sneak peek 2 october 2016 update

Sneak Peek #2 October 2016 Update – Army Training & Quick Train

The second Sneak Peek is bringing a very nice feature that will improve army training – I’ve been suggesting this for years and gave up hopes that this will ever come, but one step at a time.

New Army Training

The changes are great and will improve everyone’s experience in Clash of Clans, as the training has still been a little complicated.

Here are the key facts what will change:

  • All troop and spell training now happens in a single, dedicated tab
  • You can now fully train two armies at a time
  • Quick Train lets you create 3 army plans and train any with just one tap
  • Quick Train lets you retrain your last used army with one tap
  • Troops and spells in training can be reordered freely with a long tap
  • “Overqueued” units train and get a green check mark – you can donate these!
  • Barracks are now used to unlock troops and reduce their training time

To make this new training system work as well as it should, lots of time and gem costs had to be adjusted. Diligent Clashers may notice:

  • Training single troops is MUCH faster (3 minute Dragons!)
  • Full-army training times should be roughly similar to before
  • Small amounts of units can have a slightly higher “Finish Training” gem cost
  • Large amounts of units have a lower “Finish Training” gem cost

Army Training

This is the new army training screen and you can see that you will only have a single queue for troops and for spells:

training troops october 2016 update clash of clans

You can also see that you will now be able to train 2 whole armies (in this case at Town Hall 11 with 2 times the 240 housing space).

This means you will be able to have 2 whole armies queued up, so forgetting to queue a new army won’t be that much of a problem (I sometimes am the one who simply forgets it and then I’m sorry when I don’t have an army when I go online).

This is already a great thing and saves us a lot of time, but it gets even better.

Army Presets

The best thing is that we will be able to quick train – either the army we just used or army presets that we can create:

army presets in clash of clans october 2016 update

It’s also nice to see the training time and also the costs of this army at a glance

saving army clash of clans

That’s just perfect! Here’s the video that Supercell released to show off the new features:

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I love this new feature. This is exactly what I always wanted, but I have to make some small additions.

  • Filling up a training would be nice (when I haven’t used all my troops in an attack)
  • Separating the troop chain (for donations in between)
  • Boosting & Gemming is either all or nothing – that’s not so good.

Overall, this feature goes in a good direction. I hope that Supercell will also add some minor tweaks in the next updates. I know such a new feature isn’t perfect from the start, but boosting needs an improvement (so I can boost without boosting everything).

In case you also ask yourself what to do with your Barracks? Well, they are just for unlocking troops to make the training faster, that’s it. E.g. you have the Miner only unlocked at one Barracks, the total training time will adjust when you want to train a lot of Miners.

new training time

This does mean the training time is much better used among all Barracks to make troop training even faster.

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What do you think of this new feature?

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha


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