Things to change in Clash of Clans in 2015

You may have noticed that there haven’t been a lot of posts lately on AllClash which was de to the holiday and festive time I spent with my family. Now we have 2015 so I wanted to make a short break and just have a look what our most favourite mobile game has turned into. One year ago I remember a big part of the community going mad about the loot changes and that the game is an everyday same same when Supercell started laying down some first hidden hints for Clan Wars – the feature that claimed to be the biggest change to a popular mobile game so far and now almost a year later we all have to admit that most of us wouldn’t play Clash of Clans anymore without Clan Wars. Unfortunately this was the only huge change to the game and it has gotten common to all of us. The last Clash of Clans Updates haven’t brought that much changes to the game. I have gathered my most wanted features for 2015 to make Clash of Clans more fun to us.

Clan War Changes in 2015

I don’t know why Supercell has never made the 2 most wanted features come true. We finally need the Opt-Out of Clan War without leaving the Clan or dropping down to sub 200 – I understand that it is Clan vs. Clan so it’s either all or nothing but we have to leave the game story and adapt to the players lifestyle behind. We go on vacation, we break out phones (sometimes) and we don’t plan our life by the Clan Wars of our Clan. This has split several good and social Clans so please Supercell make it stop – why does a Clan be either active or social. Real friendships are also made between broker and bartender so why do we have decide in Clash of Clans what we want to be?


And talking about Clan Wars please finally make the Heroes available during an Upgrade. I know that this is right now atechnical issue to solve but the upgrading time of each new level is 7 days (Upgrading Level 15+) and Heroes are a must-have in Clan War attacks. It should be somehow possible that we can upgrade our Heroes and take part in the 2 Clan Wars a week without using 700+ Gems each time to finish the upgrade.

The third part is the Preparation Day. Why does it have to take 24 hours? Most Clans make a commitment who is donating what to the War Castles so there’s no need to make it last a whole day. With the Multiple Layout Feature people are leaving crazy dummy base design active shortly before the War starts so scouting is no argument I will take here anymore.

Clash of Clans balancing in 2015

First of all the loot is still an issue that needs to be taken care of. The most easy way should be bringing back the abandonned bases but that is neither a solution for Supercell nor for us because just BARCH-Farming sub 200 is no competition that will keep any of us motivated. Make extreme higher bonus for winning attacks. Supercell has always used a very sharp sense to balance what you can achieve without spenidng money and what money can buy and this is the reason Clash of Clans has been the most successful mobile game in history – the hated paywall didn’t really exist if you didn’t want to take yourself to the very top but these days the life at Town Hall 10 is just frustrating without using Gems. I know that Supercell is a company and has to match finacial targets but the late game is just not working any more. The army is taking simply too long to train and the upgrades are brutal when it comes to upgrade time. Why do I also have to wait so long until a Spell is finished? Please throw all these things in a huge pot and re-balance them.

Gameplay Features 2015

The gameplay could also use some smaller improvements. The Global Chat is just something you can’t use without turning off common sense and the donation system would be much more better if we could lock out unwanted troops.

What we need 2015 is another Clan War Feature – a feature that is expanding the game for all us in a more fun way. I don’t mean a new Defense or a new Troop, I mean something like daily quests, expanded Goblin Map and much more achievements.I know that the next Update is something that will get announced in the next 3 weeks and there will not be that much new to expect but Supercell has to deliver something big and not only making all Troops to a new level update by update. in 2015

To make a look into the future it’s important to look back so I have some hard facts what brought 2014:

  • Started on March 2014
  • 346 published Posts (which is more than 1 Post per Day)
  • About 500.000 Visits per Month
  • Gem Giveaways of 48,900 Gems in Competitions and via Twitter in 2014

Those are things I would never have dreamed of when I started this on a Tuesday Night in February 2014. Unfortunately there was also the AllClash App with a total of 180.000 active Installations before it got shut down from the Play Store.

I plan to go on with AllClash as long as I can and I want to host more Competitions in 2015 and bring you Guides and News and keep you updated on what’s going on in Clash of Clans. I’m very glad for all of you following AllClash and want to thank you for this awesome year 2014.

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