More Single Player Loot and hidden Update Features

After a couple of days hands on the April 2015 Update lots of smaller changes have been spotted. While most of them are only small graphical changes like slightly increased font there are some that are worth mentioning for sure.

Additional loot in the Goblin Map

Have you already finished the Goblin Map? This Update brought new extra loot to several Levels that already have been defeated and they are really worth an attack while having an active shield:

more loot goblin map april 2015

Added together you can get a couple of millions loot and some Levels are really easy to beat. This is something you should definitely check out.

Hidden Tesla Upgrading and visitor visibility

Another two things that are notable are that you now can’t check the resources while visiting a village – I personally used this to check out if it’s worth revenging someone – sad thing because I think not many Clashers really used this little help as indication but I can completely understand that this wasn’t really fair.

The biggest deal is that you will no longer see Hidden Teslas that are upgrading – you don’t have to move them outside your base anymore to not reveal potential other Hidden Tesla locations:


I also admit that I’m still not sure if this is good for me or not. I can live with putting them outside my base while upgrading but I really did use them as indication where I have to suspect Hidden Teslas or potential other Traps because almost all base designs have a straight symmetric layout.