Town Hall & Builder Hall Upgrade: Rush or Max?

Higher Levels of your Town Hall or Builder Hall offer cool new troops and awesome new defenses, so many people tend to rush their villages. In the past years, many learned that rushing the Town Hall is a no-go but I wanted to wrap together all you need to know so you know when you can upgrade your Town Hall or your Builder Hall without fear of disadvantages.

Rushing & Maxing Town Halls

First of all, I’d like to talk about terminology first – many times I feel that there’s either “rushing” or “maxing” out there, but there are also things in between. Maxing is always when you do all the upgrades a Town Hall Level offers to you before you upgrade your Town Hall – Rushing is used when you upgrade your Town Hall before everything is maxed out.

Well, now you do not have to max out everything to upgrade your Town Hall in order to not get any disadvantages. I mean, rushing is not bad in 100% of the cases if you find the right spot.

To handle this topic right, I feel that I should show the consequences of rushing first. If you upgrade your Town Hall, you will be matched against players with the same Town Hall in the same Trophy Range primarily – this means that you will face bases that are stronger and your weaker troops may have a problem beating them while attackers will have stronger troops that will crush your base more easily. Then you can add the loot penalty, the deduction of loot when you beat a base that has the same level like yur base but has a lower Town Hall. This makes it harder for you to successfully attack and gain loot to keep up with your upgrades.

rush town hall is sometimes ok

To get back to the initial point, rushing is bad if you rush too much! If you would upgrade to Town Hall 10 but only have your Heroes at Level 10, you will see a significant disadvantage – but if you would upgrade to Town Hall 10 but only have like 2-3 Level of your Heroes left you can do it without that big issue at all.

You see, rushing is only bad if you rush too much and you don’t need to max out everything you can upgrade.

Town Hall Upgrading Guidelines

Now I want to help you find out when you can upgrade your Town Hall or not – a question I get asked almost daily.

Your way through the Town Hall Level in Clash of Clans is working in the same way like walking, setting one foot on the other. Every new level of Town Hall offers new defenses and troops, in particular new attacking strategies. So one foot is the stuff you’re using right now that helps you winning right now and the other foot is the one you’re about to use next.

You’re only progressing without stumbling when you manage to have the stuff you’re relying on right now on a good level and then you also manage to have the stuff you’re using next prepared.

kill defending hero in core

This means, you should be aware which attacking strategy you will use on the next Town Hall Level so you can upgrade the troops you need for this to a high level – the same with defenses, because you will need to spend a lot of loot and Builder power to upgrade the new defenses you get so your defenses you have should be at a high level.

There’s no downgrading once you upgraded your Town Hall and you don’t want to have an extra hard time there because you’re not able to win attacks and lose all defenses constantly.

So here’s what I recommend you to have before upgrading (do NOT upgrade if you don’t have it):

  • All defenses at least one Level below max Level for your Town Hall Level
  • Currently used troops at max level (you will need to use them in the beginning of the new Town Hall Level to farm)
  • Troops to use next at least one Level below max Level for your Town Hall Level
  • Heroes should have not more than 5 Level left to upgrade for your current Town Hall Level
  • Walls should be your Town Hall Level -1 (if you’re TH9, Walls should be Level 8 etc.)

Remember, these are the minimum requirements and I really don’t recommend upgrading to the next Town Hall Level before you have this finished – if you max out, even better 🙂

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Rushing & Maxing Builder Halls

Rushing has become such a negative term, that many started to max out their Builder Halls as well. When talking about the Builder Hall, several terms don’t apply, because several things that make rushing negative for Town Halls don’t apply for the Builder Base:

  • The numbers of defenses are lower, so having an extra defense you get from a higher Builder Hall Level adds much more defensive power than upgrading the existing one
  • There’s no loot penalty as loot is determined only by your Trophy Count
  • Nobody can steal loot from you and you don’t have to pay resources to attack (worst case you need some more attacks to get your 3 daily loot rewards)

As you can see, the disadvantages from rushing your Builder Hall are a lot lower and the extra defenses will give you much more power compared to the Town Hall (getting a second Double Cannon for example adds a lot more power to your Builder Base than getting a sixth Archer Tower in your Home Village).

gear up defenses in clash of clans

However, you shouldn’t exaggerate rushing and the easy thing is that the level of all buildings keep up with the level of your Builder Hall.

I recommend you to have following upgrades finished before upgrading your Builder Hall:

  • Defenses should not be more than 2 level lower than your Builder Hall
  • The main troops you use should be maxed
  • Walls Level 2 are ok up to Builder Hall 6
  • Get the Battle Machine as fast as possible! It will add a lot of extra power even when you’re rushed!

Remember, the bonus you will get for your Home Village is the gearing up option that will add extra value there so unlocking it will help you there as well.

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