I often see people trying to recruit here in the comments or asking me via mail how to improve their own clan with loyal members. I really think there should be something I can do for all of you so I have come up with the idea of some kind of community identification for all of you searching for quality Clans or Clans searching for quality members to join – I call it “Powered by AllClash”.

What means “Powered by AllClash”?

I think most of us visiting AllClash on a regular base have one common goal – improving their Clash of Clans skills and experience. I work hard with everything I can but Clash of Clans is still a community game that lives primary within the people you’re surrounded with. I have an idea how you can identify in-game as an AllClash user who is looking to have the best Clash of Clans experience.

I want all Clans to tell the people you are using AllClash so they know you’re not just another “doing something clan”. Also I wanted to give people looking for a loyal and quality clan a possibility to identify a potential clan as a good choice.

Powered by AllClash

If you and your clan benefit by using AllClash I would like to ask you/your Clan Leader to put the phrase “Powered by AllClash” into your Clan Description to show you’re a pride part of this community and also to show others that you and your clan is not just messing around:

Powered by AllClash quality Clan Recruiting
Add “POWERED BY ALLCLASH” to show Clan Members how to get better in Clash of Clans and show possible Recruits that you take Clashing serious

This will show all potential members that your clan means business. In addition you can also drop your clan name here in the comments. What I want to create is that “Powered by AllClash” in the Clan Description is a prove of a strong and loyal clan that wants to achieve something in Clash of Clans. Let’s make “Powered by AllClash” a seal of quality in-game and I think this will give you the opportunity to find your desired Clan or to fill your Clan with great members, because this is something I learned in the past month about the AllClash Community – it’s filled with loyal, interesting and strong people. Give it a try and make your Clan rise and don’t forget to extend your Clan Description. Only publishing your Clans name here is only half the battle.



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  1. LVL11 War clan (SPARTA)
    We war twice a week and weekend war is reserved for the most experienced attackers
    Clan Tag #PRLRPGJ

    Clan description:
    Most players in the clan are TH9 or above
    We are a casual but competitive and smart clan
    We use war machines and high lvl troops.
    The most active members get promoted relatively fast
    Most players are from USA but we accept anyone who has good English.

    TH8 and above accepted
    No rushed bases
    No racist or political talk accepted
    Members who wish to stay out of war must change war status to “Red” in your profile.

  2. Clan tag is :#V29VJ9J9

    Clan name: Near Psycho

    Clan level: 2

    About us: We are a semi new clan growing really fast. Need new members that want to stay and help this clan out. Members are from around the World. But the leader is from the U.S. Experienced players are welcome to grow their accounts here while helping the new players figure out the game.

    Be Active, Respect Others, Donate, and Participate in War. Do These things and You Might Get Promoted. You Will be Kicked If You are Rude, Skip War without Reason, Don’t Donate, Hop, or Beg for Co.

    Requirements: Must have at least 800 Trophies, Be active, and donate. Must Speak English.

    Everyone is Welcome no matter what age, town hall level, or whether they are rushed or not As long as you meet the 4 requirements above.

    To join request into the clan and most likely we will accept just give us some time.

    Donation : Donate what is asked. If you don’t have what is requested just let someone else donate.

    If you have any questions feel free to reply below and will reply back.

    We Hope to see you soon.​

  3. I have started this clan 5 months ago, it’s called Robot Forces
    Clan Tag #CPVPP2GY
    TH8 and above
    Activity levels (Vacations/breaks are allowed)
    1.4K or above
    PG Language is a must.
    Donations are a must.

  4. #CR9UCYR2 Hey Friends we just made a new clan with couple of th9’s players and some th8’s players.We need some players that are loyal and active players.This clan is trophy pushing clan as we are doing same.We need some th8 max or above th8 max players.Our clan leader is Arun [email protected] and myself Janmejay.Do not ask for promotions please.It will be given automatically to you as per the war and time.(NOTE-Players having drag 3 level,wizs 5 level,and peka 2level are also welcomed).(Please mention that you read about our clan from this website in your joining request).THANXS KEEP CLASHING.Our clan tag is given above.

  5. 2 year old lvl 8 clan looking for active members to help rebuild. We are not looking for 3 star specialists, just people who want to learn and grow together. Most players have been here from the start and are loyal active members. More of a family. Elders are earnt by being active and donating, co is by trust and loyalty.
    Clan tag #QVYLQQPC

  6. Recently formed a new clan, it is called Fall Chrome, rules are to stay active and loyal, alongside with being a war participant. Always have a stars over war loot mentality.

  7. #2CUR00VG We need clan members who like to participate in war 1-2 times a week maybe 3. Rules as follows: TH7 and higher. Review at league reset. Disruptive peeps get the boot. Need to donate. Esp. during war must donated requested troops. Need to battle at your TH and level. Relaxed group but not looking for hoppers or members who stay opted out.

  8. Solid 10 member clan but looking to expand


    Clan name – HK Dragon Clan
    Trophies – 1200
    Wars – Twice a week
    Clan leader – arizzle 69
    Language – english pref
    Donations – heavy donation flow – constant wizard, archers & barbarians exchange
    Elder is given to those who donate well.
    All we ask is that members donate and regular participate in wars
    Looking for members who enjoy the game but want to win wars consistently!

  9. I co run a newish (formed in December 2014) clan called London (Union Jack style shield). We are a UK based mature adult clan looking for additional members for chat, banter and laughs, who like to provide advice and support to all members in the clan!

    Leader: Djambo
    Co Leads: Stever, Heather, Pete, Mirza Clan

    Please feel free to come by and say hello!


  10. I Created new clan for unique Players with Unique Strategy

    Join my Clan and see the difference

    ” Undead Elves ”

    Clan tag is :


  11. our clan ALL CLASH LOYAL is now back and we donate upto pekkas and in dark barracks upto valkyries plz dont forget to join our clan be loyal and active and free elder and co is earned by donating 500+ a season and participate in war and respect leader his name is amaan ok thnx!!!!!!

  12. Join our clan HMAR. before you join us see the log of war win. we accept all above 45 that’s all. active in war is a must whether you win or lose. the remaining is up to the stronger member.

  13. Clan name – geeks&dorks inc
    Trophies – 1200
    Wars – 3 x week Monday, wednesday, and Saturday
    Clan leader – doc holliday
    Language – english pref
    Clan tag – #9PUR0VR2
    We are a friendly clan who helps each other, very loyal and close.
    Elder is given to those who donate well.
    Limited amount of co’s available but will be given to elders seen going above and beyond.
    Co duties include filling cc’s prior to wars and enforcing clan rules.
    ALL members must donate and fight both attacks in wars. Failure to get stars does not mean failure to follow clan rules. Clan members not following rules will be kicked. Also we like people to just be as nice as they would be face to face.
    We are looking for loyal, strong, dedicated clan members. If you cannot commit please don’t apply.
    We take our coc seriously but try to remember its only a game, nothing in the game is personal.
    If you have an issue, connect with a co and express your concerns.
    Thanks for checking us out :0)

  14. Xenofonslaught is our name. We have a rock solid core of 15 clashers who are loyal, skilled, generous and groovy. We welcome all and we have simple rules: be friendly and without drama, show some generosity and donate troops to your clanmates. We fight non-stop and we ask that you fight for the clan. Rudeness will not be toterated.

    We are truly international, Scotland, Germany, Britain, Egypt, Malaysia, Canada and the US of A. We speak English and have found that our members must be able to communicate with it. You don’t yave to be good at english but you must know enough to understand basic clan war directions or questions. We don’t care how old you are as long as you act with a bit of maturity. If you fail to follow these rules, you will be warned about it, failure to heed a warning will get you thrown out…

    Finally, we remember that… “Clash of Clans is a game” we do it for fun…

  15. CLAN NAME -swallowball
    Recuiting LVL 65+
    TH8 is minimum requirment
    Also must have over 100 war stars
    We’re looking for active players
    We ️️war every Monday and Friday
    We have 50+ wins and counting
    Leader is named – Robert Paulson
    Also I wanna add a big shout out to LJ and joeypaul and the rest of the gang!!!
    We have a great group of players and we’re looking to add to it !!!!
    Check us out
    Once AGIAN CLAN NAME IS – swallowball

  16. join us please and I want my clan to be powered by ALLCLAN community. my clans name is United Nations and its logo is blue with yellow fire

  17. Hi all join me and leader Soul Harvester at clashconqueror2 clan tag #9CR2YRGG. We are looking for just starting bases and prep them for our main clan Clash Conqueror #298RR9VC. We follow allclash and are serious players. Join us if you want to make it to the top. Clash on!


  19. LOOKING FOR ACTIVE AND LOYAL CLANMATES – Hurling Cabbage … I’m the leader – ir

  20. looking for strong, reliable members to join my clan:-

    ‘Ave It (#8PVYPRJ8)

    War once or twice a week… Good core of strong players willing to donate good troops and provide advice and support. Fed up of Clan Hoppers. Players welcome from across the world. We have a Facebook group to discuss tactics and strategies and to put a face to a name.

    Look forward to welcoming some new people

  21. Join our clan.. #Be There.. No space between the # and the be.. We are loyal.. friendly.. Always helping.. And war clan.. Please help us out im looking for level 6+ town hall with level 3+ troops..

  22. Clan – Rise Against
    Clan Tag – UCPPYGU
    Leader – Bigcat843
    Co-Leader – STRaYeRz
    Powered by – AllClash
    War Frequency – Always

    We are are a good clan with 30 war wins looking for solid loyal members who enjoy playing.

  23. What’s up guys and gals I’m yoyo from Clash Conqueror. We are international and mostly english speaking. We go to war every weekend and would like some loyal soldiers. Clash on!


  25. Well organized and close clan. we need devoted and loyal memebers. War every weekend. High donations and high level troops. Great people! Level 3+ castle. Level 4 Tier One troops and an ability to listen and communicate kindly.

  26. New clan, planning to war and form a great group. Players who want to play well with us and kick butt on others are welcome.

    leader: meadwench
    Clan: the mead horde

    Come play!

  27. Loyal clan leader seeking loyal clan mates. Potential openings to be elder or coleader. Will be generous with donations and members will be rewarded upon participation. Hope to see you soon 🙂 -ThePurgeElite

  28. Sometimes its hard to make a choice but you only have good or worse experience by choosing the option , so i won’t make any false promises , i’m running a clan named ” Last armageddon” , i want passionate members in my clan who have there eyes on top and want to become invincible, i have some good members but i want more good players with good sound understanding of clash of clan. Thanks and have a wonderful life….

  29. We Want You!

    We are a new Clan – current members were in a clan with some inactive players that never got kicked, so we lost stars for nothing.
    We want to change that in the new Clan:
    “Kings of Metal” (according to a Manowar song. Clan Tag: #9L0820Y0)

    We would be glad, if you join us so we can fight together, give and receive Troups and share Tipps,…

    What we have for you:
    Good Troups
    Good Game Knowledge
    Active Players, that are a lot online
    If you want, you even have the possibility to bring your ideas in for the new Clan.

    What you should have:
    We prefer Townhall 6-8
    below 6, you can still join – you should be very active
    above 8, you should be able to get 4-5 stars against the same TH Level and have a good defence as well.
    in general: no TH rush! at least all defences should be maxed bevore you upgrade your TH

    We kick at the end of every season. Criteria are troups spent and received, league, activity in wars

    Use both attacks!
    Only full attacks. (max troups, all spells, full CC)
    We give Tipps and Tricks if you wish.
    Of course there are times, where you cant participate because of private reasons. No problem, but please tell us bevore start.

    Give and Take! Spent vs received doesnt have to be 1:1, but not more than 1:3.
    Spending and receiving – both is mandatory!

    Im looking forward, hearing from you!

    We Want You!

    Wir sind ein neuer Clan – aus einem Clan hervorgegangen, der relativ wenig Beteiligung an Kriegen hatte. Mehrere Inaktive Spieler,
    die nicht gekickt wurden, und deshalb viele Sterne verschenkt. Das möchten wir in unserem neuen Clan
    “Kings of Metal” (in Anlehnung an das Manowar Lied. Clan Tag: #9L0820Y0)
    anders machen!

    Wir würden uns freuen, wenn du zu uns kommst und wir uns gemeinsam mit Spenden, Tipps usw. weiterhelfen können.

    Was wir dir bieten können:
    Gute Truppen
    Gute Spielerfahrung
    Aktive Spieler, die mehrmals täglich on sind
    Wenn du willst, hast du bei uns noch die Möglichkeit beim Aufbau gestaltend mitzuwirken 😉

    Was du mitbringen solltest:

    Bevorzugt Rathaus 6-8
    Unter 6 kannst du dich auch gerne bewerben, dann solltest du aber sehr aktiv sein.
    Über 8: Hier wirds im Krieg einfach schwieriger – du solltest wissen, wie du 4-5 Sterne gegen gleiche Rathäuser bekommst, und selbst eine gute Verteidigung haben.
    Generell: Kein übereiltes Leveln des Rathauses – Zumindest die Verteidigung sollte immer voll ausgebaut sein, bevor man das RH upgradet.

    Wir sortieren bei jedem Saisonwechsel aus. Kriterien sind zB Spenden (erhalten und gegeben), ist man in einer Liga, Kriegsbeteiligung,…

    Nutze deine 2 Angriffe!
    Nur volle Angriffe (Max Anzahl an Truppen, alle Zaubersprüche, Clanburg voll)
    Tipps geben wir gerne im Spiel falls erwünscht.
    Natürlich kommt es vor, dass man mal aus privaten Gründen nicht Zeit hat, sich am Krieg zu beteiligen. Gib in dem Fall bitte vorher Bescheid!

    Geben und nehmen. Das Verhältnis zwischen gegebenen und erhaltenen Truppen muss nicht unbedingt 1:1 sein, aber 1:3 sollte nicht überschritten werden.
    Sowohl spenden, als auch fordern ist Pflicht!

    Ich freue mich darauf von dir zu hören!
    fg Klugsi

  30. looking of clan members any level. Rules: Be nice and be loyal.

    wars every weekend
    Clan name: Morrigan
    Symbol: Purple
    Min Trophies: 600

  31. Hello! Looking for a new clan Join Rebels Destiny, a new clan looking for loyal and active members
    Leader: -maximus74-
    Req: 0 for now
    Symbol: White with red blocks

  32. Join Superior Rule! We are a back to back war clan that just started out yesterday and already have 11 members! A war has just started, join in on this amazingly fast growing clan and get in on the fun!

    Go to “Search Clans” and type in “Superior Rule” to join!

    Clan tag: #9CV2C80R

  33. I have just started a new clan, i wont beg you to join, but id like you to check it out. it’s called “The Derpy Ruler”
    I was hoping to make this clan into something great, but no dice so far. If you would like to join, go ahead. Like i said befre i wont beg at all. Thank you if you check out my clan. Bye!

  34. Orange Crush 38,
    International Clan
    War Twice A Week

    Need some experienced players who like to kick some enemy butt during war 😉

  35. SimplyLegendary (Currently 73 Wins) Family: SimplyGuardians (Currently 4-0)

    About us, war war war. We’ve won so many that we figure why not expand.

    Rules: Use both attacks or get promoted to free agent.
    Mail strategy sent to you before every war, follow it or get the boot.

    Lastly, to be in SL you must prove yourself in SG, hopperz can S our D.

    Anyone who tries to join SL will be rejected. Join SG if you want a shot.

    Invite only so in your request type “Powered by AllClash”

  36. I have created a new clan called the fiery tide (great name don’t you think?)
    Right now I am planning on having a clan where the highest quality of troops are donated, and clan wars are once to twice a week. The max donations is to benefit us all. Active members joining now will get to have an influence on the way the clan is run.
    the name includes “the”.

  37. We Want You!
    I just created a clan called The Cray Clan. I would love to find new members to learn, and also teach along the way. I’ve been a part of many clans and to me all of them lack any unity, I’m attempting to create a clan that has what I’ve been searching for.

    – Clan Wars
    * I’ve always hated being in a clan with nothing going on. Clan wars would begin at once a week, once more players join it would jump to twice, etc.
    – Equal Donations
    * I’d like to make it so Noone has an empty clan castle.
    – Unity
    * I want a group of people that can chat, so when you look at the group chat its not snooze central.

    I’m not looking for a group of people to donate me shit I just want to attempt to make an awesome clan.

    Be Mature-
    * personality wise, as well as gameplay. If you can’t handle donating and attacking, don’t join.

    * just stay contributing.

    I can’t say there is a certain level restriction, because the clan is so young, but as it grows that will be considered.
    thank you

    TO JOIN:
    SEARCH: the cray clan
    LEADER: deeno

    Btw, my last name is crayford I am not a thug that thinks the word cray is cool. And that is all.

  38. Recuiting active players lvl 65+
    War prep is every friday
    Must have lvl 5+ troops
    U can farm or push
    Clan name is A DIRTY DOZEN

    • Join Rebels Destiny
      Symbol white and red blocks
      No requriments
      New clan
      Looking for experianced
      I am a lvl 85 myself and a th 9

  39. im such a faggot. no one likes me i am going to kill myself now. ever since i took my dadys wei wei my throte hurts and every makes fun of me.

  40. Clan Name: Vigilance
    Requirements: lvl 50+
    Troop requirement: level 4 archers
    Leader Name: Levi Walls
    War: at least twice a week
    We are a good, active clan looking for new members
    Come Join!

    • This is a great clan with a lot of high lvl people and troops and we are growing daily. There is constantly donating people active all the time with great troops. I am personally in this clan and love it. VIGILANCE FOREVER!!!!!

    • this a fappable clan. we have a 100+ guy that gives out level 4 dragons and a guy that has level 5 hogs. come and join us wehave good troops and alot of good guys. if you arent active in clan wars you will be kicked though

  41. Clan name: Death Knight5
    Recruitments: lv 50+ and a decent number of stars in wars( atleast 50)
    Troop recruitments: Atleast Dragons
    Leader name: Death Knight
    We are an active clan looking for loyal members

  42. 25+ Clan
    Great clan, full of adults who don’t support drama.
    Level 80+ Only
    Clan also actively uses the app “Line” for clan chat and communication.

  43. Clan: LIBERTY MEN&
    Logo: orange and white strip
    leader: jamesja
    we are looking for good players that donates and is helpful :need 4 more for cw
    Join and be friends.

  44. Level 50+ Players
    Clan Name : SA Clashers
    Leader : Robin
    Logo : Yellow Flame With RED Background
    We are a bunch of South African guys looking for loyal members. We war once a week. Prep is every Fri. 7pm SA time. Our rules are simple. Donate at least 50% of what you receive. Be active. Use both attacks in war. Have fun. Be respectful of the other players.

  45. Clan name: MDK (MurderDeathKill)
    Leader: Crisco
    Red shield w/ yellow cross
    Primarily american, we declare 24 hrs after a war ends. Always looking for loyal & active recruits come check us out

  46. Why is the loot at th9 so bad right now
    Im currently farming at a trophy range of 1600-1700
    Takes me about 20 mins to find a decent amount of loot-Spent 80k searching-This is frustrating and I don’t feel like playing the game anymore
    Need a new farming range?

    Join the clan: RaidRushRepeat
    Name: Billyolo
    lvl 82 th9

  47. Clan Name: SHRIMPER NATION
    Logo: Yellow and Black Shield
    Leaders: Dragon / Shawn / KingKong
    Level: all levels welcome (membership floats around 45 )
    War Schedule: Wednesday and Saturday every week !!!
    Everyone has to attack at least once, but you dont have to win !! Active members that donate are invited to move up !!
    This is the FEEDER CLAN for out main SHRIMPER War group- Join Nation and earn a spot in Both clans have a very high clan war win ratio… TRY US OUT !

  48. Level: 55 and below
    Clan name: War 101
    Leader: Mazingbonea
    Logo: sky blue background and white lightning rod diagonally.
    24/7 war clan come join us for nonstop war 59-2 war score 😀

  49. USA Marauders
    Friendly adult group looking for members that like’s to clan war we start on Tue & Fri.
    Leader is McNasty
    Group has been together for over a year.
    If you need help in defence or attacking we are more than willing to help you out.

  50. Level: Any
    Clan Name: Earth Saviour
    Leader: Chuah Hao Min
    Logo: Blue Background with orange ‘x’ and ‘+’ combined in front


  51. Level: Every AllClash Reader is welcome, no matter what Level!
    Clan Name : Manowarriors
    Leader : Marco Ravenclaw
    Join Us.

  52. Level 60+ Players
    Clan Name :- Outlaws Of Hell
    Leader :- The Joker
    Logo :- Yellow Flame With RED Background
    Join Us.

  53. We are a group of firefighters in Missouri. Currently at 11 members, and so far undefeated in 6 wars. We want to grow!! Powered by AllClash!!

    Come fight with us

  54. Whistle pigs …we are a group that played modern war together for a long time & looking for a few more for our clan – we have 21 and would like to grow a little.

  55. Join Gotti’s Mafia, we are a close knit friendly group! We give advice and help eachother out when it is asked or needed. We war every Friday, we like to chat and have fun! Looking for loyal members, we also have a non war clan if you do not want to participate in war. Come check us out! Powered by AllClash!

  56. Awe, kom na die Boere_Mafia as jy die msg kan verstaan en ‘n goeie clan soek met nice ppl en active members. Ons het al 44 war wins.

  57. clashers4real we are always looking for active loyal members we are a global clan NYC based If you donate,and active with 1300 Trophies or TH8 this were you want to be

  58. Polar Bear has been around more than 2 years now. Veteran and active players. Leader Leebo T Dude. Please read banner before applying.

  59. Shyning Higher is a clan that is close knit, friendly, and helps our members as much as possible…im am a CO here and have been so for months an months (all promotions are earned thru loyalty, donations, and help to the clan). I am POWERED BY ALLCLASH and looking for more loyal active members to grow this close group of players…if this sounds like the place for u please drop by and enjoy

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