how to start a mini account and play multiple clash of clans accounts on one device

Start a Mini Account in Clash of Clans

With the recent release of Supercell ID, it opened many people out there the opportunity to create new mini accounts. Those of you using Google Play had it already quite easy, but with iOS it was a big pain and kept many people from starting a new mini account.

To be honest, now it’s the right time to start a mini account and I’ll tell you why – plus tell you how you do it.

Why a Mini Account?

Clash of Clans is a grind and those of you who play it for years might not even remember the thrill of the game in the beginning. I’m TH11 since it was released back in December 2015 and I wouldn’t remember how playing a TH7 or TH9 felt back then.

Having a mini account can give you that feeling back easily and I can promise you that you will get the same exact feeling like when you first played Clash of Clans.

The grind at TH10 and above is brutal and in reality, you will spend less and less time playing the game but waiting for your army to get ready or wait the up to 14 days until upgrades are finished – starting a mini account will not make the grind harder, it’s simply some fast and uncomplicated fun you can get having a lower Town Hall account you can grow in the meantime.

Even when you have the feeling that the game keeps you quite busy, you can still do it as it is a matter of seconds to switch your villages and just taking a look is something that’s not much more complicated than taking a look at your Builder Base 🙂

How to Start a 2nd Account (Mini Account)

With Supercell ID, it’s extremely easy!

If you haven’t connected to Supercell ID so far, I recommend you to check out my guide here:

Supercell ID Info & Guide

TL;DR Supercell ID replaces Google Pay and Gamecenter and is the first and only way how to use multiple accounts on one device officially supported by Supercell.

Please connect your main account with Supercell ID first before creating a new account (see guide above).

Now you can go to Settings > deactivate the Supercell ID

log out supercell ID

Now close the app and start it again and you will see this message here:

create new account in clash of clans

That’s the point where you can create a new Supercell ID (with a different email address you have access to) and start over.

new 2nd village in clash of clans

When now switching your account, you only need to disconnect from Supercell ID in the settings and it will save the game progress of your current game (like in the beginning).

Now the game restarts and you can choose between your IDs easily 🙂

select multiple villages on same device with supercell id

Important! Mark the “remember this ID” so you don’t need to enter the verification code every time you switch and you can switch accounts within seconds.

With this new way through Supercell ID it’s easier than ever, especially many iOS players haven#t been doing it because singing out from Gamecenter and signing back in was a lot more trouble, including entering the password every time.

Now you only need 2 clicks and you can see your mini-account(s) easily 🙂



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  1. Not 100% sure this is due to Supercell ID but I switched over to Supercell ID and created a new alt account yesterday. It all works fine except for the fact that payments have become disabled in both villages. There’s no button to connect to Google Play anymore so I can’t fix it that way. I know my Google Play account is OK as I can buy things on other apps

  2. 1: I play clash of clans on laptop. I currently thinking about playing my both account at the same time. If i install ‘Bluestacks’ and ‘Andyriod’ and sign in two different account and play it at the same time, does it become couse of getting banned? 2: I am currently searching for a good clan games clan ( i am th9 max, war star 545, hit max ties every time). So is there any tips to find good clan games clan…thank you

  3. It’s 5 clicks to switch one you’re at the screen to click on disconnected.

    On Google Play, it’s actually 11 clicks to switch when you hit the caps lock, type in CONFIRM and hit the enter button. More clicks for me because my auto complete requires me to hit backspace when I select a frequent word. The advantage is now being able to switch easily between iOS and Android devices. It’s even easier on a Kindle Fire now which requires some configuration to setup.

  4. I highly recommend android users using Google play sign in NOT TO SWITCH to supercell ID.

    1. It’s very buggy in it’s current state
    2. Switching account user experience is not as smooth as Google Play. Ton of clicking
    3. Confusing way of signing in usually locks you out for minimum of 24 hours. I got locked out for 2 days.
    4. Google Play keeps the record of your achievements which is also the time line of your progress. You will loose it all with supercell id

    I recommend android users to wait and let supercell fix issues.

    For iOS it’s a good thing because I know switching account complexity is somewhat equal to paid job. Apple is Apple after all

    • Sorry but I need to correct some things 🙂
      1. It’s NOT buggy, I use it since the beta rlease and never had a single problem with it
      2. Ok I agree, but I think it will improve soon as so many people start mini accounts right now
      3. What’s confusing? Once added and marked the “remember this ID”, it’s simply 2 clicks and not really confusing. Adding multiple villages is not that clear, but as you all know it is not supported unless using Supercell ID
      4. Agree
      => Bottom line, I can promise you that SC will make Supercell ID the system for everyone sooner or later and we all have to use it (at least I’m sure about that personally)

      • I use it on android with 5 accounts on 4 devices. It’s not hard to switch at all. Typing CONFIRM in caps with auto complete on was more annoying than switching with supercell id.

      • Yeah it’s super Easy. I switched my 3 accounts to my phone and my tablet. I used to have them all on a separate devices. It took minutes to set them up and I didn’t have a single issue. Now it take seconds to switch.

        If I had to change any thing I would get rid of confirm log out. I already clicked on the button, then clicked the supercell id button, then clicked log out. Don’t need a confirm at that point. If you screwed up just log back in.

        Then once logged out go to the login screen not the home screen where you have to click login.

        Would eliminate 2 clicks.

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