queen walk strategy guide

The Queen Walk Guide

Queen Walk has become very popular lately and I want to show you what it is, why it’s so effective and how you can use it with almost any attacking strategy. The Queen Walk is not an individual attacking strategy; it’s only a part of your attack and can be done with almost any attacking strategy.

Attention: I updated this guide to fit with the August 2016 Balancing Update that makes Healers vulnerable to traps.

What’s The Queen Walk?

The Queen Walk is when you deploy your Archer Queen right at the beginning of your attack along with several Healers.  This is done to clear off outside buildings to make a better funnel for your troops, pull and kill the Clan Castle Troops and maybe even kill a defending Hero.

You try to keep her alive and, in the best attacks, she is even able to join your other troops to clean up the base. Pictures tell more than a thousand words, so let me show you an example of a Queen Walk here:

queen walk tutorial

Now she takes down the Clan Castle Troops:

queen walk against defending Clan Castle Troops

And this is what she did when the main attack started:

queen walk finish

Isn’t it crazy how much she took down on her own? Some Healers and 1 Rage Spell and she destroyed almost 30% of the base, took down the enemy Archer Queen and the defending Clan Castle Troops!

Why Is Queen Walk So Efficient?

The Queen Walk is so efficient because it is cheap. If you take a look what the Queen Walk does – taking down Heroes, Clan Castle Troops and lots of buildings – it’s very cheap if you mind that you only invest some Healers and a Rage Spell!

Basically, she will help your kill squad go deeper into the base because she takes away a lot of trouble for them.

How To Do The Queen Walk

Doing the Queen Walk isn’t that complicated, you only have to focus on one single target – your Archer Queen must not die!

One positive aspect is, this is done at the beginning so only have to keep an eye on her health and support her by activating her ability and drop some Spells. Sounds easy? Not all the time. I want to show you some situations to watch out for and what you should do.

New! Since Healers can now be targeted by traps, especially the Seeking Air Mine can blow your attack. You know that the defender has them and that he will place them on the outside to get your Healers. You can prepare yourself by taking 2 spare Healers with you.

In case one healer goes down by an Seeking Air Mine, you should deploy one of your spare Healers right away.

Why not deploying all of them in the beginning? Simply because if your Healers won’t die during the Queen Walk (or run into an Air Defense), you have 2 Healers as backups for your main army without having them wasted.

Queen Walk Next To Air Defenses

Stay away from an area with an exposed Air Defense! The Air Defense might kill your Healers faster than the blink of an eye, and your Queen Walk has come to a sad ending. I don’t mean that you have to stay away from them, but you need to know which Air Defense will become dangerous.


This setup is ok; because the Archer Queen will hit the Air Defense straight forward while the Healers are behind her in a safe zone:

super queen walk air defense


Do not let her walk next to an area on the outside where your Healers cross the range of an Air Defense. This will end your Queen Walk right away!

queen walk versus air defense

Especially on the outside you should be careful – your Queen can only shoot 4 tiles into the compartment, so if there is an Air Defense 4 tiles deep into the base it can target the Healers but can’t be addressed by the Archer Queen

queen walk range

X-Bows & Hidden Teslas

If the Archer Queen performs her Queen Walk and a defense hit her hard, the Healers can regenerate her fully. The big problems are the X-Bows and the Hidden Teslas. They deal very constant damage and the DPS gets too high if more than one target the Archer Queen:

queen walk xbow attention

Now you need to react quickly! You have two possibilities:

  1. Use a Rage Spell if these defenses are the next target of the Archer Queen
  2. Use a Freeze Spell for X-Bows in the middle

Always keep in mind that 1 X-Bow isn’t the problem, only if a second X-Bow or a Hidden Tesla targets her as well! If the Archer Queen can take down one of them soon, the Rage Spell is the best choice.

rage spell queen walk right way

Always drop the Spell in between the Queen and the Healers. This will give her some extra damage and the Healers will heal more. When the Archer Queen leaves the area of the Rage Spell, the Healers are still in it and will have the extra healing power.

Use the Freeze Spell if there are more X-Bows inside the base that can’t be targeted by the Archer Queen. Sometimes you need to use more than 1 Freeze Spell, as long as you keep the Archer Queen alive everything’s good!

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Clan Castle Troops or Defending Her against the enemy Archer Queen

Depending on what is inside the Clan Castle, the Archer Queen might have some problems. Always support her with a Poison Spell and watch her health. If it goes down very fast, you need to activate her Royal Cloak!

using the ability in queen walk versus defending hero

When she fights against a defending Hero, you also need to watch health and be ready to use her ability! Don’t use it too early. The Healers will regenerate her health quickly, so make sure to only use it when health is very low.

I would really like to describe every detail, but there are too many aspects of this strategy. I searched for a video explaining it very well. I searched for quite some time and found a great video from a less recognized, but very talented Youtuber (Clashing with Matty):

Also this guide is very helpful:

What Level Should Your Archer Queen have?

That depends on your Town Hall Level. You need a Queen with a strong ability and also good damage. If you want to use the Queen Walk you need:

  • Town Hall 9: Archer Queen Level 15+
  • Town Hall 10: Archer Queen Level 20+
  • Town Hall 11: Archer Queen Level 25+

If you attack rushed TH10 bases you might also take an Archer Queen Level 15+, but she will die. That makes this strategy less powerful.

Examples of Queen Walk With Different Attacking Strategies

I already mentioned that the Queen Walk isn’t something that belongs to a single attacking strategy, you can use it will all. Here are some replays that will show you different cases and how the Queen Walk was incorporated.

Here you can see it with LaLoon in action:

It also works with Dragon attacks:

Or GoHo:

and lots of other attacking strategies.


The Queen Walk is cheap and super efficient. The only problem is you must have a high level Archer Queen. Always make sure to keep the Queen alive as long as possible. If you have problems with your current attacking you might want to check out the Queen Walk.

Thanks for editing: EchinsuOcha

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

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  1. My Queen is of lvl 25 and i m on th10 m i want to know that can i still do queen walk properly. I am currently using queen walk miner to farm dark elixir, i also want to know some farming strategies with queen salk . peace_out

    • At TH9 this might work, but in higher Town Halls you will have a lot of problems with it due to the low damage and hitpoints of your queen – this means your queen is too slow taking down structures (you will run out of time in the end) and you need to pay super-much attention to keep her alive and use additional rage spells on your healers.

  2. The Best way to make the healers follow ur AQ is that u should place it A bit Away from ur actual army..If u use A air attack either will be very useful as healers can’t heal air troops so it will Follow ur Archer Queen Definetly…
    The most Important thing In CoC is Practice (‘Practice makes a man perfect’) This rule is binding on all other army Compositions including (Goho,Lavaloonian,Gowiwi, etc.) so do more practice & Be perfect .. 🙂 (You can practice Any army on Friendly Challenges Before doing an actual attack this will help u to Learn any army without losing ur precious trophies.)

  3. I am a max th9 with lvl 25 queen. I want to start using queen walk but don’t have the services of the king( constantly upgrading). How should i start?

  4. To Answer PVMK’s question, Healers will always prioritize the troop that is receiving the most damage/ the most constant damage. (i.e. Mortar is targeting Archer Queen and X-Bow is targeting Giant. Healer will target Giant, even if the Archer Queen has lost more health.) If no troops are taking damage, then healers will simpally heal all the troops to full health.
    Now, I would recommend that you use your Queen Walk as funneling before your main attack like Tim said in this article. If you use it during your main attack, then the Healers will continue to abandon your Archer Queen. If you want to use the Queen in your main attack, then I would recommend that you don’t use Healers on your Queen. After all, the extra Giants will probably protect your Queen better than the Healers that, like you said before, will probably abandon your Archer Queen.

  5. Hey…
    I’ve trying to farm using 4 healers on the Archer Queen, the King as usual, 10-12 giants, 5-6 wall breakers, 4 earthquakes, 2 rage spells and the rest of the troops are archers and barbarians.
    My problem is:
    Almost everytime the healers are abandoning the Queen and running behind the King or the giants. How can ensure this doesn’t happen? I mean has it ever happened with others?

    I want to understand what governs the Healers AI which makes them behave as they do!

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