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TH8 War Base Layouts for Clan War 2016

As a Town Hall 8 player you have one of the most awkward positions in your Clan Wars. If you look at the recent Clan Wars you’ve had you might see a certain pattern that you mostly get attacked by Town Hall 9, maybe even rushed Town Hall 10, attackers. This has one major reasons – You don’t have the hard Defenses in your TH8 War Base to stand up against mass Hog Rider or Dragon attacks. Lazy and rushed player use this to get the 3 Stars out of you quite easy – until now!

I hope I can hold what I just promised but in this post I have gathered solid Clan War strategies you can – sorry, have to – apply to get most of your game but also give you the most solid TH8 War Base Designs I have found for 2015. Always remember:

You want them to take 2 attacks to get 3 Stars out of you, while you should get 3 Stars out of your 2 attacks!

Battle Day in Clan War Matchmaking

Clan War Help for Town Hall 8

For this chapter I just assume that you know how you attack and you have your setup and everything under control. Here are some guides I wrote in the last month that might help you (and your Clan of course) to get better results in Clan War:

  • Improve the matchmaking to get matched against a fair Clan in Clan War. Read here more.
  • Last Minute Clan War Tips. Read more.
  • Integrate Clan War beginner in your War. Read more.

Please mind that those are the most essential I created recently, there are 30 more hints in the Clan War section.

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TH8 War Base Design that defend Stars (including Bomb Tower)

I actually don’t want to get too deep into the mind behind a War Base Design but if you want to know the essential theory on what a War Base makes a good War Base I recommend you this post about creating a good War Base. The important thing for your TH8 War Base is to know what is actually attacking you and after I checked lots of replays from my Clan Wars I think you have the Giant/Wall Breaker combos mixed with Hog Rider or all-Hog Rider attacks and also some Dragon attacks. In this case your Town Hall 8 War Base needs to fulfill these purposes:

  1. Have decent Trap Funneling with Spring Traps to take care of the Giants
  2. Use Giant Bombs to kill Hog Rider groups
  3. Centered Air Defenses against Dragons to scare them off and corner Storages to make them run out of time

I don’t want to lie to you about the last one – you will not prevent that your base looses against mass Dragon attacks if they are higher Level but with the correct placement you will scare some of them off. If you calculate the costs for a mass Dragon attack you will easily see that these attackers only go for the big cash (probably more rushed Town Hall 10s than you) or the safe 3 Stars. Here we go with the designs I recommend using as TH8 War Base (I rebuilt them with my TH10 account, but only used the Defenses and structures you have at Town hall 8) – psst… my favourite is the last one:

th8 war base layout bomb tower anti hog goho govaho

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