Town Hall 7 War Base Attack Without Dragons

3 Star TH7 War Bases Without Dragons

Since Town Hall 7 bases now feature 3 Air Defenses it’s hard to 3 Star in the old fashioned way of mass Dragon attacks. Despite the fact that these attacks have been very expensive, I want to show you a secure way to 3 Star in Clan War without Dragons.

3 Star TH7 War Attack With Giants & Hog Riders

The attacking strategy I will show you always works the same way and you don’t have to fear the Clan Castle troops, even if there’s a Dragon inside. Here’s the troops you want to bring:

  • 12-14 Giants
  • 10 Hog Riders (plus Hog Riders in your Clan Castle)
  • 30-34 Archers
  • 8 Wizards
  • 1 Healer
  • 3 Healing Spells

The attack always works the same way:

  1. Lure out the Clan Castle Troops with a Hog Rider & Kill them/it (most of the time it’s a Dragon)
  2. Send in your Giants with the Healer to tank
  3. Deploy your Hog Riders to support them taking out the defenses & Heal them up with your Healing Spells

This might sound now like a lot of work, but when I show you step by step how to do it, you can practice it a couple of times in regular attacks and then you will 3 Star any Town Hall 7 Base in Clan War.

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Step 1 – Killing the Clan Castle Dragon

The Clan Castle defensive radius is easy to reach at Town Hall 7, so you can simply deploy a single Hog Rider until the Clan Castle troops come out. Most of the time you will see a Dragon coming out, but no matter what you will simply lure the CC troops/Dragon to the corner.

TH7 cc lure

There you will kill it – here’s a nice way to do it in detail:

How to Kill Defending Clan Castle Dragon Step by Step

You will just deploy your Archers and Wizards around it and wait until it’s down.

kill defending dragon clan war town hall 7

Step 2 – Send The Giants

Now you have to quickly deploy your Giants! You have plenty of troops on the battlefield and don’t want them to run into the defenses and get killed. That’s the reason you lure the defending Clan Castle Troops to the very outside of the map, so you have some time to get your Giants in.

3 Star TH7 War Base Without Dragons

Don’t forget to also deploy your Healer behind them.

Step 3 – Hog Riders & Heroes

Most of your troops are now covered by the Giants, but some of them will always move sideways. Protect them with your Barbarian King, if you have him available.

th7 3 star without dragons

Now you can deploy your Hog Riders at the same side to get the defenses down. All you need to do from here is watch their health and drop Healing Spells so they won’t die.

3 star th7 war base with giants and hog rider

There are no maxed Giant Bombs here, so there is no way you will see them die completely.


With this strategy, you will be able to take down all Town Hall 7 bases. It’s also a cheaper method to use and you can practice it a couple of times until you feel safe enough to use it in Clan War.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha, Sam Ellison

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