clash of clans bomb tower new defense october update

Sneak Peek #3 October 2016 Update – Bomb Tower NEW DEFENSE!

OK…. This was not what I expected. After several declines from Supercell nobody really expected a new defense in this update. What did Supercell say only a couple weeks ago?

no new defense in clash of clans september 2016 update

The Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8

The new defense is the Bomb Tower and it’s not that big of a surprise that this specific defense is the new defense. When you play(ed) Clash Royale you will know this little buddy – it’s basically a Skeleton throwing Bombs that deal a lot of splash damage.

The Bomb Tower is the ultimate killer against mass attacks, because it also explodes when it gets destroyed.

Here is how it looks and how it works:

What else?

Oh yeah how about the current stats (could change until the release of the update):

bomb tower clash of clans stats

and also the costs 2 million Gold to build:

clash of clans bomb tower costs

Also, with Town Hall 10 you will get a second Bomb Tower and at Level 4, the Bomb Tower looks pretty nice:

clash of clans bomb tower level 4

But also on Level 5, which is Town Hall 11 exclusive:

bomb tower level 5 in clash of clans

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Witch hitpoints massively increased, damage slightly increased

Witches are much more resilient and have more power to push through incoming fire. However, Bomb Towers will challenge their Skeleton hordes!

Giant Bombs no longer deal 1.5x damage to Hog Riders

We’re shifting Hog Rider play away from focus on Giant Bombs, and more towards planning for Bomb Tower resistance.


This is another great Sneak Peek! I can’t wait for the next one. The Bomb Tower is a little unexpected, but also the right choice against the very popular (and annoying) mass attacks, especially on Town Hall 11.

I also don’t see how it will affect good timed attacks.

Also, the buff of the Witch is another thing that we all wanted and hopefully she is of use again.

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Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha


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