Top 6 Ways To Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans

top ways to earn free gems in clash of clans without surveys

Gems are helpful for every single Clasher out there – but they are expensive and I know that many don’t want to spend hard-earned money to buy them in the shop. The good news is, there are also different ways how you can get Gems in Clash of Clans for free, without spending a single Dollar!

In this article, I’d like to show you all different ways and also how you can use them most effectively.

Important! Make sure to check the part about the Gem Mine and the glitch that can make you lose half of the Gems it generates!

I know many of you might now think that this is boring, but I will give you insights to all the game related aspects behind it and not just make a simple list 🙂

Best Ways To Earn Gems in Clash of Clans

I have here the ONLY ways how you can get Gems without spending money – I know there are a lot of weird websites out there telling you to just give you Gems if you input your username. In fact, they are scamming you and you will either get nothing or tons of spam! If you’d like to read more about that, I’ve written a review on these “hack websites” lately and tried several of them.

Now let’s start with the ones that will really get you free Gems and also some tips from me how you can get the maximum amount of Gems.

How to get up to 236 Gems every week just like that – here’s how I got to this number:

  • Remove Obstacles: up to 88 Gems / Week
  • Gem Box: up to 25 Gems / Week
  • Events: up to 100 Gems / Week
  • Gem Mine: up to 23 Gems / Week
  • ————
  • Total: up to 236 Gems / Week

The thing is you will need to keep some things in mind to get them, so let’s take a look at all options carefully.

Gems for removing Obstacles (Up To 88 Gems / Week)

If you remove trees and bushes, you will get some gems from it. This all follows a fixed sequence that will run down over and over again and it’s

6, 0, 4, 5, 1, 3, 2, 0, 0, 5, 1, 0, 3, 4, 0, 0, 5, 0, 1, 0

So what does that mean? This means that clearing an obstacle will give you 6 Gems, then the next one will not give you Gems, the next one will give you 4 Gems, the next one 5 Gems and so on. Once this sequence has been completed, it will start over again.

Now there’s also some confusion (and myth about a glitch) that I want to clarify as well. This sequence exists 3 times inside the game and they all run independent from each other:

  • The first cycle governs the amount of Gems you receive from an obstacle in your Home Village. It advances when you remove an obstacle in the Home Village.
  • The second cycle governs the amount of Gems you receive from the original obstacles in the Builder Base (i.e. the obstacles that are spawned when you first enter the Builder Base). It advances when you remove such an obstacle in the Builder Base.
  • The third cycle governs the amount of Gems you receive from spawned obstacles in the Builder Base (i.e. obstacles that spawned sometime after you enter the Builder Base). It advances when you remove such an obstacle in the Builder Base.

builder base gem glitch

You might have heard that the small trees in the Builder Base will always reward you with 6 Gems, the reason for this was when clearing them out the first time, you got the 6 Gems from the 2nd cycle and then clearing it off was rewarding the 6 Gems from the 3rd cycle 🙂

New Obstacles you can clear off spawn every 8 hours in your Home Village and your Builder Base as well and looking at the gem sequence above, every cleared obstacle will reward you with 2.1 Gems in average – so you’re able to get 44 Gems every week from clearing obstacles in your Home Village and your Builder Base each making it a total of 88 Gems per week!

Attention! Keep in mind that spawning sometimes doesn’t work right!

The calculation above is 100% right, but the problem is: If an obstacle is destined to spawn at a particular spot, and is blocked by your red area ( even 1 tile ), it won’t spawn for next 8 hours.

GooseFraba in the official forum reported that back in 2014 and every evidence pointed to that – you can check out his research here.

So what does that mean? It means that the more buildings we have, the more spots that obstacles will spawn on will be covered and they won’t spawn somewhere else!

All you can do is clearing out obstacles as often as possible to have as many spawning spots for obstacles available, but as a Town Hall 11, you can expect to not spawn more than 30% of all obstacles you could spawn simply because your base will cover most of the spots.

Gem Boxes (Up To 25 Gems / Week)

A Gem box will reward you with 25 Gems if you remove it. Always keep in mind that you can only have one single Gem Box in your village, so removing it when you get it is vital in order to get a new one!

gem box free gems in clash of clans

A Gem Box can also just spawn in your base every 7 days. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get one every week as it is also determined by the covered areas in your base like regular obstacles.

You can also maximize the chance to get a Gem Box by always clearing out all obstacles in your village all the time.

Attention! If you don’t remove your Gem Boy in the first 48 hours after it spawned, it will guarantee you to get a new one after 5 days! This is still working 🙂

Events (30 Gems / Week)

Special events in Clash of Clans are taking place almost every week and they will reward you with 30-100 Gems if you manage to do the 3 attacks with the troop featured in the current event.

That’s very easy in every case and the low troop costs will also make you have a huge profit in Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir for these attacks.

Here are some examples from the past weeks:

gems for special events in clash of clans

clash of clans gems for events

miner event clash of clans

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Gem Mine (Up To 23 Gems / Week)

With the introduction of the Builder Base, we all also got the option to get a Gem Mine that will produce Gems on a regular base without doing anything.gem mine in clash of clans tips

The production rate is quite slow but still a solid income stream for you. Needless to say that upgrading it rather sooner than later will help you, but if you have your Master Builder busy, you should at least focus on getting the Level 1 Gem Mine.

Attention! You will lose a lot of Gems by collecting them!

There’s one thing that you will need to mind when collecting the Gems from the Gem Mine! If you collect it, the production will get completely reset, like with any other Mine or Collector. With the low production rate, this can throw you back a lot and you might have noticed that you will always only collect 1 Gem from it when you collect your resources frequently.

So if your Gem Mine did produce for let’s say 15 hours, so (if it’s lvl 1) it generated 1.3 Gems but you will collect only 1 gem from it. In this case the production got reset and you wasted 0.3 Gems (every day!) which will add up.

So make sure that you do not collect your Gems from your Gem Mine every time it highlights, let it run for a couple of days to minimize the loss of partial Gems.

Achievements (10,807 Gems + 1,350 Gems)

If you manage to complete all achievements, you will earn a total of more than 10,000 Gems. I know many of them are unlocked while you play over time, but there are also several that you can aim to unlock.

The most important ones are pushing to Champions League once and also reaching 3,000 Trophies in your Builder Base – this will reward you with 4,360 Gems which is really a lot!

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Clan Donations (Up to 100 Gems)

From time to time, Supercell has some special gem purchase options in the shop – when one of your clan mates purchase gems, many of his clan members (in that case: you) will be able to get some extra free gems. If these special actions in the shop are available, stay active and watch the clan chat carefully until you see this message pop up:

free gems clan donation update


Spending Gems?

I also get often asked how to spend gems the most effective way. I always recommend this:

  • Use Gems to boost your Barracks & Heroes to make a great farming session
  • Skip Hero upgrading time if you’re a Clan War focused player

Do not:

  • Buy Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir with it, it’s so expensive that boosting your army will bring you much more
  • Skipping upgrade times of defenses or other buildings is also a huge waste because it’s very expensive
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As you can see, there are multiple ways how you can get free Gems in Clash of Clans without spending a single Dollar – all it takes is some effort and focus.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  2. If you don’t remove your gem box for 2 days, the next one will spawn faster.
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