coc 2018 update review

State of Clash of Clans 2018

The December Update is now almost 3 weeks old and I have the feeling that I want to share my first impression of the update with you – I really wanted to wait some time to see how the changes settle down and work out before doing that and I think it’s now about time.

Clan Games

Clan Games are great and a lot of fun and for, it motivates me to log on more frequently to get some extra points, simply because the magical items are such a helpful addition.

Right now, it looks like they will be held weekly and with one Book of Heroes you can do one hero upgrade per week and still use them in Clan War.

The tasks are not that special that you need to adapt too much and you can gather the clan points along your regular attacks and that’s a nice thing.

Also after the holidays when the boosts have ended and the first extreme hype was over, I feel like clouding times got better. I sit at 4,700 trophies and had never clouding times longer than 1-2 minutes this weekend during the clan games.

The future of Clan Games are hopefully as bright as Supercell plans with adding more layers, additional new rewards and also let clans compete against each other.

the future of clan games 2018

I’m looking forward to this and can say that Clan Games are indeed a nice feature and helpful as well πŸ™‚

Balancing Changes

The balancing changes, upmost the removing of the heal block of the Inferno Tower plus adding additional Hero Levels and the extra Army Camp space are something I’m still not that convinced of.

I have now the extra Army Camp space but my Heroes are not maxed and still I can use mass Miners to easily 2-Star or 3-Star proper TH11 bases without even paying that much attention – the only thing that prevents me from 3-Star is just the clock and I only lost one single attack due to a stupid mistake I made.

Queen Charge Mass Miner - Farming & Trophy Pushing Strategy

Bottom line attacking got too easy and there’s not much thrill or need to scout anymore – this helpΒ farming Stars and resources but I’m afraid it might get boring sooner than later and not to forget about Clan War where 3-Star attacks won’t feel that special anymore.

Still, we’re not even in the situation where most players have unlocked the extra Army Camp space or maxed Heroes so there will be coming more.

When defending gets useless I can also just leave my design out of focus and I feel that there should be some more chances toΒ fail as an attacker or to succeed as the defender.

I do like the fact that this brought back many troops that have disappeared in the TH10+ region, but I hope Supercell will find a way to make the Inferno Tower a defense again that I’m afraid of and nothing I don’t need to pay too much attention to.


Overall, the update was a step in the right direction for Clash of Clans and made the year 2017 a good year (I know some here will disagree) in terms of new features.

I hope they now add more stuff to clan games and work on balancing & clouding in the next update that I think might already reach us in February, March by latest πŸ™‚

What do you think about the update? What do you think the next update should bring?


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  1. remember that most clash of clans players are not very good. most do not have max troops for their th or max defenses. only about 10% or less are war heroes, builder base pushers like me (I have 4559 trophies and I’m in FNA 3), or trophy pushers. most are casual f2p rushed players. Another problem is that a lot of players were staying at th9 because the infernos were too intimidating so now players who aren’t war heroes will upgrade their th to 10 and 11. I also saw a few players sitting at max th8 because xbows were scary and now they are also upgrading their th. This reduces clouding in titan and legends league and if you want a challenge like before try 9 vs 10 or 10 vs 11 3 stars or try pushing to the global leaderboards.

    • I agree that you find here the most anticipated players as the standard f2p clasher probably never has been searching anything up on google or youtube regarding coc (I’m very sure that still 2-digit millions play every day).
      Pushing global leaderboard has no real use as you can’t really find a base beyond 5k trophies :/

  2. So far I like the update, we have a great clan 40 plus members with a healthy mix of very active, active and some inactive members. We’ve had no trouble finishing the games so far, usually a day or more to spare. The best part is that the clan as a whole has become noticeably more active since games which is great to see. Clan games are a win.

    Inferno nerf… I’m still on the fence about it. Who doesn’t love 3 starring a decent th10 base,,, especially a Th11… I upgraded to Th11 a day before update and can now easily 3 star alot of th10’s even getting a good few th11 triples which is awesome… When I was th10 I did get my fair share of 3 stars but by far there were more 2 star attacks. I especially love that a bunch of different troops and strategies are now viable again,,, who doesn’t love watching hogs run over a th10 or 11 lol… as an attacker inferno nerf has made game exciting. As a defender not so much, I myself try to use well thought out bases that defend meta attacks,, but there is no doubt that I’m getting hit harder than before infernos were nerfed. But I will say that the nerf did not break game,,, I still get the odd defense and inevitable 1 or 2 star loss, but not every attack is a 3 star, you still need some skill to take out a decent base.

    I think multi target infernos are basically done, so why not buff the singles just a bit to fill the void. Why not give them a favorite target,, like heros or tanks. Even add a bit to their range so they can target these heros and tanks over the mass attack troops. Might be hard to implement and maybe a stupid idea but I think buffing the single target Infernos is the way to make them an elite defense again

    Cheers πŸ˜†

    • Yes I also have been writing this below in the comments, make Infernos target heroes & tanks as favorite target and you will see an end to the mindless spam because there’s a high chance they will not work that well πŸ™‚

      • Or just increase the damage on multi infernos so that they still do some damage even if there is a heal spell. If they were 100-150dps in multi they would be viable again I think…,

  3. Something needed to be down re inferno T , I found it almost impossible to 3 star a base with 2 infernos, however it does make the freeze spell a bit redundant now, maybe the answer would be to increase the times on the freeze spell instead.

    • Or they could simply reduce the healing effect on troops in groups, basically a heal spell owuld only have a certain healing and that’s split on the troops in the radius – this would make it less powerful on mass attacking styles. On the other side they will need to define a new role for the Inferno Tower again.
      In the beginning when the IT was introduced it had no Multi-Mode and was meant as tank buster – if they would give it the favorite target Heroes, Tanks, high HP troops, you can still overrun it but it will always be a high threat to all kind of tanks

  4. About the Clan rewards, The Book of Everything doesn’t make sense to me because the definition says that the use of the book will upgrade anything….Doesn’t that make sense to you…like “Everything will get upgraded if i use book”. I prefer a name change of “Everything” into “Anything”. There is a difference between Everything and Anything, like you know Everything literally means Every single thing will gonna get upgraded and whereas Anything means any single thing will get upgraded. I believe this is an issue for me because there legit difference between Everything and Anything.

  5. clans games are a great idea but really suck for smaller clans, my clan has 10 members and getting to level 3 rewards very tough, making level 4 and 5 almost impossible. to be honest what is the point of playing the games if my clans has no chance at getting the higher level rewards. very frustrating. I am also not a big fan if the inferno tower nerf either. it seems to penalize the players with skill

    • Well I understand that 10 people clans struggle with the clan games, but with the recent cap changes, only 8 people needed to max their personal cap to unlock the highest tier.
      In small clans you will need to walk that extra mile, but maybe they change the reward tiers to match the clan size (but that’s not that easy when you think about ppl joining & leaving the clan during the clan games).
      I assume your clan has 10 members because you know each other before the game, so adding more ppl is probably not your solution – but I don’t think that clan games will stay in the weekly frequency so you might think about joining a larger clan during the clan games and come back to your clan afterwards for those of you who want to complete the cla games πŸ™‚

      • I’m on the opposite side of this. We have about 45-50 members and I was busy the first day of clan games. By the second day we were half way to Tier 5. I barley had to do anything to get the rewards. We had closed the max tier a full day before it ended. I thought the first two games were better.

      • Yes they did lower the reward tiers and raised the cap – so you need less and individual ppl who will cap got more in this clan game.
        As being said Supercell still experiments with clan games until they find the best solution for the average & I don’t expect weekly clan games in the future.
        Anyway I think there will be a scale that depends on the clan size in the near future to end the misery of small clans and make larger clans have to invest more, clan games has been born a few weeks ago, it will develop πŸ™‚

  6. In regards to the inferno neutering, I suggest either infernos get a graduated heal disruption that gets better with each level or have the anti-heal kick into effect at lvl 4 where TH11 can still have it. I think 10 is better balanced now than ever but 11 went the wrong way.

    • Or maybe also a much higher damage output – a SIngle Target Inferno in the right spot can still end a Queen Charge very fast and effectively. So instead they could also add some changes to the damage output (not necessarily simply make the damage more) to make the Inferno Tower the second most dangerous defense again (behind the Eagle Artillery).

  7. Is that miner attack mostly effective for TH11? I’m a TH10 in Titan 3 with level 1 miners. Heroes are 38/31. I’ve been farming with Lavaloonion or whatever cheap troop gets discounted like the baby dragon event.

    • TH10 they work as well (might even better) & your Heroes Level are working perfectly fine, but I would recommend you to upgrade your Miners to Level 3, otherwise some high damage output (Bomb Tower, Giant Bomb) could lead to a sudden death.
      Here you can see the strategy πŸ™‚

  8. Hey I love your posts, been following a while now and just think with the inferno nerf, either a 50% blocking or my recent idea to change the multi target to have an increasing damage effect like the single target and for the single target do faster DPS cause it’s useless getting overrun by mass loon, hogs and miners, just doesn’t do enough now.

    • Thanks Scott, really appreciate it πŸ™‚ I’m sure they will do something as it doesn’t make that much fun to win all attacks and lose all defenses over a certain period. I start getting bored by attacking and only pay a little attention when doing it because messing up is almost impossible right now.
      I like your idea about the Inferno Tower, could add some more thrill to it without restoring the “old order” πŸ™‚

  9. I think that the next update will be more towards the builder base since more people are getting to max builder hall seven. I am pretty close to max and would like to see some new things such as the super Pekka and the mega tesla. Also, I have seen a new goblin map type thing on youtube where you have a time limit to defend a base against the goblins with the buildings provided. Has anyone else seen this and is this true or not because I would love to see something like that added to the game.

    • Well when they released Builder Base, they have been everything including BH8 finished, the release of BH6 & BH7 was just a little balancing and then unlocking it. This means BH8 is already finished for months and they just wait until enough people have finished their BH7 to unlock it for us – I’m pretty sure that this will happen in the next update πŸ™‚
      REgarding new game mode (Goblin map), it’s not true (at most a lucky shot but no official material used) and a new game mode is down the road at least 6 months, at least that’s my experience. Supercell will now use all powers to work on clouding, adding clan games stuff & general balancing defense vs offense. I also don’t even think they will add another troop that soon before having balanced out everything again

  10. Hey Tim

    As always great post man, I am not on par with my 3 star attacks in war due to heroes not maxed out yet and also the heal block for inferno’s I feel they could have left active, but as you said we will see lots of old troops coming back. I haven’t tried it out yet but I have a feeling that hogs are going to also make a comeback in the higher town hall levels.

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