Trap Placement Guide (Builder Base)

trap placement guide for builder base

Traps are extremely powerful in your Builder Base, even more important than in your Home Village! The amount of troops involved in a battle are a lot lower, so taking out some of them will hurt the attacker very much. In this guide, I’d like to show you some insights into trap placement and how you should optimize it.

Note, this focus on traps in your Builder Base – if you want to learn more about trap placement in your Home Village please refer to this guide here.

The Power of Trap Placement in your Builder Base

Traps are a mix between surprise and inevitable – your attacker knows that they are there and that he will hit them during the attack sooner or later. The only thing he doesn’t know is where they are (at least, not all of them as some are extremely obviously placed).

His job now is to prevent that the traps will strike the troops that will hurt him much, like Spring Traps hitting his Giants or Mines blowing of a big portion of his damage dealers.

So, what you want to do is to make that happen – in a way that your attacker can either not avoid or will not see.

In order to place your traps right, you need to understand how your opponent will see your base before attacking. There are one or maybe two different attacking compositions you will see hitting your Builder Base in Versus Battles

trap placement nightvillage When we imagine our base is perfectly symmetric, I mean net the layout, I mean the whole base – then your attacker can attack from any side because it doesn’t matter – in this case traps would be a guessing game.

Luckily, bases are not symmetric at all – neither in the layout nor in the placement of certain defenses. Your base design leaves your attacker only a few spots where he can start his attack so we can limit the places where we have to place our traps.

So always place the traps where your opponent will attack from!

Push Trap

The Push Trap will put attacking troops somewhere else with a big trigger radius of 4 tiles. This trap is perfect to ruin an attack by just putting tanking troops somewhere else.

This will make the tanking power lower and also kill the other tank fast. You can perfectly make this up in the way you want.

coc push trap landing point

I know many use it to put Giants into Spring Traps, but that’s not a perfect use of the Push Trap!

Rather use it to push troops like Giants into another compartment or into the Crusher range. This will kill the troops as well and you can use your Spring Trap on its own.

bh3 anti 2 star base layout builder base clash of clans

Here you see a good example how the Push Trap is utilized in the base layout. The Giants will get separated and directly killed by the Crusher.

Also, don’t let them point to the outside, this will just put the troop back and it will come back a few seconds later – what a waste!

Spring Trap

Many use Spring Traps at the entrance of the base, but a lot of attackers will send in their Giants one after the other – they know that there will be a Spring Trap and limit the risk because they will only lose one Giants instead of two.

Better place them behind the first defense, this will group the Giants and then work against 2 Giants way better.

Spring Traps on the inside are a lot more effective, because your opponent can’t do anything about it and needs to watch it happen and there’s no way to prevent it from happening because his troops will have to enter this part the base in a group 🙂


What you don’t want to see happening is that Giants will disarm your Mines – you want the damage dealing troops with lower hitpoints running into them.

I wouldn’t recommend you placing them deep into your base because there you will the high probability that the get triggered by Giants or other troops in the first line and lose a lot of their effectivity.

use giants to trigger traps

Many attackers use Archers or Barbarians to clear off the outside structures and often enough deploy them on a single spot – so place your Mines near non-defense buildings on the outside near the location where you see opponents dropping their Giants.

avoid traps when attacking in versus battles

Mega Mine

The Mega Mine deals massive damage and can take out a lot of troops either completely or deal a huge amount of damage to them. This trap works best on the inside of your base because this is the place where many of the attacking troops are grouped up and you can take out as many of them as possible.

mega mine placement in clash of clans


Trap placement is always a hide and seek game between the attacker and the defender, but if you think about what you want to achieve with a certain trap you’ll be able to place it in a good spot.

One word of caution at the end, I know that many of the bases I recommend here have some trap placements that are not perfect and that’s the reason why I say that you have to re-arrange them – traps are only working effectively if they are at places that are not too obvious and the bases here sometimes become very popular. I hope you understand why I tell you that all the time 😉



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  1. Hey man I read your page all the time quick question will a mine going off in the range of another mine set that mine off or only troops?

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