Choosing The Right Side To Attack A Base

A building is only as good as the foundation it’s built on – the creator of the Leaning Tower Of Pisa can confirm. What I’m tying to say is that your entire attack is dependent on the way it is started. If you mess up the start, the attack will not be about winning. It will be about damage control and maybe get the consolation prize. In this post, I want to give you my thoughts on choosing from what point you will start your attack.

Away from specific attacking strategies, this post shows the process after you have your army trained and have decided to attack a certain base previously scouted. It’s the point when you decide where you will deploy your first troops.

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Choosing The Right Side To Attack From

The first thing we have to determine is what base layout you’re attacking – is it symmetric or not? With a completely symmetric layout, you have to take a close look where certain defenses are located.

Fully symmetric layout

th11 hybrid farming base with bomb tower


Not 100% symmetric layout

TH10 War Base Layout for 2016

The desicion from which side you will attack the base is depending on several thing:

  1. You need a good access point that will allow you to build a good funnel into the base
  2. What are you attacking into (defending Heroes, crucial defenses like Eagle Artillery or Air Defense, Clan Castle)

Especially (2) is important and depending a lot, so I’d like to share some thoughts that I have when I decide my access point.

You always want to hit the strongest defenses as early as possible when you have your army at a strong point and your tanks are still up in a good condition – this will allow you to take it down faster and minimizes the damage you will take from them.

The ones you will need to mind are (order by priority):

  1. Eagle Artillery
  2. Air Defenses (if you do an air attack only!)
  3. Clan Castle
  4. Defending Heroes (especially the Archer Queen)
  5. Inferno Tower

Attacking Into…

In your mind you will draw a line how your troops will walk through the base, so you can easily see what will happen. Let’s take this base as an example to show you what I mean:

clash of clans maps th11 town hall 11 for trophy protection





When I attack it from the bottom side (6 o’click), I will attack into the Eagle Artillery very soon, so it won’t hammer down on my army the whole time.

Attacking from the upper side (12 o’clock) will get me to the Archer Queen and the Clan Castle soon.


I think you understood what I mean.

Here are the things you have to mind.

…Eagle Artillery

Always try to attack into the Eagle Artillery, otherwise it will hammer on your troops the whole attack. If the Ealge Artillery is in the core, you can check for the Clan Castle and Archer Queen.

…Air Defenses

If you do an Air Attack you want to attack into the Air Defenses very fast and have a clear line of Air Defenses. Look at this:

laloon zapquake air defense

Attacking from the bottom will make your troop become a target of all Air Defenses at the same time. You should start from either the right or left side.

…Clan Castle

In Clan War, the defending Clan Castle troops are a crucial part and you should aim to attack them early in your attack so your troops can focus on the defending troops. Try to find a spot where you can trigger the CC soon.

In regular multiplayer attacks, you shouldn’t care that much about the Clan Caste because it’s in more than 50% of the cases not even filled (at least for me in 4000 trophies)

…Defending Heroes

If you see that the Archer Queen is offset you should start attacking into her.

suicide barbarian king

Often you can also perform a suicide attack on her.

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…Inferno Towers

If the base has Inferno Towers, try to avoid hitting at an angle that will put you in line with both of them at the same time – unless you can take them out together with a single Freeze Spell. Otherwise, you will need to use two Freeze Spells at the same time which will make your attack more risky.

Let’s look at two examples with the bases from above.

Example #1: I would start from the south-western side. I can avoid dealing with both Inferno Towers at the same time.  Also, the Clan Castle Troops will be in the area of the first Inferno Tower and walk directly into my Freeze Spell.

TH10 farming base anti dragon with inside Town Hall

Example #2: If I attack from the bottom side, I can take the Archer Queen before the high damage comes, but then I would have to deal with both Inferno Towers at the same time and miss freezing the Clan Castle Troops. I would go from the right-hand side.

TH10 War Base Layout for 2016

Note that there are dozens of different attacking strategies to take out bases. This is a guideline to help you choose when you’re not that sure.

Choose The Best Access Point

Now you have the direction to start- next you need to find the point where you will access the base. There are multiple strategies and you’re aware how the way you do it works (Earthquake Spells, Jump Spells or Wall Breakers). You have to find the location where you will break into the first layer that will let your troops go further into the base.



Find a spot where you can access a large part of the base.

Important Hint:

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Hopefully this hasn’t been too confusing. I wanted to make a general rule set for Clashers who aren’t very confident in choosing where to start an attack. Generally speaking, this works, but there are always dozens of ways to enter a base and start an attack.

If you have something to add, please let me know in the comments 🙂

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