Clash of Clans Walls Mythbuster?

Do you like Mythbusters? I’m actually n0t a big fan, but today, I become one of them because I want to have a look at some common and not so common myths about Clash of Clans Walls. I hope you like it, let’s go with Myth Number 1.

Myth #1 about Clash of Clans Walls – they are a useless way to waste Gold

Let’s start at the very beginning, when you played Clash of Clans only for a couple of hours and you started to see bases with Walls. You had no Wallbreakers yet, so your Troops just took some time until they broke through them. Life was easy back then, but then you suddenly recognized the first Mortar and you probably lost your first attack. At that very moment, you realized that Walls are great and also a nice way to spend the Gold that was spilling over the tops of your Storages. You remember that?

If you do, you probably remember the moment when the Clash of Clans Walls started to become purple and pretty expensive. Then you heard for the first time, that Walls aren’t important at all, you can just leave them at Level 6 or Level 7. In fact, Wall Level matters, but not that much compared to their upgrading costs when you can spend all the hard-raided millions of gold on defenses. In a very simple way, I could just recommend you read the HITS TO KILL episode about Walls against Wallbreakers and that would be it – I do recommend you read that episode, but please remenber that nobody brings 20 Wallbreakers to a party. Sooner or later, the ground troops will have to break through Walls and if you see a Golem doing that, you know that Walls matter.

In fact, I would recommend every player lower than Town Hall 9 to leave the Walls at Level 7 and focus on Defenses, but Walls are also a great way to keep yourself motivated – they are the chocolate treat if you want to do yourself something like buying something nice for yourself. You don’t need it, but it feels good.

Myth #2 about Clash of Clans Walls – layers somehow help

I hope you don’t have double layers of Walls yourself, because they are nothing more than a waste of Walls. Wallbreakers can damage them with their splash damage radius, and Wizards and Archers can still shoot over them without having to destroy them. So far, so good – but what about even more layers of Walls?

Let’s take it up a notch and make 5 layers of Walls so the Wizards and Archers can’t shoot over them any more, and the Wallbreaker splash damage is also useless unless somebody deploys 5 or more of them and they all can hit. In fact, it doesn’t take that much to get over those 5 layers because a simple Jump Spell can allow any ground unit to jump over them. It’s hard to catch that, but you can see in the screenshot above that jumping is quite easy when a Jump Spell is used against multiple layers.

Hog Rider can jump all Walls

Now we get extreme and put 10 layers of Walls around our Storages and no Hog Rider will ever go through them – ehm, they will! Hog Riders can jump over all layers. The reason for this, is that they don’t have the movement class of a ground unit, they have the moving code of an air unit and they ignore Walls completely. No matter what you do, you’ll never be able to keep them outside your Walls.


I know that this might not help all of you that much because you have either maxed your base further, or you already know that layered Walls are useless. I wanted to do this post to show you some of the game logic and what is theoretically possible and who knows – maybe you get your P.E.K.K.A. to jump over a very thick layer of Walls someone built without knowing that. If you do so, please be careful with the placement of the Jump Spell and not waste it.

Do you know another myth about Clash of Clans Walls you want to tell? Please share with us in the comments.

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