pointsr free gems for clash of clans scam

Pointsr.com Scam for Clash of Clans

The website “Pointsr.com” did grab a lot of attention lately by claiming to give you easy free Gems for Clash of Clans. Reason enough for me to try it out and show you how their service work, how safe it is to use it and if it really works.

Pointsr Scamming?!

First of all, you can choose your game on the website, so I chose Clash of Clans.

That’s the point where the first odd thing happens, you have to give your email and your in-game nickname.

No other free gem tool that really works does that, so that’s the first warning signal – but in order to test it I did it.

pointsr free gems for clash of clans scam

Then I can choose if I want Gems, Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir. So far so good, let’s choose Gems.

In the next step, they want me to download one app to proceed. This is quite common for offer walls, so I choose to take the Firefox app and use it for 30 seconds as they told me.

After having used it for about 1 minute, I returned to their website and see what happens.

Nothing! My Gems are the same.

gems after pointsr


Ok, so let’s check in the game if I got some Gems – unsurprisingly, my Gems were the same.

This was the point where I already knew that this is a scam, but I did download a second app and used it for 1 minute as well, just to make sure.

The result is the same, like all other “hacks” you find online. They just get you to download apps, take surveys and sell your email address to spam lists.

It’s not insecure for your Clash of Clans account, but you can expect to get a lot of spam emails in the future to your email address.

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Of course, they can’t give you gems directly – the domain is registered to a single gentleman somewhere in Jordania, Supercell runs their own server in Finland.

The ONLY way how you can get gems without spending real money is by using a service that will reward you with Giftcards for iTunes or GooglePlay – they will let you buy these gems.

Here’s my guide how to do that, from any country in the world – without getting a lot of spam or risking your account:

Clash of Clans Hacks & Cheats For Free Gems