How To Prepare For Updates & Maintenance Breaks

Every couple of month there is a new update for Clash of Clans. While we all get new stuff in these updates, there is the exciting time the days before the update gets released where we get daily news about the new features, troops, buildings and balancing the update will bring. This post is a general guide how you should prepare yourself before the update is released and the things I show here are working for EVERY update and not just a specific one.

Clash of Clans Update Preparation

There are several things you should do to be prepared in the best way for an upcoming Clash of Clans update.

First thing, of course, is knowing that a new update will come. In general, Clash of Clans has an update cycle of around 2-3 months for a big content update. The most common times for an update are:

  • Early in the year (around end of January to mid of February)
  • Spring Update around end of March to April (depending when the update before was)
  • Around June
  • 1 Week Gem Boost at the beginning of August (Clash of Clans Anniversary)
  • End of September- mid of October Update (in general a bigger content update, also contains the Halloween Event)
  • December Update (so far always the biggest updates of all) around the beginning of December. Also contains the Christmas Event

Of course this schedule is always depending on a lot of things, but in general, this was the schedule for the last three years of Clash of Clans updates.

To get all the latest update information, I recommend that you check our update section frequently.

Preparation Before The Update

Always keep track what is coming. Almost every update contains a new level for a defense and/or troops.

This is very important for you if you are about to upgrade these troops because the current highest level will be cheaper and shorter to upgrade!

Just an example: Dragon Level 6 are going to be released in the next update and I want to upgrade to Dragon Level 5, which is 14 days before the update. After the update the Dragon upgrade to Level 5 will be only 10 days.

Here’s what happens when you start the upgrade before the update is released:

  • The remaining time of the upgrade is more than the new upgrade time (in case of the Dragon more than 10 days left): the remaining time will get reduced to the new max time (10 days).
  • The remaining time is less than the new max time (less than 10 days left for my account to upgrade): nothing happens.

This means that when I would start the upgrade to Dragons Level 5 a couple of days before the update, I would have the same remaining time, but I blocked a Builder for the whole period.

In addition, I also wasted resources because it’s very likely that the upgrade also becomes cheaper after the update.

Conclusion! Don’t upgrade troops to max level when a new max level will come with an update!

I think I do not have to mention that you should start saving resources and let Builders finish their work.

Gem Boosts

Sometimes there is also a gem boost involved in an update. When the gem boost is a week long, you can make a ton of extra resources out of it. Read how to do that here:

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Don’t Buy Gems & Shields in advance!

I know several people who always get a shield before the update to save up resources and also buy their gems in advance.

The thing with the shield is, sometimes the update gets delayed for one or two days because sometimes Apple or Google take some more time to approve the update. When this happens your shield will run out and you sit on a fortune of resources every attacker wants to take from you.

If you prepare with a shield, just make sure to not start it when the Sneak Peeks start.

Update days are almost every time Tuesdays to Thursday in the following week after the first Sneak Peek was released.

Also, don’t buy gems in advance! There are value packs offers that make a great deal after the update:

clash of clans value pack

Here you will get 15 million of each in addition for the same price. Imagine you bought the gems before the update to already have it.

Even if there’s no value pack, you can buy gems anytime you want so just don’t do it before the update 🙂

Update Release Preparation

Now that you prepared for the update, there is one very important thing you need to also know – after the update is released you will be able to make tons of loot in the Golden Hour.

Clash of clans starting maintenance break soon

The Golden Hour in Clash of Clans

The Golden Hour is something beautiful and, like mentioned above, something you have to use. The Golden Hour is nothing else than the time directly after a content update.

Somehow, Supercell brings back lots of (if not all) bases that are normally removed out of the player matchmaking pool due to inactivity. This means you can get millions of loot very easily, but after about 1 hour all those bases have been raided.


big loot during golden hour in clash of clans

No worries! This is only affecting abandoned bases of players being not online for more than a week. If you have a shield don’t be worried that the update or Maintenance Break will break your shield!

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Of course, you will need to know when the update starts to be prepared for that perfect time.

Twitter Announcement of the Maintenance Break February 20th, 2015

We normally always have an Update Ticker active when a new update is announced, so we can show you when the update starts and how long it will take until the maintenance break is over.

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