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Most Top X Tips pages on the internet contain two types – ones that are extremely basic and others that are just common sense. I want to create a similar page with the best tips I have been using through all my guides from the past 3 years. I’m sure that everyone here will find some useful advice – even a maxed Town Hall 11 player.

I have separated them in different sections to group them up a bit:

  • Attacking Tips
  • Defending Tips
  • Upgrading
  • Farming
  • Clan War

Before we start, again, these are small tips for Clash of Clans and not full guides. I have tried to link the related guide where I gave the tip so you can find addition information if needed.

Attacking Tips

Useful stuff you should do while you’re attacking:

  • Attacking is always more important than defending. In general, you won’t be able to defend your base against a 3 Star attack, even if you’re maxed out, there is always a way. Just attack more frequently than you get attacked to progress.
  • Always time your Heroes ability to take most advantage of the healing received. Always wait until they drop below 50% health.
  • There are no spells that you must drop ON your troops! Not one of them. Either you drop them before you attack or before your troops reach a certain area – dropping spells directly on troops is cutting out a lot of the effectiveness! (Read here more about deployment of spells)
  • Never attack a base from a random position. Choose your side carefully, depending on factors like Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, Archer Queen, Clan Castle and much more. This is a lot to cover in one sentence, so better read this guide about choosing the right side to attack a base.
  • Are your attacks suffering while one of your Heroes is upgrading? There are strategies that will help you 1-Star and 2-Star without Heroes. Check them out here.
  • Finding the perfect queue organization will make you a much more efficient chief (find out how your troops should be queued). You can boost just one or two Barracks instead of them all to save gems (read about that here).
  • Know the ranges of your spells with some easy tricks (read the full guide here):
    • A Freeze Spell can freeze 2 Inferno Towers if they are fully attached to the Town Hall
    • A Jump Spell can jump two layers of walls if not more than 4 tiles are in between
    • An Earthquake Spell can destroy max 8 tiles in a row
  • Don’t attack from the corner of a base; the sides are much easier to funnel troops into the base (read here how to get your troops into a base)

Defending Tips

Here are some tips you will find helpful to defend your base (trophies or resources):

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Upgrading Tips

Here are all the important things you need to know to upgrade your base faster:

  • Don’t spend Gems on anything other than a Builder (unless you already have all 5 of them)! Every Builder will not only make the upgrade process faster, it will prevent you having times when you can’t upgrade and attackers can steal a lot of loot that you could have invested. (Read here how I got all 5 Builders)
  • Upgrade your Mines and Collectors as soon as possible. The extra resources they will generate are for life and every day you wait is a day of wasting extra resources. (Read here the calculation)
  • Never upgrade multiple buildings or defenses of the same kind at the same time (read here how to plan your upgrades right).
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Farming Tips

It’s all about the loot, right?

Clan War Tips

  • When you get your base from the internet, make sure to switch all traps and Hidden Teslas around.


I hope all of you found something that helps. If you have something you’d like to add, please add it in the comments below. I’m thrilled to see what additional things you can come up with (please no basics).

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  1. I like that you made a tips and tricks “guide” even better is it sends people to where they need to be to get the full guides. Good job Tim 👍 keep up the nice work. I’ll be sending some of my new recruits to this page for some extra reading to make teaching new attack strategies easier. Recruiting active non rushed th8+ for “the crusaders” #P82P0L2Y

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