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better troop control in coc

You deploy your troops and they only have one thing in mind – going somewhere you never ever wanted them to go. Some say their troops ruined their attacks, but, in fact, most of the time they ruined the attack on their own with not enough knowledge about their troops and how to make them go where they should go. In this post, I want to explain the different kinds of artificial intelligence of your Clash of Clans troops and how you can control your troops.

The different troop AIs

Your troops can be divided into only a few different kinds of AI groups – and those aren’t stupid, dumb and useless like some would call them. No. It’s simply troops with focus and troops without focus. When we move deeper into the troops with focus, we have to take note of some differences, but, in general, that’s all you need to understand when you want to control troops in Clash of Clans. Say goodbye to hit-and-run.

Troops without focus (Group 1)

These are troops that simply attack anything – wait, let me explain it a little different. These are troops that will simply attack what’s next in line. In this group we have:

barbarian archer wizard minion witch val pekka dragon

and, of course, our Heroes!


They always attack the building that’s closest to them. Those that can’t fly or shoot over Walls will attack another near-located building that has no Wall in the way and that’s not more than 5 tiles away. Simple rule, right?

Troops that focus on certain structures (Group 2)

Now let’s put our other troops in a group. I’m making groups now because I will refer to those groups later when I give you some examples how you can control troops best in Clash of Clans. Here we have: Giants, Golems, Balloons, Wall Breakers, Goblins, Lava Hounds and Hog Riders.

hog giant lava golem wb goblin balloon

These troops always attack their focus target that’s closest to them first – even if they have different focus targets (Walls, Defenses, Air Defenses), they follow the same rule.

In fact, they all follow the same rule! They all attack the easiest building they focus on first – group 1 only has a focus on all buildings

Now that we got that down (in our mind), it gets more easy to control our troops. This is what I want to show you in the next part of this guide.

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Finally, gain control over your troops

I will give most of the conclusion of this post here at the beginning of this section – we only need to know what our troops are attacking next to understand what they will do during the attack. Let me start with a simple example I took out of a Hog Rider guide I wrote in the middle of 2014. In this post, I showed the route where the Hog Riders will go. Take a look:


I use the Hog Riders example because they ignore Walls and, therefore, it’s a great example to start with. You can see that they will follow a path from each Defense to the next closest Defense. This is how YOU can predict their path and also how the defender predicts it and puts Traps in their way. Now, let’s go to a more practical example.

Let’s say we want to attack with Giants and Wall Breakers. The Giants have to tank away the damage and the Wall Breakers should crack open the Walls. Keep in mind that the Wall Breakers will always focus on corners and junctions first when choosing a Wall they crack and Giants will go to the first Defense they reach. Let’s assume we deploy them at the same spot:troop control AI Clash of Clans

The Giants would go straight to the first Defense and tank the damage of the Archer Towers and Cannon – the Wall Breakers, however, will run to the junction because that’s his favorite spot and get killed on the way by the Wizard Tower and up top Archer Tower. A perfect situation to be mad at your troops, but they only do what they know how to do:

Attack their closest favorite spot

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A troop control skill you NEED TO HAVE for 2016

In the future, Supercell will support attacks that have different phases – that’s what they said at ClashCon. Basically, those attacks that contain the first part of troops clearing the way and the main attack to destroy the base. GoHog, LavaLoonion, GoWiPe. Those always use the same start when we take a look at it in a very general kind of view. The first troops have to accomplish a task, otherwise the whole attack will fail. I don’t want to explain all the details because that would make this post a very long read, but you can read, for example, the one about GoWiPe I wrote 3 months ago. For our last example I took a GoWiPe attack – even if you don’t use them, try to UNDERSTAND them. Troop combinations change with every update, the mechanics behind it don’t!

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Back to the GoWiPe attack I want to show – the first troops have a simple, but important task: destroy surrounding structures to make Heroes, Wizards, and P.E.K.K.A go inside the base. Otherwise, they walk around the base and the attack is a failure.

Remember, those 3 troops will attack ANY building closest to their position. When deploying them FIRST, they would start surrounding the base:

fail AI

The first troops only need to destroy some buildings and crack open the Walls so the next closest buildings to attack are inside the base. See here the simple battle protocol.

Step 1: Destroy outside until the distance to the middle is not as much as it is to the next outside building.

step 3 gowiwi and go wipe with wizards


Step 2: Deploy them and see them walk inside.

place Rage SpellYou can clearly see that all the troops behind focus in the inside buildings because there’s nothing left outside to attack. You have to leave them no other option than going where you want them to go.


There are hundreds of different attacking styles and I hope I didn’t confuse you with those 3 examples. All you need to keep in mind is that your troops aren’t stupid, they just need clear instruction where to go. You can give them direction by:

  • Knowing what they will attack next
  • Remove anything that’s closer to them than the target you want them to attack

I do that automatically, but I also had problems with it when starting to play Clash of Clans. A little experimenting and some bad experiences and defeats will bring you closer to your goal – finally make your troops do what you want them to do.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison, EnchinsuOcha

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