Shield Changes Survival Guide

I know I’ve been reporting on the changes to the shields and the Village Guard when they got announced, but after having had the opportunity to use it myself for a short time now, I wanted to write a guide what’s critical now regarding the shield changes.

Use the Shield Changes For Your Benefit!

Let’s call it what it is – complicated! At least, if you’ve been used to the prior system for 2-3 years. Here’s my survival guide to start making a profit in the new world order (in Clash of Clans).

Move Your Town Hall Inside!

You will not get a shield if someone snipes your Town Hall, only if 30% of your village get destroyed by 30% of a full army. You will get no shield but lose 20-33% of the resources the attacker can take!

Are you farming? Good. Below I will show you how the new system will help you compared to the old one, but first get a new farming base layout! Check out here TH7 to TH11:

If you’ve done this you took the most important step.

Understand the new shields and use them

The new shields are now working a little differently – you can attack while you have an active shield on your base, but for each attack there’s a certain time deducted from the shield – first one 3 hours, next one 4 hours, etc.

time cost of shield when attacking

This means you’ll be able to make 2 or 3 attacks and still maintain your shield. The best thing here is that you need to attack more to make a real profit.

Let’s put it together quite simple:

Old System: Attack (Break Shield) -> get attacked (Get Shield) -> Attack (Break Shield) -> get attacked (Get Shield)

New System: Get attacked (Get Shield) -> Attack (Shield gets shorter) -> Attack (Shield gets shorter) -> Attack (Shield gets shorter)/Shield Expires -> Get attacked (Get Shield)

You see that you’re able to make much more attacks between getting attacked and have the whole time a shielded village. The best thing is, you can scout and will not break your shield. Your shield now only gets deducted if you start an attack. I used to break my shield so often and did not find a good base.

This will help you maintain your League or even rise in the Leagues for higher loot bonuses.

The Village Guard

The Village Guard is something entirely new – to give you a simple explanation it will just protect your base in case of a short disconnect or give you a little extension to your shield if you don’t make it online in time for the expired shield.

village guard activation timer

While the Village Guard gives you a relaxed time during your online session, you need also to let it go. If you did your attack and went offline knowing you’ll not come back for a while you can directly remove it.

personal break timer shield

So you can be sure your base is open for getting attacked and have your Personal Break Timer of 3 hours reset when you come back online and also have a new shield.

Farming is NOT dead

This is the sentence I’ve heard so many times in the past two weeks – I can’t hear it anymore! Farming is per definition doing the same thing over and over again to gain in-game rewards like loot, items or experience. That is the definition of farming.

farming bonus to shield

I think many confuse that with “hiding behind a shield to slowly grow loot” – the last ones dead, the first one is more alive than ever. Attacking actively will make you way more loot with the new system than ever before.

Farming is not dead, hiding behind a cheap shield is.

My Conclusion

The are two sides of this change. One side offers great possibilities for Clashers attacking frequently and probably makes the economic flow of resources in Clash of Clans more stable – the other one is making people with the once-in-a-while attacks. If you are someone who likes to attack during the day a couple of times you will probably benefit from those changes, because you can attack without breaking your shield and get a lot of possibilities to cash in enough loot to make up for those 2-3 attacks you get every day.

People only attacking once per day or even less will see themselves losing loot or be break-even bottom line. I saw a lot of anger about the shield changes, but for me it has been quite good the first day after the update; I only attack like five times per day due to a tight schedule every day. If someone’s not able to do at least 2 attacks (attack in the morning takes 5 minutes, retrain troops afterwards; repeat in the evening) it’s hard for me to believe, that this very same person is angry about the changes and starts to complain online in forums about a game he/she only uses every here and then.

Yes, we’re forced to attack now but the reward is having a lot more loot! This game always focused on the attacking aspect, not building a nice base – Supercell only brought that back to our attention with these changes. The game is not about losing the least possible amount anymore; it’s about trying to win as much as you can!

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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