dealing with defending Clan Castle troops

Dealing With Clan Castle Troops

Dealing with Clan Castle Troops is a key skill you must have in Clash of Clans if you really want to get positive long-term results. Clan Castle troops can make a difference between victory and loss. I constantly see people dealing with Clan Castle troops the wrong way, so I decided to write this full guide with all you need to know.

When dealing with Clan Castle troops, there are always two different parts – first is pulling them from the Clan Castle and the second is how you actually take them out.

Attention! There is not one single way to deal with Clan Castle troops in Clash of Clans. I want to show you several different ways and how to use them, depending on the situation you’re encountering.

Pulling Clan Castle Troops (Luring)

In order to deal with Clan Castle troops, you will need to get them out of the Clan Castle. That’s common sense, but you won’t always lure the Clan Castle troops out to take them down before you perform your main attack.

The decision depends on multiple things:

  • What’s in the Clan Castle? (Troops that can harm my main attack, like a Dragon when I am using Loons, etc.)
  • Do I know that the Clan Castle is filled? (Clan War vs. Multiplayer Attacks)
  • Can you lure the Clan Castle? (Without investing too many troops)

These questions create an almost unlimited number of situations. From my experience, I would say that in Clan Wars you should always try to get the Clan Castle troops out of your way in 90% of the cases (more on that below). In Multiplayer Attacks you can assume that the Clan Castle is not filled in 8 out of 10 cases. Even if it’s filled, you don’t know what’s in there, so you can’t prepare. Simply take a Poison Spell with you and hope for the best, which works fine most of the time.

Master the Poison Spell 2016

Rule of Thumb: In Clan War you should try to get the CC troops cleaned up before your attack (if possible), in regular Multiplayer Attacks take a Poison Spell and hope you don’t need it (most times you don’t).

A little change of perspective, but I hope that you request defending troops in your Clan Castle yourself. Do you? If not, read this guide here as well:

Guide: Perfect Clan Castle troops for defending

Trivia! Clan Castle troops always leave the Clan Castle in the order they are located in the Barracks, not the order they got donated. It’s always Barbs, then Archers, then Giants, then Goblins, etc. (the order they unlock).

saving army clash of clans

This is not ground breaking, but I this is a good spot to mention this fact. 🙂

Trigger the Clan Castle

Alright, let’s assume that you want to get the troops out, so all you have to do is to get a troop inside the radius for as long as it takes all troops to leave the Clan Castle. The last part is the essential one – if you just “dip-trigger”, you risk some troops being left inside the Clan Castle and will go after troops in your main attack.

While scouting in Clan War, you can check the radius of the Clan Castle easily by just selecting it.

unlurable clan castle

Normally, you take 2 Hog Riders to go after a defense inside the radius and this will trigger the Clan Castle troops.

In the example above, you can see that there’s no point where we can enter the radius with Hog Riders. (Well, you could try it at the Cannon at the top, but the Hidden Tesla would force us to invest a lot more troops).

In this case, you should use a Golem along with some Wall Breakers.

The important thing is that you need to find a point where you can trigger the Clan Castle – and, in most cases, it’s a defense.

Make Your Clan Castle Unlurable

The trend in the past months has been bases like the one I’ve shown you above. You need a Golem and Wall Breakers to enter the base. While in the past there may have been only one or two good entry points to trigger the Clan Castle, we can now select it ourselves.

This makes it a great opportunity to get the most out of it, at least we’re investing quite some housing space and time on the clock for it.

It should be obvious to take what we can get with this first squad. I’m not talking about buildings or defenses, I am talking about Heroes as well. Always try to not simply lure the Clan Castle troops, also try to get at least one Hero (preferably the Archer Queen) taken down.

attacking clan castle troops in clan war with archer queen

This is a great example, there’s no way we can lure the Clan Castle with 2 Hog Riders, so we set up a Golem along with some Wall Breakers and supportive troops behind (like 5-7 Wizards) that will take down the Archer Queen and the defending Clan Castle troops.

What Troops?

In Clan War, you most likely know what is inside the Clan Castle. Either because you are the second attack or because you’ve seen what is inside the other enemy war bases.  Now you can choose what kind of setup you will use.

  • Golem, Wall Breakers, Wizards (mixed Clan Castle troops)
  • Hog Rider, Wizards/Archer (Dragon, Lava Hound)

Also, don’t forget that the Queen Walk is still a nice way to build a funnel and also clean the Clan Castle troops. Don’t forget to bring some Rage Spells and a Poison Spell.

The Queen Walk Guide

Here’s a very nice video by Powerbang showing a lot of hints about luring CC troops:


Dealing with Clan Castle troops is tricky due to so many possible scenarios, but with some experience and calm thinking you’ll be able to get them out of your way. Just make sure to scout carefully in Clan War and always keep in mind that there could be some “surprises” left for you if there’s only one spot to start.

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