TapLoot Free Gems for Clash of Clans

TapLoot – Free Gem Service

For those of you who are actively seeking for new ways to get free Gems in Clash of Clans I recently tested out a new free Gems Provider called TapLoot. I know there are many around like FreeMyApps, AppBounty or FeaturePoints but along with FreeMyApps, TapLoot is my favourite right now.

3 Reasons why TapLoot is one of the best Free Gem Services 2015

  • You earn your 10 USD giftcards quite fast with about 20-30 App downloads, other services reward way less per App
  • Quite a wide range on Apps so far and also some you don’t see on other services like FreeMyApps
  • TapLoot offers iTunes and Google Play giftcards for lots of countries

taploot clash of clans gems

I hope you give it a chance – there’s nothing you can lose because you only have to download free Apps from the AppStore or Google Play Store and get rewarded. You don’t even have to keep them, simply start the Apps and get the points and then you can delete them afterwards. It’s earning Gems while just tapping a couple of times and it’s 100% legal because you buy giftcards with your points so you don’t have to be scared to lose your account.

Get TapLoot

Start earning free giftcards for downloading free Apps now. Click below and download 1 app and get 1,000 extra points (worth 60 Gems!):


Get TapLoot

Here’s what you do to earn the free Gems:

  1. Get the TapLoot App here
  2. Enter my Invite code if you want: GDK648 and get 1,000 extra points after you downloaded your first App there (that’s worth about 60 Gems)
  3. Download your first App
  4. Have fun with your Gems

I personally use it to earn 1,200 Gems with it every couple of days and I use it along with FreeMyApps and AppBounty – maybe you also want to check them out.