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PUBG Mobile Best Settings To Win More Often

You need to know a couple of settings that you need to set to have the best options to win more in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile comes with a lot of settings so you might be a little overwhelmed at first which settings are working best, right? I have been putting together here all the important settings in PUBG Mobile that you should check and set right to get more wins.

Best Graphics Settings in PUBG Mobile

In terms of graphics settings you need to find the best balancing setting that will give you a stable frame rate so PUBG Mobile won’t lag but also high enough quality that you can spot your enemies sooner. This setting, of course, is individually for your device.

best graphic settings in pubg mobile

You’ll need to try it out a little bit but always try to have the “Frame Rate” setting set at “Ultra” or “Extreme” and see if you see problems like your device getting extremely hot or lagging – if that happens while playing PUBG Mobile you should lower the Graphics settings. I personally am not a fan of playing on the lowest “Smooth” settings as this will make me spot enemies later than with higher settings.

The graphic styles also depend on the display your device has, but I personally recommend you trying either “Soft” or “Colorful” as this will give you better contrast for spotting enemies that are far away.

Anti-aliasing setting removes jagged lines in PUBG Mobile but also requires a lot of power, so only use it if you have a top-end device.



Best Control Settings in PUBG Mobile

Now let’s have a look at some gameplay settings that I think are extremely helpful in PUBG Mobile.

Peek & Fire

This option is named a little unlucky as it won’t do anything else than giving you the option to lean to the side (when hiding behind something) to shoot.

peek and fire

This is one of the most important skills in PUBG Mobile so you should active the “Peek & Fire” option (no worries, it won’t shoot automatically when you lean).

I also recommend you to activate the “Hold to lean” option because this will make you lean back when enemy fire comes in a lot faster and you won’t move around so you can hold as long as you want to lean in PUBG Mobile.

pubg mobile peek and fire setting

Aim Settings

Using the setting “Aim Assist” will help you a lot and I really recommend you to turn it on – the only exception is when you play with a mobile gamepad (like GameSir) or you’re playing as a sniper because it will not target the head and prevent you from making headshots.

I also would set the “Shotgun Firing Mode” to “release” so you can just hold the fire button when walking around with a shotgun in buildings or close area combat and release to shoot, this setting will help you out a lot and your reaction is a lot faster than extra tapping when you want to fire your shotgun.

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Sensitivity Settings

The sensitivity is also a little depending on the device you’re playing PUBG Mobile on, but here are my settings that I feel very comfortable with:

best sensitivity settings

Auto Loot Settings

I personally played a very long time with auto loot as it makes it a lot faster and also automatically swaps out items for higher and better items when looting a crate.

Later in the game when you’re more familiar with all the items you can fine tune yourself but still, it’s a very good setting to have.

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I think I got it all now, if you have some other settings in PUBG Mobile that you’re not really sure about or you think they also belong here on the list simply drop a comment below 🙂


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