queen charge funneling guide

Queen Charge Funneling Guide

Queen Charges & Walks have been getting more and more popular since the Inferno Towers don’t block heal anymore and with this development, many bases start to defend against Queen Walks & Charges with different methods lately – Single Target Inferno Towers, high point-tageting damage areas and traps just to name a few.

Reason enough for me to write a whole new guide on how you use it, how to funnel your Queen and much more useful information that will make your Queen Charge more powerful.

Queen Charge Strategy

Let’s start with a little bit of history first. About two years ago, several attacking compositions developed around using an Archer Queen with multiple Healers to farm or also build a funnel for an attack, when the Healers got a balancing change so their healing stacks.

In the beginning, it was the “Superqueen” strategy, a farming strategy that used the Queen along with Healers and Archers/Barbarians to break into the base and get the Dark Elixir Storage and the “Queen Walk” where the Queen will clean outside buildings with the support of Healers to build a funnel for the kill squad.

At Town Hall 9, this was very popular until this very day but with TH10+ this strategy got some limitations as the Inferno Towers would, once targeting the Archer Queen, block all healing effects and let the Archer Queen die quick.

Now that this blocking from the Inferno Towers is gone, combining your Archer Queen with Healers is more popular and powerful than ever.

The Queen Charge

While the Queen Walk is always a way to clean off outside buildings in order to build a funnel for your troops without risking getting into the range of the Inferno Tower, the Queen Charge will funnel your Archer Queen deep into the base.

The advantage of the Queen Charge, compared to a classic Queen Walk, is:

  • You can get more powerful defenses out of your way
  • Take out defending Heroes
  • Clean CC troops

and that makes it a lot easier for your army troops to take down the base.

Queen Walk Combinations

You can combine your Queen Charge with almost all attacking strategies, especially in Clan War.

All you need to do this are well-upgraded Healers and your Archer Queen should be at a decent level:

  • TH9: Level 25+
  • TH10: Level 30+
  • TH11: Level 35+

You will always face situations where your Queen gets targeted by 3 or more point defenses and then her health & DPS is crucial, that’s why she needs to be upgraded.

You can combine it with LaLoon by taking down Air Defenses and the defending Queen in advance or with Hog Riders, Miners, Bowlers etc.

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Today, you can also use the Queen Charge for regular attacks in multiplayer as well, like here with Miners for farming:

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There is effectively no composition out there you can’t use the Queen Charge with 🙂

Queen Charge Strategy Guide

Often times I see people doing a Queen Charge by dropping her with some Healers, then drop some Wall Breakers in hope to get her into the base.

This can work and also works often enough, but also leaves a lot of potential on the way.

When performing a solid Queen Charge, you always want to make sure that you haev these two objectives covered:

  1. Where do I want my Queen to go and what should she take out on her way
  2. How do I make sure she follows the path I have planned for her

If you already do that, you migh want to skip this next chapter and go to the part where I give practical tips that help you prevent that your Queen Charge fails 😉

Funneling Queen Charge

A Queen Charge always consists of a general setup next to the Archer Queen:

  • 5 Healers (6 if they are not well-upgraded)
  • 3 Wizards / 2 Baby Dragons (as you prefer)
  • 5-8 Wall Breaker
  • 2-3 Rage Spells

The Wizards and the Wall Breaker will make sure, that your Queen enters the base as you will open up wall spots for your Queen and also take out outside structures with the Wizards to funnel her in.

When planning your Queen Walk, I can make it short and easy for you by choosing the location you’ll perform it.

It’s in 95% of the times into the defending Archer Queen & Clan Castle (in Clan Wars) because these two will make the most trouble for your other troops and you want to take them down. In addition, you can always aim for defenses like the Eagle Artillery, X-Bows, Air Defenses (if you do air attacks) or Bomb Tower (if you use Bowlers, Miners, Hogs, Valks etc.).

Here’s an example base:

how to queen charge in clash of clans

The starting point here is a no-brainer because we need to pull the Clan Castle and on that way, we can get the Eagle Artillery out of the way.

The best way to get there is through the large compartment with the Bomb Tower, once out Queen is in there, we will get the Clan Castle and sooner or later the Eagle Artillery as well.

queen Charge funneling guide

When the left side of the base is cleared, we can send in our troops from the bottom and they will perfectly funnel in direction of the Town Hall.

But let’s get back to the Queen Charge.

Now we have three things to take care of during the Queen Charge:

  • Wait until our Queen gets targeted by the defenses so we can safely drop our Wall Breaker
  • Use our Baby Dragons to funnel her in, you don’t want her to go along the perimeter of the base!
  • Keep her alive when damage gets too tough with a Rage Spell on your Healers

This is the most important thing to do and if you fail the whole attack will fail!

how to perform a queen charge right

It will take you some practice to keep calm and have an eye on your Queen at the beginning and then watch when to drop your Wall Breaker and your funneling troops.

I usually use Wizards because they don’t use that much housing space, but Baby Dragons are better in the beginning because they can’t get targeted by ground defenses and have more hitpoints that will cover up if you missed the perfect timing.

Once you got your funnel, you can send in your other troops and they will take care of the rest of the base.

queen Charge success

Timing Queen Charge

In theory, a Queen Charge could possibly take out a whole base without any other troops if there wouldn’t be the timer.

The Queen Charge takes time, as your Queen has to deal with the defenses and often times with Skeleton Traps or also a Lava Hound in the Clan Castle.

Now the success is to know how long your troops will take to destroy the rest of the base and that’s something you need to watch carefully from your past attacks.

In general, I think you should deploy the other troops at these times:

  • Clan War 3-Star: 1:30 left on the clock (latest!)
  • Pushing/Farming: 1:00 left on the clock (you don’t need that 3-Star that much)

The Grand Warden

Combining the Grand Warden with your Queen Charge is very useful as it will help you overcome tricky situations but also give your Queen some extra health that is very useful against locations with high point damage from Archer Towers and X-Bows.

When you drop the Grand Warden, ALWAYS wait until the Archer Queen takes some first damage – this will help to keep your Healer locked on your Queen 🙂

Save A Queen Charge!

Things go wrong all the time and sometimes your Queen doesn’t act like you thought she would or unexpected things come her way.

Here you see the most common things that happen and what you should do in that case.

Seeking Air Mines! With that many Queen Charges, defensive concepts changed and many like to put Seeking Air Mines on the outside to take Healers down to make the Queen Walk / Queen Charge fail.

seeking air mines hitting healers during queen charge in clash of clans

This is something you can’t prevent but also something you have covered. With 5 Healers on your Queen, you can afford losing one Healer easily and even when losing 2 of them – just watch the health more carefully and be ready to drop your Rage Spells when many point defenses are on your Queen.

Air Defenses! In a bad situation, it can happen that an Air Defense will reach your Healers and your Queen is not about to take it down that soon. In most cases you can prevent that by scouting the Air Defenses right.

You can achieve this with a simple rule of arrangement. Here’s the interesting part:

  • The Archer Queen’s range is 5 tiles
  • Air Defenses have a range of 10 tiles

So very simply spoken you need a Wall and 4 tiles space between the Air Defense – just like that:

queen walk range

If you’re Town Hall 11, this also might be a good idea to use your Grand Wardens’ ability to save your Queen Charge.

The extra Balloon! I recently started bringing 1 Balloon with me to any attack because this 5 housing space will do me a lot of favor.

queen charge guide air defenses

I alwayys deploy it first as there are so many base builds out there that put Seeking Air Mines in the corner – in a nice situation I can save 1-2 Healers with this single Balloon and it also is a great help when I need to overcome an Air Defense in a location that is not easy to reach – the Balloon will simply tank the Air Defense until the Queen can take it down 🙂

Single Target Inferno! Inferno Towers don’t block healing anymore, but the Single Target Inferno Tower, once locked, will deal insane damage that no healing can cover up. If the Single Target Inferno Tower beam locks onto your Queen, you will need to use her ability quick, that will save her.

inferno tower against archer queen

I do not like to use the Grand Warden here, unless the Queen is only seconds away from destroying the Inferno Tower, as it will only make her invincible but the DPS will build up and once the 5 seconds Eternal Tome are over the Queen will die instantly.

Normally, I use her ability and start with my full attack to get the Healers to move over as the Queen is lost anyway. Try to make the best out of it is sometimes the best approach 🙂

Don’t wait too long, you can’t change it now and you don’t want to also lose your Healers and Grand Warden as well, so act quick!

Walks the wrong way! The Archer Queen is not the smartest person on earth, so sometimes she likes to do unpredictable things.

The reason why you have your funneling troops and especially that many Wall Breakers with you is that you can correct her way with them.

Make sure to break the outside funnel and also drop your Wall BReakers carefully – with 8 Wall Breakers you can always break 3 wall sections and if one of that fails, 2 wall sections is always enough to keep your Queen on track 🙂

Now for the end, I have got some videos that I like to recommend to you:

  • Powerbang’s TH9 Queen Charge Guide (click here) which helps a lot in understanding it
  • OneHive Gazette on funneling the Queen (click here) with loads of examples

Good luck and Clash on! 🙂

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Hi Timmy,
    Could you give me a link for a TH7 and 9 rushing guide? Should I rush? I haven’t been able to find useful stuff online so I thought I’d ask you:) hope you don’t mind!

  2. What’s the point of this if your base is attacked with level 40+KQ and four or five healers its guaranteed that your base is going to be nigh on wiped out its sick what’s the point in playing even all your air bombs together does not stop it.

    • So what’s your approach? leaving everything outside because you’ll lose anyway? 😉
      Seriously, you can still get defensive victories, I win 1-2 defenses out of 10 just because I can catch Queen Charges with the Seeking Air Mines early (however, my defenses are maxed I admit)

      • No you can not I stand by what I say ,one air bomb should be able to take out one healer ,I say again there is no base design what’s so ever that can stop a 40+ KQ and grand warden along with five healers and as you have just said you got near maxed base how many people have that! Sorry but I beg to differ its all centres around just having a big KQ its all wrong and not anyway far play or skill and that’s fact.

      • Ok but you totally not address the fact that:
        1.) Every successful defense will reward you as many trophies as 5-6 lost defenses, so 10-20% successful defenses will make a big difference
        2.) You can attack 3-4 times easily for every defense, so every successful defense is only an addition
        => the meta is like it is right now, you can’t change it only adapt, but I have a problem when someone says “simply give up guys!!!! there is no way you can win every time” – adaption is sometimes more or less effective, I play this game since 2012 and have seen a lot of different periods and not doing anything is always the worst thing you can do
        So, I do agree with a big part of what you say but I have a problem with your general attitude here, that’s all 🙂

    • Air bombs are meant to do splash damage to air troops dummy. A seeking air mine can, in fact, take out one of the healers. If your losing to players who took the time to grind heroes and are mad cause you haven’t done so yourself that’s your own problem. Don’t clump all your air bombs together assuming it’s going to help. Use the guides here on trap locations. Watch defense replays. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! If you want to win a defense you can’t just copy paste internet layouts. Base designing is a skill and takes lots of time and effort. Hearing you cry about some faulty trap idea doesn’t make anyone want to help you. But take what I’m saying, use it, make changes, and see if your still failing incredibly. Sounds like you may be one of the rushers. And yes war allows you to attack anywhere on the map. So top guys can drop and 3 someone lower while a guy with less then max can work on top 2 aiming for decent 2 stars. And if it’s multi your worried about. Your wasting time. If you plan an anti air base. You’ll get swept up with bowitch. If you do anti bowitch, the players with that army cooked will likely pass and someone with an army that is OP will take you out. This game is progression and to do so you need to attack more then you defend. Not focus on defense wins. And without max defenses, even lower level heroes can wipe you out. So complaining won’t help you at all.

  3. What’s the point of this if your base is attacked with level 40+KQ and four or five healers its guaranteed that your base is going to be nigh on wiped out its sick what’s the point in playing even all your air bombs together does not stop it.

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