Trap Upgrading Guide

trap upgrading guide

Traps are a controversial topic. Some say they are the most important defenses in a base, while others claim most of them are pretty useless. In this post I want to give you some advice on how to upgrade Traps, which upgrades are necessary and which ones aren’t.

How To Upgrade Traps Better

Upgrading Traps is like upgrading a Hidden Tesla – during the upgrade period, the Trap is visible to the attackers and visitors. You may think this is not of any relevance because an upgrading Trap is not doing any harm to the attacker.

That’s not the full story. In many base layouts, Traps are spread inside the layout symmetrically. In other words, if a Trap is showing up on one side the attacker will assume that the same Trap is also on the opposite side of the base – you basically revealed a trap position. Particularly with some Traps this can be dangerous for your defensive statistic:

  • Regular Bombs
  • Giant Bombs
  • Air Bombs

This allows the attacher to take them out by just deploying a single unit to activate the Trap instead of sending a pack of troops.

What Trap Upgrades are worth it

First of all, let me tell you there are no “useless” Upgrades. Some are very important and you should do them as soon as possible, while others are great to do when you have a free Builder and some extra resources. Let’s take a look at the individual Trap types.

Regular Hidden Bombs

Hidden Bomb in Clash of Clans

The Hidden Bomb causes a throwback and also deals a small amount of damage – while the throwback adds some benefits in defending in combination with Mortars or other Defenses, the only thing that the Hidden Bomb gains through upgrading is extra damage. This additional damage is only helpful if it will kill certain troops (with small HP) instead of only throwing them back.

Let’s have a look at the troops that fear the Hidden Bomb most – Barbarians, Archers, Goblins & Wall Breakers, of course.

The Barbarians vs. Hidden Bombs: No matter what Level the Hidden Bombs is, it will never kill a Barbarian (not even a Level 1).

Archers vs. Hidden Bombs: A Hidden Bombs Level 5 can eliminate Archers Level 4 and lower, a maxed Hidden Bomb an Archer not higher than Level 5.

Goblins vs. Hidden Bombs: Even a maxed Hidden Bomb Level 6 can only kill Goblins Level 3 and lower.

Wall Breaker vs. Hidden Bombs: If you upgrade a Hidden Bomb to Level 5 it can kill Wall Breaker of Level 3, a maxed Bomb will kill Wall Breakers until Level 5

Looking at these numbers, it makes sense to get your Hidden Bombs to Level 5 pretty soon to do something against Archers and also Wall Breakers. If you’re progressed to TH9 or higher this does not have much priority anymore because the troops attacking you will most likely be too high.

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Spring Trap Upgrades

Upgrading Spring Traps is very effective, because then they can blow up more troops. The upgrades work with the housing space the troops have and start with 15 housing space in level 1.

spring trap clash of clans

Let’s have a look at the troops that fear Spring Traps most – Giants, Valkyries, Bowler, Miner and Hog Rider. These are the troops that always go around in larger groups, which is a big weakness to Spring Traps.

Giants vs. Spring Traps: A Level 1 Spring Trap will take out 3 Giants, a Level 4 Spring Trap can take out 3 Giants. So there is no use in upgrading it for Giants

Hog Rider vs. Spring Traps: The same like Giants.

Valkyries vs. Spring Traps: A Spring Trap Level 1 can only take out 1 single Valkyrie (8 Housing Space), but upgrading it to Level 2 will take out 2 Valkyries, a big bonus. Higher Level don’t bother anymore.

Bowler vs. Spring Traps: With 6 Housing Space, the Bowler will fear the Level 4 Spring Traps because this will take out 3 of them at once.

Miner vs. Spring Traps: The same like Giants.

You see that Sping Traps are very effective through all Town Hall Level you come across, up to Town Hall 11. Upgrading it nevertheless is not that important in the beginning. You will have an additional troop being taken out if you reach Spring Traps Level 4, but I don’t think you need to do that before you reach Town Hall 8, even Town Hall 9. At Town Hall 9 and above you need at least Spring Traps Level 4 to get the 2 Valkyries or 3 Bowler.

Giant Bomb Upgrades

Giant Bombs in Clash of Clans

The Giant Bomb has a huge area and massive damage. Smaller hitpoint troops like Archers or Barbarians don’t stand any chance. Let’s have a look at Wizards, Hog Riders, Bowler, Miner, Valkyries and Giants.

Wizards vs. Giant Bombs: With up to 164 hitpoints the Wizards will never survive meeting a Giant Bomb in first person. No matter what level, they’re gone.

Hog Riders vs. Giant Bombs: Hog Riders are not that afraid of the Giant Bombs anymore. However, a double Giant Bomb arrangement can almost kill a maxed Hog Rider and if there isn’t Healing Spell on them or some splash damage around, the deal is pretty much sealed for the Hog.

Giants vs. Giant Bombs: Again, you’ll not be able to take down Giants with a single Giant Bomb. However, it deals high area damage if a pack of them walks into a Giant Bomb (without healing effect active).

Valkyries, Miner & Bowler vs. Giant Bombs: Giant Bombs are really helping against these mass attacks, because they will always feature larger groups that will make the Giant Bomb extra efficient.

Giant Bombs are helping you a lot, in fact I would recommend you to upgrade them to max level as soon as possible.

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Upgrading Air Bombs

Air Bombs

Dealing up to 173 damage, the Air Bomb is only useful against air troops with lower hit points, such as Balloons or Minions.

Minions vs. Air Bombs: The Air Bomb Level 1 will kill a Minion Level 7, so upgrading is not necessary for them.

Balloons vs. Air Bombs: Theoretically a maxed Air Bomb could kill Balloons Level 1, but Balloons, next to Hog Riders, are the only troop that is simply not useful at low Levels. If someone does an air attack they need the Balloons Level 5 or higher. At that level the Air Bomb only deals less than 50% damage on them.

Healer vs. Air Bombs: You won’t be able to kill a Healer (that is maxed) with even 5 maxed Air Bombs, so don’t mind it.

Even the Air Bomb can’t kill Balloons right away, it will deal a lot of damage to them! They are always grouped up together in packs of 10 and more, and the additional damage can easily be dealt by other defenses. It makes sense to upgrade your Air Bombs from time to time, especially if you see more and more Balloon attacks on your base.

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Seeking Air Mine Upgrades

Seeking Air Mine Trap in CoC

The Seeking Air Mine only targets Dragons, Lava Hounds and the Grand Warden in Air Mode, dealing very high damage. Upgrading them is very expensive, but is it worth it? Let’s have a look:

Dragons vs. Seeking Air Mines: Looking at the pure numbers, a maxed out Seeking Air Mine can kill a Dragon Level 2. To tell you if that’s worth the effort let me show you the other troops first.

Lava Hound vs. Seeking Air Mines: The Lava Hound has so many hit points it would need 3-4 maxed Seeking Air Mines to get it killed. On the other hand, the lava Hound has to go down as fast as possible, so it helps to have some extra damage.

Grand Warden (Air Mode) vs. Seeking Air Mine: Did you know that a Seeking Air Mine Level 1 can take down a maxed Grand Warden Level 20 in Air Mode? Yes, it can. Upgrades for him seem unnecessary.

Healer vs. Seeking Air Mine: Healers are always done, when they get hit by a Seeking Air Mine.

As you can see the Seeking Air Mine is great to deal a lot of damage. Even though the Seeking Air Mine is not able to kill higher troops directly on higher levels; it’s not a bad idea to upgrade it, at least to Level 2. The extra damage helps your defenses get Dragons and Lava Hounds down faster.

Skeleton Traps worth the upgrade?

Skeleton Traps

The Skeleton Trap can be a game-changer for some attacking strategies, especially Balloons. They hold troops very good. This is the only Trap I would say you need to max as soon as possible to get the most out of it. It’s like having some additional mini defending Clan Castle troops in your base.

Conclusion to Trap Upgrading

The main conclusion here is that most Trap upgrades don’t have a big benefit that some Clashers claim. The most important thing is getting them and placing them right, and then you will see the most significant boost. Anyway, getting further into the game I recommend upgrading the Traps in between,  and just because they’re not able to take down some troops at once doesn’t mean the extra damage is not helping your defenses out.

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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