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Saving A Queen Walk Before It Goes Wrong

Many use a Queen Walk in their attacks and often it doesn’t turn out as they thought. This is very common and there are several things you can do to save your attack – lets take a look.

Queen Walk Failures

Please note that this guide is exclusively about a Queen Walk that goes wrong and how you can fix it. I wrote a very comprehensive tutorial about using a Queen Walk a couple weeks ago – you can check it out here:

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Also, here is a guide about Low-Level Queen Walk:

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Now let’s have a look at the Queen Walk and why it sometimes goes wrong. There are several common things that can happen within a Queen Walk, even to experienced players:

  • The Queen walks in the wrong direction
  • She is about to die and gets too much damage
  • An Air Defense is targeting the Healers behind the Queen Walk

These are the things I see happening a lot and the good news is, they can be fixed within the raid.

Too Much Damage On The Queen

A very common thing that happens is that your Queen is slowly losing health and the Healers aren’t able to heal her fast enough – this happens mostly when your Archer Queen is a lower level.

Of course, you can use her ability for a short boost, but after the problem will be the same and then you have no ability left.

rage spell queen walk right way

In this case, you should always have Rage Spells and don’t be afraid to use them! Drop them in between the Queen and the Healers so that the Queen will deal more damage and the Healers will have an extra healing boost even after the Queen leaves the Rage Spell area.

If you have a Queen lower than level 35, you will have to bring at least 2-3 rage Spells for a proper Queen Walk.

Air Defenses Targeting Your Queen Walk Healer

The most complicated problem happens when your Healers enter the radius of an Air Defense – sadly this happens more often than you would think because the pathing is sometimes not easily predictable and the Healers sometimes fly too close to the defenses.

When this happens you need to take action very fast! You don’t want to lose your Queen in that early stage.

When your Queen targets the Air Defense that is taking down your Healers you can speed up destruction with either a Rage Spell or her Royal Cloak ability.

queen walk air defense

This is a situation you can get out of without losing your whole Queen Walk plus Healers most of the time. The harder situation is when your Archer Queen is not paying any attention to the Air Defense and may not very soon.

You can either freeze it with a Freeze Spell or send in some Hog Riders (if you have some) to get it down as soon as possible.

You will have to note the dangerous spots when you scout for your attack and be ready. In Clan War you can bring the Freeze Spell with you, but in regular attacks you might want to consider picking another base.

The Queen Walks In The Wrong Direction

The classic situation is when your Queen walks in the wrong direction or you want her to go into the base, but she keeps walking around the base.

In the beginning, you can make sure she will walk in the direction you want by dropping a Wizard or Archer to destroy a building in the direction you don’t want her to go.
queen walk tutorial

When you want her to enter the base you also have to break it open. The easiest way is with some cleaning troops and Wall Breakers.

Last Option

In the event your Queen dies, you should start your next phase ASAP to use the leftover Healers.


The Queen Walk is a part of your attack to watch closely and react correctly to issues. In many cases unexpected things happen and as long as you know how to react you won’t have big problems – adjusting is the key to use the Queen Walk properly.

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