The 8.5 9.5 10.5 war strategy in clash of clans

The .5 Strategy & Base Designs TH8.5 TH9.5 TH10.5

I know that .5 bases are a controversial topic within the Clash of Clans community, but I get asked about good layouts for .5 bases constantly. I feel that I should cover them here as well as they are still very popular.

I updated the bases here with some fresh layouts for .5 bases

The .5 Strategy

The .5 strategy is applied to TH9 to TH11 players – specifically know as TH8.5, TH9.5 and TH10.5. Let’s talk about the basics first.

When your clan decides to go to Clan War the matchmaking algorithm will sum up all your defensive strength and your offensive strength with a metric called war weight.

At a glance, every upgrade & building you have will add a specific war weight. The total war weight is a big part of what matchmaking uses to find similar clans along with similar Town Hall levels.

If you really want to know everything about war weight you should check this recent article I wrote:

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This is where the .5 strategy starts. A player decides to go to a new Town Hall level, e.g. TH9, but only upgrades troops. In war weight, the base will be weighted as a TH8 base, but the base has very strong troops and is able to attack all TH9 bases.

This gives an advantage because you will be matched against weaker opponents.  You have 2 attacks where you can score 6 Stars in total, while your base can only lose 3 Stars in total.

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Who Should Do The .5 Strategy?

Obviously, you cripple your base and this strategy is only for war focused players. You will not upgrade defenses, walls or buy the new defenses available – especially X-Bows, Inferno Towers or Eagle Artillery, because they are weighted very heavy in matchmaking.

The only thing that you will focus on upgrading in the .5 strategy is:

  • Troops you use often
  • Heroes!
  • Clan Castle, Army Camps, Laboratory, Spell Factory

MiniMax & Engineered Bases

Taking this approach to the limit there are also engineered bases or MiniMax bases – these are bases that are second accounts and are basically defenseless bases. This is just for fun and not an approach you should take for your main account (you will have to start doing this beginning in TH3 if you choose to do so).

.5 or .75 Bases

From time to time you’ll hear about a TH8.5 or a TH8.75 base – basically they follow the same rule, but the .75 base is upgrading all defenses but just don’t build the X-Bows, with TH 9.75 it’s about the Inferno Towers and TH 10.75 the Eagle Artillery.

In case of base layout, there’s no difference between a .5 or .75 layout as they feature the same buildings, the only difference is how far you upgrade the defenses.

About The Future

Engineered Bases are something that Supercell will work on in the future and I did cover this whole discussion here:

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War Base Designs For TH8.5, TH9.5 & TH10.5

The theory of base designs is actually not that complicated. If you are a TH8.5 you have a Town Hall Level 9, but you don’t buy the defenses available there – your base design is in this case your old TH8 base design.

That’s a simple approach, but with a little luck you might drain some attacks from your clan war opponent by using an Anti-3-Star War Base. In the end, you will have Town Hall 9 attackers go for your base that is basically a Town Hall 8.

TH8.5 War Base Designs

This layout features a dead zone in the very center and an offset Town Hall – check out the replays to see how this base defends.

You can watch some replays of this base layout here.

th8.5 and th8.75 base layout

Here’s another layout that uses a dead zone in the center and a core with heavy trap and Hidden Teslas protected by the high hitpoints from the Storages next to it that will also help protecting the Archer Queen.

th8.5 war base layout

TH9.5 War Base Designs

The defensive success of this layout is pretty nice and the attacker has to deal with the compartments around the core compartment that makes funneling not that easy.

You can watch some replays of this base layout here.

th9.5 war base layout anti 3 star in coc

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This base is more compact but features a deadly Hidden Tesla farm next to the X-Bows. Primarily, the attacker will send in his troop from the opposite side of the Town Hall and this high DPS area will take down leftover damage dealing troops to prevent a 3-Star.

You can watch some replays of this base layout here.

war base th9.5 layout

TH10.5 War Base Design

This base layout works great against air troops with the Air Defenses on one side and the Wizard Towers on the other side, forcing attackers to go from the upper left side. The second line of Air Defenses are well-protected by the Inferno Towers that will take down Lava Pups quickly.

th10.5 war base design

The second layout for TH10.5 has a more protected Town Hall in the core area, but still works well against attacks wit the Air Defenses on one side and the tesla Farm on the other side.

th10.5 war base anti 3-star base design


Using the .5 strategy requires some dedication and is a strategy that you can use if you’re really into Clan War. If you’re just looking for a way to improve your Clan War performance, I wouldn’t recommend this strategy – especially if you’re also into upgrading your base and have fun trophy pushing and farming.

Thanks for editing: Punchy, EnchinsuOcha

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  1. Hi, thx for the bases. But why do you call every .75 base a .5 base. You say that in a .5 base you can’t build new walls and defences, but every .5 base you show has all the new walls and defences, except xbows (th9) and infernos (th10). Those are called (by you) .75 bases… You also say that there is no difference in layout between a .5 and a .75 base, but there are lesser walls and buildings in a .5 base. Then the layout can’t be the same. Little anoying…

    • Sorry for the confusion here, but you do not get the NEW defenses like Xbow, Eagle Artillery or Inferno Tower – still, every does it differently. There are one side that says building new defenses or walls is the devils work while other say it’s totally fine as the weight of them is so little compared to EA, IT or XBows…
      Bottom line, having a few more less walls or defenses doesn’t kill a base design, youcan still use it with little adaption 🙂

  2. I really need a good design for my base I’m th 10 but I haven’t bought the inferno tower or the new xbow or bomb tower but have everything else

  3. I see your 9.5 bases don’t defend the TH very well and thus are easy 2 stars. As the #1 in the current war in my clan, I am a bit worried about this. Is it ok to let your opponent get 2* off the #1 base? Or is it better to protect the TH really hard?

  4. Can you give give some .75 bases, well, where we don’t buy xbows(in a th9) or infernoes(in a th10) , while upgrading rest of the defenses and troops normally, which helps a lot in war as well, and then you can buy those defenses u left later, when your base is maxed, that is in my opinion the best thing to do, many people are using th8.75 nowadays , without xbows…. I was hoping you could give some .75 bases as well.

  5. I believe those th10 are actually th9.75… Theyve new walls and also new buildings. I need a base for th9.5 new walls only. No new defence added. If you have one share pls. I’m getting lots of 3 stars by th11s no defence max air troops

  6. thnx again tim….. Again got help from u.. Was lookin for 8.5 bases and finally got…. Time to apply and check…… If u don’t mine can u send some more 8.5 bases kindly request…… Plzzx????

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