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Shield & Village Guard Management

Some use it; others don’t – managing Shield and Village Guard is something that only a few Clashers out there do. I know many of you attack whenever they have an army ready or it fit’s in your daily habit, but by planning it, you can get more out of your shield so I decided to write this article.

Planning Attacks VS. Village Guard & Shield

So, when you attack and you have an active Shield or Village Guard on your village, you either “pay” with hours of your shield or you can attack under the Village Guard. This is nothing new.

The Village Guard is always started when your Shield runs out to give you some extra time to prep your village for the next attack.

The duration of the Village Guard always depends on the League you’re in:

League Village Guard time
Master I and below 30 minutes
Champion League (all levels) 1 hour
Titan III 2 hours
Titan II 3 hours
Titan I and Legend League 4 hours

As you can see, the Village Guard can give you a ton of additional time when nobody will attack your base but you will be able to attack other bases – I always use this period when I boost my army because then I can be online non-stop and attack without having any negative impact.

The Village Guard on it’s own is a good reason to push trophies to a higher League

Reaching Titan League - How & Why?

Attacking & Defending

When we talk about shields, defenses and getting attacked, you should have the right mindset.

It’s always like “robbing Peter to pay Paul” – you have to see this whole mechanic as a period when you will lose something and then a period when you can get something in.

Within the period of defending, when your base is up for getting attacked, somebody will take resources and trophies from you. You can’t prevent that, period.

Then, there’s the period when you can attack and make up for what you’ve lost and aim to get more than you lost.

So, if we put it simple, you will always make up for one defense by doing an attack – zero balance. You re-gained the trophies and the loot that another attacker stole from you, the League Bonus made up for your army training costs (simplified).

I think you can imagine that this will be a zero-balance game when you only attack once between getting attacked.

Makes sense, right?

That’s what Shield Management works like – no matter if you’re farming or if you’re pushing trophies.  Making significantly more attacks than you need to defend is what will make you progress in the game.

Buying Shields - A Waste Of Gems?

How To Get More Attacks & Defend Less For It

Before we get into strategy, let me give you two examples: I do 3 attacks per day

Let’s say I do 3 attacks per day, but the point when I do these attacks is different.

To make it more simple let’s say I have 12 hours Shield when I wake up in the morning at 8am and 2 hours Village Guard.

more village guard in titan league

Example 1: Attacking in a normal daily schedule

  1. 8AM: First Attack (-3 hours on my shield: Shield at 9 hours)
  2. 12PM: Second Attack in lunchbreak (Shield at 5 hours – 4 hours for the attack)
  3. 1PM: Shield runs out, Village Guard gets activated
  4. 3PM: Village Guard runs out, base gets attacked (Shield at 12 hours again)
  5. 5PM: Third Attack (- 3 hours in the new shield that went down to 10 hours -> Shield now at 7 hours)
  6. Result: Profit from 1 attack

Example 2: I scheduled my attacking to fit my schedule

  1. 8AM: First Attack (-3 hours on my shield: Shield at 9 hours)
  2. 5PM: Second Attack (-4 hours in my shield; Village Guard activates)
  3. 6PM: Third Attack (under Village Guard)
  4. Result: Profit from 2 attacks

You can see that I did the same amount of attacks, but I got attacked less.

Of course, everyone has different schedules in daily life, but here are some things you should always mind to set up the perfect schedule for yourself:

  • Keep the end of the Shield in mind. Don’t attack if the shield will run out at a time you know you won’t be available for the Village Guard
  • If you’re available to raid (but would make your Shield break before you can use the Village Guard), you can peak out to a base with a lot of trophies or loot (more than you would lose on a defense) – that’s always worth the break
  • Don’t attack in the last 40 minutes of Village Guard – otherwise your Heroes won’t be available for defense
  • Only boost your army when you’re having a Village Guard
  • Try to break your shield when you go to bed (then you can have a raid under Village Guard in the morning when you wake up)

Don’t forget to always prepare your next army and request defending Clan Castle troops when you know there’s an attack incoming soon:

Tips For Better Army Training
Guide: Perfect Clan Castle troops for defending


I hope this will help you get better results and progress in Clash of Clans. Of course, this sounds like a lot work and no fun, but if you start planning this on your regular daily base (I know like 90% of you have that if you go to work, school, etc.), you will soon realize that there’s a fixed plan that will help you a lot.

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  1. “To make it more simple let’s say I have 12 hours Shield when I wake up in the morning at 8am and 2 hours Village Guard.”

    Sorry but I don’t understand two terms here , will you please explain it to me?

    1) 12 hours Shield
    2) 2 hours Village Guard

    When I get attacked I have a shield.

  2. I am a TH8 trying to push to Champion League, im stuck at Master 2,getting very low trophies and loosing a lot, cant manage to make up what ive lost. Any tips for a fellow Clasher?

  3. I am a TH8 trying to push to Champion League, im stuck at Master 2,getting very low trophies and loosing a lot, cant manage to make uo what ive lost. Any tips for a fellow Clasher?

  4. I know u mean well, but what u say is not always true. I have been attacked as many as four times in a 12 hour period without my interference. When I have much resources is like the clock is controlled by someone who makes sure that my 13 hours really become 2 and I get attacked again. Mind you…I am losing over 500 thousand gold and elixir and over 5000 D.E. per attack!
    Also, please do not say that you can recover that because it is not true whatsoever. Same with Cups. When attacking I can never get more than 2 or maximum 3 cups whereas when being attacked, I always lose 13 or 19 Trophies.
    Just watch out Tim cause the game is not how it used to be. It is getting quite borring since they allowed Moderators to oversee the games of some segments of players.
    Plus.. who wants to do attacks at specific hours like you say? Hell not. That is more boring than looking at a construcion worker mixing cement!
    I want to play whenever I want to for as long as I want to. I am not a Robot to program myself to get up at 3 Oclock in the morning just to make sure I do the first of the 3 attacks I am allowed during a day!
    Gee, not for nothing but that sole idea makes the game not to be what I see it is… A game! Lets face it Tim… we are talking about Clash of Clans. A game played by millions… so why do we need to limit ourselves to doing only three attacks per day?
    Man, you can do better than this. Write more important things.. for example what to do when your game is being manipulated by others or how to overcome the times when troops become weird and weak! Or how to get over losing all war attacks… Or how to understand that the fun is over…
    Those are the things I am looking forward to see articles on.
    Thanks a lot.

    • I never heard that someone get attacked when having an active shield… just not happening.
      Also, I think you didn’t get my point – I don’t say you need to get up at a certain time to do attacks – I just said you need to manage the times you attack and sometimes it’s better not to attack even if you can bring in an additional attack…
      what about the manipulation story? nothing gets manipulated unless you spread around your password on the internet or your social community.
      And which fun is over? The game has never been that well-balanced in a year (well, except the engineered bases)

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