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Shipwreck Truth in Clash of Clans

Since November 2016 there have been rumors about a shipwreck that is coming to Clash of Clans and there’s a lot of confusion about it, so I decided to create this article to gather all the info we have in one single place.

Shipwreck in Clash of Clans

It all started off with a game file extraction by spAnser on Reddit back in November where he found some interesting files showing a shipwreck.

shipwreck clash of clans december update

So, the rumor train was getting off and most of us expected this to be released along with the December 2016 Update – the December Update has always been the biggest Clash of Clans Update in the past years.

But then, the December 2016 Update came and went with nothing, so many thought that this was something that will not get released.

The interesting thing was, that inside the December 2016 Update files, there was something new related to the ship – a new icon.

shipwreck icon clash of clans leak

So, why would Supercell update something they will never release? That doesn’t make sense, so it can only mean that they are still working on it and it might take longer for them than expected to finish. Therefore, they delayed it for a later update.

Since then, the rumors have been calming down, but never been totally silent. Prominent Youtubers mentioned shipwrecks in their videos occasionally, so something is out there.

Now there’s something new in the Balancing Update for March 8th announcement at the official Clash of Clans Japan Twitter account released just a few hours ago:

Do you see it in the background? There’s a ship and it looks exactly like the one we’ve been seeing in the past leaks. This is official Supercell footage and they just announced that there will be “a massive update coming soon”.

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Now it was even in some artwork that got leaked from Supercell in the beginning of April:

shipwreck leak artwork

What The Shipwreck Could Be

Unlike the footage we already have, there’s nothing known about what the shipwreck could be. If you play Boom Beach, you might know the submarine you can send to get some extra resources – but I think that’s a feature that would not have taken that long to develop for Clash of Clans.

I assume that the shipwreck will bring us a new game mode, something like daily/weekly quests that we might also complete along with your clan members.

Bottom line, we have to wait some more to see what actually is coming, but we can be very sure that the ship is coming.

There’s some gamefile leak going around the internet that shows a feature called “Change Village”, so it’s hard to tell what it will be – the only thing that’s sure is that it’s going to be HUGE 🙂

change village in clash of clans new feature

Read more about the upcoming update here in our Update Ticker:

New Level! June 2017 Update Ticker

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  1. 30k de to rebuild ship
    . New pirate troops, new ship mounted mortars, pirates go ashore into battle and mark targets with an “X”. Mortars fire and hit targets. Mortars limited to 4 shots each, then pirates turn to battle with swords.

  2. Supercell is just making fun of all clashers . The update will take weeks and months. All supercell can do is to upload nonsense videos with a pig steering a boat.PIG STEERING A BOAT!!!!!.

  3. who broke the ship 🚢 in the first place, tell him or her to rebuild it, why should i waste my 30,000 elixirs to repair it?
    yes, u read it crrct, 30,000 elixir is the cost to repair the boat……

  4. hi sc, i accidentally deployed 19 wb instead of archers, and so i lost the battle, plz refund my trophies and my wb, also gimme my loot which i had got. plzz………. lol, joke aside.
    to the point, i know what the update is…..

  5. It is coming soon!This week I am gonna try to stay tone what’s gonna happen.Might come least than a week.

  6. Hi, I am th8 semi max.
    I designed a bade my self and as of now(after 10 days) its holding up pretty good. No attack has been 3 star. How can I post it on this website.. Thanks

  7. I am waiting too much for this update and ur all comments was very interesting and now i am more excited about it. Supercell is creating more anxiety in every player so more players join it

  8. I think its all ready to go and the creators are sitting back and listening to all of us and laughing at what we think is going to happen…

    • Sure I would do the same when I have a feature that will bring in a lot of revenue – sit back and laugh and not release it 😉
      Ok I was joking a little but, no offense 🙂
      I’m sure they still need to do a lot and they are way behind schedule already

  9. The ship is the way to the another part of the shore which is nihht there and another base would b there

  10. Hmmmm looks like in the pic u posted
    Looks llike they r adding even more ….

    Button to collect
    And gold

    Could that be a new feature in collecting from treasury??????
    That would be nice

  11. I’m willing to bet that the ship will allow you to switch between two villages you own/manage. You click on the ship, and “sail” to your second village to play it.

    Lots of people already have two accounts (e.g. a mini) on CoC, and its annoying to switch between them on a single device. SuperCell would obviously want more people running two accounts, because they will be more likely to buy and spend gems. It would be a major advantage to both the players and SuperCell to streamline the switching/management of two villages.

    And if you look at the leaked game files, it make sense. There is the “change village” feature leak, which is probably what actually implements the switch to your second account. There are two sprites of the ship, one with the normal ship and the other with the broken ship. This is probably going to be the same as the clan castle, where the ship starts off broken, and to enable the “switching” feature, you have to rebuild the ship. It will probably have a minimum TH level required to rebuild the ship.

    The ship icon is probably for a game setting where you specify what the second account is that you want to link.

    You heard it here first 🙂

  12. I felt like the clash-a-rama episode A Knight to Remember where the bomber goes out to sea on the quest for riches was a hint to this too. It came out about the same time as we thought the ship update would be.

    • but clash-a-rama is not getting created or produced by supercell, it’s just “fan fiction” (no hint from the developers since they are not involved in creating clash-a-rama).
      Bottom line the shipwreck will be coming, it’s too much evidence here and there 😀

      • Yeah, I thought Clash of clans is the best game I’ve ever played but it’s getting wired day by day

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