Top 5 Multiplayer Browser Games

What can be better than playing a game or two (or twenty) after a long day of work or studying? Online browser games allow you to do it absolutely for free! All you need is an internet connection and good company. In this article, we will go through the most fun, mind-blowing, and immersive multiplayer browser games of the Game Karma vast collection. is a perfect example of “easy to learn, hard to master” games. It’s easy on the surface — you control a circle that moves around a field. If you move over a smaller circle, you consume it and grow. If a larger circle moves over you, the game is over. To succeed and become the biggest on the field, you must outmaneuver your foes and avoid getting trapped. Take advantage of special abilities, use powerups and get to the top of the leaderboard!

Keeping many key aspects of the genre, brings a lot of fresh mechanics to it, apart from a beautiful naval setting. Players are divided into two rival teams that have to beat each other in completing a certain objective. To gain an advantage, players must find floating XP boxes and upgrade their ships. They can also enhance their armor and damage, change their type and become the scourge of the seas! is yet another game reimagining the famous genre. You once again play as a ball, and that’s where similarities end. Instead of floating and consuming, you bounce off different surfaces with other players and have to push them off to be the last one standing. Another feature is that players can design their own levels, so get ready for some creative and sometimes crazy playfields.

Do you remember the legendary snake game? takes it to a whole new level! Compete with other snake-like creatures to become the longest serpent on the field. To defeat your opponents, you need to make them hit your side and avoid doing so yourself. After that, all that’s left from your foe are orbs, which you must eat to grow bigger and longer. As you get long enough, you can even trap others inside you, leaving them no chance to escape. A player who consumed the most becomes a leader and has to protect the title from hungry opponents.

PUBG Pixel 2

PUBG Pixel 2 is a browser version of the legendary game that has started the battle royal frenzy. There is little to explain here since it’s a good ol’ PUBG: loot, shoot, hide, ambush, survive and be the one who leaves with a chicken dinner! A constantly shrinking field adds dynamics to the gameplay. You can’t stay in one place and have to plan how to get to a vantage point without getting caught in the process.

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