (Town Hall 8+)

Your focus is the same as in the BARCH-tactic, but now you have two additional Barracks, the dark ones, you will fully queue with Minions. Minions also have the big advantage that you can attack inside storages if there are no Wizard Towers or Air Defenses around.

Result and trophies

In good time you will be able to make more than 1 million loot in one hour with this strategy. The only downside is that you will drop in trophies kind of fast. You can prevent this if you try to snipe townhalls. The idea is that you will get trophies from it and also get league bonus bacause you will get 1 star from sniping the Town Hall. Look out for Town Halls like this you can take out with 3-4 Barbarians or Archers: