Troop Ranges Guide

All troops that can target from a distance have a different range, but they all have one thing in common. They are a great support in any attack and do more than just deal damage. In this guide, I will show you not only the different ranges, but also how you can use this practically in planning and executing your attack.

The Advantage Of Ranged Troops

Ranged troops have several advantages when compared to the other troops in Clash of Clans. Their range allows them to stay behind the tank troops and deal their damage without becoming a target themselves.

Another big advantage is that they can deal damage to structures behind walls without having to break though the walls first. This makes them a great option to…

  • …build your funnel into a base
  • …get some extra percentage of destruction
  • …clean up a base

But here’s the problem – often a single tile space can make a bid difference. Attacks take most of your attention, so I wanted to give you some practical advice that you can easily use without much thought.

Let’s start off with some simple numbers.clash of clans troop ranges

Important! The building location has to be within the range, not just “touching” it!

Let’s apply this to a realistic scenario:

Here’s what buildings Archers can reach:archers range in coc

Here’s what buildings Wizards can reach:wizard range

The Bomb Tower can’t be reached from the outside wall, but they will walk to the corner and then be within range to reach it.

Here’s what buildings Bowlers can reach:bowlers range

The Bomb Tower can’t be reached from the outside wall, but they will walk to the corner and then be within range to reach it.

Also keep in mind, that the Bowlers will also hit the structure behind their first target – however, this target is only 3 tiles deeper into the base.

Here’s what buildings the Archer Queen can reach:archer queen range

This is very important if you do a Queen Walk and there’s an Air Defense behind the walls:

queen walk range

Rule of thumb:

Wizards and Bowlers target everything with less than 2 tiles space to the wall. Archers hit structures that have 2 tiles or less space to the wall.


The Wall Handicap

Always keep in mind that walls add 8 tiles of handicap! No matter what level.

There is no absolute proof of this mechanic, but my research (as well as many other tutorials) show that this is 8 tiles for all ground troops.

This means a troop would rather walk 8 tiles on the outside of a wall to target a building versus destroying the wall itself to go for a closer building.

This also works if it’s a Level 1 Wall.

That’s very important when planning your funnel.


These ranges are not only important for attacks, but also how you place certain defenses behind walls when you want to prevent them getting sniped.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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