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The Bowler Walk Explained

The Bowler Walk is something that showed up shortly after the Bowler was introduced, but was more of an experiment than a real strategy. With the recent buff of the Bowler, which makes him attack faster, the Bowler Walk has become more and more popular. Let’s take a look at some of the specifics regarding the Bowler Walk.

What The Bowler Walk Is

The name comes from the Queen Walk, a part of today’s strategies that utilize the Archer Queen with Healers to take down strategic buildings, CC Troops, defending Heroes and building a funnel before the main army attacks the base. Here you can read everything about it:

The Queen Walk Guide

You may think the Bowler Walk is the same as the Queen Walk, except that you send in some Bowlers instead of the Archer Queen. This is incorrect.  I often see people mixing that up and complaining that the Bowler Walk doesn’t work.

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The Bowler Walk is more of a prequel to the Queen Walk, not a substitution you can use instead. The reasons are:

  1. A pack of Bowlers is hard to control and will split up and die faster than the Archer Queen
  2. If you bring 6 Bowlers in addition you will have to cut a lot of your other army composition

There is only one attacking strategy I would recommend using the Bowler Walk with – GoVaBo:

3 Star Attacking Guide For GoVaBo

How To Bowler Walk

Basically, you are sending in a pack of 6 Bowlers together with your Healers. They will take down some structures and reach far into the base with their second impact, but they will die quickly from the damage they take.

The important part is planning where you want them to go.

bowler walk archer queen deployment

With some luck you’ll get the defending CC Troops and maybe even a Barbarian King out of your way.

When you have 2-3 Bowlers left and they come close to the point where you will enter the base you should deploy your Archer Queen next to them. That’s important so the remaining Healers will start healing her directly when the Bowlers die.

I recommend doing it with GoVaBo and here’s a nice video explaining the details:


I hope I stated the main goals about the Bowler Walk:

  • It’s not a replacement for the Queen Walk; it’s a prequel to it.
  • It’s not useable with every army composition, only with GoVaBo.

If you are one of the players that rushed to the top and still have a lower Archer Queen (Lower Level 30), you might want to think about using it – upgrading your Bowlers is cheaper and faster than upgrading several Archer Queen Levels. GoVaBo is a very effective way to 3-Star Town Hall 10 bases and even crush Town Hall 11 bases.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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