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May Update Polls & Feedback

The new update is still very fresh and the community is not calming down about it. It’s about time to get some of your feedback together and share my point of view.

I delayed this a couple of days so things could settle down a little bit. The hype created a mood that I found to be too heated to get some honest results.

Update Feedback

This update has turned out a lot different than expected when it comes to feedback. I know many out there feel that all the effort they’ve spent building up their main base is basically lost since Clash of Clans seems to start over with a new base, the Builder Base.

I admit, it feels like the new Builder Base is a lot more separated from the main base than necessary. The new Versus Mode should have been included with the main base. I have been thinking about this for a long time and, in the end, it would not bring the same feeling – a REAL, new game mode. If the Versus Battles would take part with our main bases, it would not really be a new game mode. It would simply be attacking ring base after ring base after ring base.

The fresh feeling of this new game mode (that I personally enjoy a lot) is only possible on a fresh field and I think Supercell did manage to implement that in a nice way.

In general, you should stop thinking about the Builder Base as the future of the game were we all need to start over. It’s more like a mini game inside Clash of Clans where you can spend some time having fun while your troops are training or all your Builders are busy.

We all knew that this was coming at some point, just look at our bases. PreΒ TH10 was nice, but after that it turned into a mess. My TH11 base is just so crowded. Ring layouts are the only thing that really works on defense in Champions League up. There’s literally no space for new troops, defenses or other elements to add. I think this is a good step.

Here At AllClash

I frequently get comments (or emails) that are inappropriate, but this time it reached a new level that I want to talk about. I was insulted for having a positive feedback about the update and for removing comments.

I want to point out that I removed several comments, not because they included a negative opinion about the update, but because they were full of insulting curse words and I don’t feel like editing them out manually. If someone thinks the only way to express their opinion is by using insulting words, I don’t feel like discussing with this person in a reasonable way at all.

This is my blog. I spend my time creating it and maintaining it, so it’s my own decision. If someone is coming here cursing, insulting somebody else (or me) and accusing me of something or even threatening me (or my family), I don’t need to let that happen. You wouldn’t allow someone to do that at your home and this is my “digital” home.

Those of you who have followed me for quite some time know that I always try to keep you updated with news and strategies, but I also include my own opinion.

If I like the update, that’s my opinion. If you don’t like the update, that’s your opinion. That doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it in a commonsensical way. Respecting other opinions is the key. You’re welcome to do that, but keep in mind that I don’t earn a dime from the game or from Supercell, so please see me as a player like you – because that’s what I am.

I’m happy to discuss with you in the comments and read your feedback, no matter if we have the same opinion, but just mind some general rules:

  • No cursing, accusing, insulting
  • Comments with links are often times held for moderation automatically
  • Comments with curse words are held for moderation automatically (and also deleted most of the time, by me, because I don’t want to have this here on my website that gets viewed by children)

Update Feedback Polls

I created several polls to see if the community is really hating the new update as much as the official forums or some comments here claim.

Do You Like The May 2017 Update (Builder Base)

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What Would Change Your Mind About The Update?

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In your opinion, what's the future of Clash of Clans?

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How Much of your time do you spend in your Builder Base?

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Please help me put your votes into context by providing some info about your Clash background.

How Long Do You Play Clash of Clans?

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What's your Town Hall Level?

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How Much Time Do You Spend Clashing Every Day?

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Have You Ever Bought Gems?

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Now please let me know what you would like to see on AllClash in the future (multiple answers if possible)

What Content Should I Create In The Future?

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Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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  1. We need a nother troop to be able to attack a Town Hall 11 this is not fair to make all these max troops and defense for Townhall 11 and not give us another strong troop to be able to attack it from a Townhall 9-10 any ideas

  2. Lets leave this thing aside .. Builder base is great way to kill the time while army is training and your storages are full… But I am a war focused TH9 and I found one great strategy called ‘witch Slap’ . You can 3* any th9 base other than ring bases with this strategy . You should make a guide about it …….. What do You think ✌

  3. There are many things that sc could do to improve the main game, such as interchangeable defenses, triaing clans led by all star players, etc. without upsetting balance but still make it more difficult to use a single, simple strategy for battles. as the maingame matures, with additional levels being perhaps being almost too complex to ponder weighting etc, they will need to find a way to meaintain engagement of top playes in more meaningul, exciting ways or risk losing top-tier
    th11s. Another good feature would be an ingame ssocial function that allows players to interact with friends or common interst groups. Icoild go on, but there are incremental, conceivable steps forward here.

  4. Not impressed by the update, nearly as bad as the last big update. I was really hoping for super cell to do something about people dropping off trophies. When they “made”us put the town hall inside they said that having it on the outside wasn’t how the game was designed to be played… was dropping off trophies how the game should be played then?. Love your site Tim I always pop on to see what’s happening and gleaning info, cheers!

    • Thanks Ian πŸ™‚
      I’m with you in terms of trophy pushing being useless (or let’s better say not rewarding enought).
      I would love to see leaderbaoard events, where like the top 10% get a great extra reward, the top 25% a smaller reward etc. A lot of other games work their leagues out that way so you have to beat your way up in leagues and then you get some nice reward depending on your league/place in the league.
      Could be gems or resources or anything else, but right now there’s no real use in pushing higher than Titan 3 at all. League Bonus is high there and clouds are somewhat ok

  5. You do a good job with your website,it’s def one of the better ones on the Web. I’ve played since the beginning. Th11 maxed, never gemmed never cheated just wanted to play it the way it was meant to be played.and it’s been a very long road.i’m not concerned about the engineered bases, it should motivate those to keep on top of their own bases and attacks. Personally I think supercell has either gave up on this game or something else is up. Everything I geared towards making money and nothing for better game play which has suffered badly. I think clan wars is on its death bed and something new needs to replace it.keep it fresh and fun and change the dynamics to throw the cheaters off. The update suck’d but I wasn’t expecting much personally, the smaller bases younger players lose out.COC refuses to make the main game better and install what really would make it work through player advice so players like me long gave up.we still play but don’t expect anything in the future. COC started well, I’m afraid it won’t end well. Too bad greed ruins so many good things.

    • Thanks Jeff πŸ™‚ And props to you for making TH11 as F2P, that’s a great achievement!
      I don’t think SC gave up on the game at all, with the Builder Base they have been setting the foundation of years to come and the new Versus Battles are a step in the right direction. It’s just born weeks ago and there’s a lot more to come. In BH5 you will start getting into more strategic attacking and I like the fact that you have to adapt your attacking composition according to the base you see – much better than nexting until you found a base that fits your army.
      Also the upgrade progress in the Builder Base is quite fast – I think you can make BH5 within 3-4 weeks without a problem or spending money and it brings back the feeling of a fresh game.
      The only downside is that you need to start a whole new base for it, that wasn’t solved that good and should have been made better than just having it on a plain field that feels like starting over – but it opens up so much more possibilities for new defenses and troops. I would have liked to see a different upgrading mechanic that more different from what we know from our bases – than the feeling wouldn’t have been the “starting all over”.

  6. As always, appreciate your time . You usually have a fair review and are not trying to get more YouTube followers……which I have to say was so disappointed the way Supercell and their YouTube supporters handled this badly managed update.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      You’re right, this update hype and the way it was done wasn’t a great way to do it, but bottom line I think in a couple of weeks/month we won’t think about that (hopefully)

  7. I am disappointed with the builder base. It’s not the base itself, which is great, but it just doesn’t fit with the main base. This should have been released as it’s own game. It seems like supercell took the easy path by releasing this mini game. They’re the ones who chose the path for the main base and now that it’s becoming complicated they decide to release a new base. So really I have no idea on what the future of clash is? Am I supposed to take the word of the developer? It just creates mistrust for me, and I’ve seen this kind of thing happen in other games and it comes down to profit. They make more money when people have things to upgrade, not by introducing new game modes for the main base. I’m not against them making money and I have contributed to their profit, but won’t be any longer.

    • I understand your feeling and I also don’t want to defend Supercell at any cost here.
      The thing is, from my personal feeling, is that the main bases grew and grew and in 2016 it was a big struggle to balance them out – adding more stuff (like troops, defenses, spells or even new levels) is just creating an overkill. You can see that already with TH11 bases are all about ring bases, no real defensive concept behind it like progressive funneling, honey pot traps etc. It’s just defensive power versus attacking power and the attacker can’t fail the attack unless doing a bad mistake (if troops are equally matched).
      But the problem is that we all want new stuff being added – so the solution can’t be to fit that into the main base.
      However, I think a better way could have been making this Builder Base more special and not just like a “plain” new base (make the area look more different or whatever).
      Making money isn’t that big thing here – I have a fairly upgraded BH4 base now and spent about 2000 Gems on it (I do that because I want to bring more progressive gameplay guides here so I need to get some more experience)

  8. I wanted to stop by and say I love your website. This is the first place I go whenever I have questions about bases, updates, or strategies. I have 3 accounts (9.5, Engineered 9, 7) and am highly involved in 2 clans as well as bouncing around with my baby acct.

    As for the update, I’ll be honest, I’m a bit disappointed. With all the hype, I was hoping Supercell would finally take up Mastermind on his Quest recommendation from a long time ago and give the more consistent and continual players more fun and benefit for continual play. The current ‘Events’ just don’t have the same feel and don’t accumulate rewards I was one of many who saved up weeks of loot in the hopes of getting a start ahead the rest in the new land when the update dropped, but was very disappointed. I understand the update is intended to be played while builders are busy or you need a break from raiding, but because the loot storages are separate, there’s little benefit to the main base many of us have worked for years to build. I don’t see the Builder Huts lasting very long or getting upgraded very much because it has no benefit to the main base, and the idea doesn’t seem fully flushed out (troops and defenses aren’t available yet).

    I will probably always continue to love Clash and to visit your website anytime I have questions. As long as you continue writing, I will continue reading.

    • Thaks for this very nice feedback πŸ™‚
      I also hope that the connection between these two bases will become more than just the gearing up. Hopefully the community won’t divide into main base and builder base players…

  9. The update is “OK” I guess… I think the best way that they can develop it further more is by connecting the two bases more ( not just the gear up ) . I hope we will see that soon.
    Thanks Tim, great work as always!

  10. Hi, love the website, great place to get all my clash news from. Would like to see a new game modes or how current game modes should evolve with people putting forward there ideas or voting on selection. With the new builder base would be nice to transfer loot to your main base or others main bases in clan, think also a cap of 6 attacks with the builder base would be about right, this would help people advance a bit quicker but not so much that those who play all day advance way out in front of the core group of clashers. Keep up the good work Tim!

  11. Been enjoying your site for a long time Tim. Even if the content doesn’t apply to me, it’s always well done, and the community should thank you for all the time you put into this. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!

  12. Tim….. thank you for keeping us informed during the waiting phase. People gave their opinions without giving the new builder base the time that it needed. The flak that you faced is quite unwarranted. Overall I like the update. I can see the potential in this update and the impact that it will have at the home base in upcoming days. The only main issue (except the bugs like the sneaky archer AI as expected from new updates) that the elixir and gold upgrades are not balanced as of now which is kind of forcing me to rush my builder hall if I don’t want my resources to be wasted. I hope this gets sorted out in the following updates/patches.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      Rushing yur BH is no problem btw as there is no negative effect in doing it (no loot decrease or harder opponents hitting your base while away making you lose resources)

  13. After the new update, I kind of have an idea about what Supercell should do to deal with engineered bases. Just like in the builder base, you have to have the necessary buildings to proceed to the next town hall level. This way every base will have a minimum war weight and thus will reduce the chances of a huge mismatch (like th10 matched with th7) in clan wars. Also, could the builder base be a place for Supercell to try out new ideas before implementing them on our main base ?

    • They are playing around with that idea, but all engineered bases would stay engineered as they already did their upgrade. That’s why I don’t think this will solve the problem – engineered bases would just be even more valuable with this limit
      I also don’t think the Builder Base is an experimental area, it will develop in a whole other direction due to the attacking concept with less troops and switching armies during scouting

  14. Anyway of pursuing spAnser to see if he sees how weight of the builder base affects war weight? Also how high does the current builder base go now? 5? I see BH level 8 on his site.

    On a side note, I love your stance on keeping it clean here. We do the same in our clan.

    • Thanks Bill πŸ™‚ Supercell already said they have BH6-8 already designed (you see that in the “coming soon” defenses and troops as well) – but they will decide, depending on the whole player pool progress, when they are released.
      I also don’t think that the Builder Base counts anything towards the defensive strength in Clan War – there’s nothing added (the gear up is only a switch that won’t make defenses stronger in terms of DPS)

  15. I a man enjoying the new update. But got some beef…. so this builder has lived alone in a deserted island with all the necessities…. but he never built very much πŸ€” So what has he been doing with his spare time?…. any ideas hahaha

  16. I personally think this might be my end to playing clash. I have played since the beginning and have a th11 base not yet maxed. I don’t gem much though. I enjoy the game but the social aspect of the clan is what kept me coming back. With the update for me they missed things like new clan perks, associating clans together chatting with your friends list sharing wars with them etc. I think they are missing the boat by not concentrating more on that side of things.

  17. The update is PATHETIC i have hada maxed TH11 For Many months now there is nothing for us a couple of Spells PFFT. Cant even do any walls what a joke.
    Sick of clouding been in legends so long nothing else to do like most others in my place will probably not hang around much longer if we have nothing to raid for.
    i was excited to see an update but then was very dissapointed with no upgrades fo main account it is becoming BORING.
    SC really need to do something about this instead of this waste of time builder base.
    i already have a mini account why would i want another two bases.
    very dissapointed SC.

  18. Hey Tim bro, great poll right there πŸ‘ , im basically very happy with the update. For me its cool as it doesnt mess the main village , and gives a new village to show off cool new things. Supercell did great this time ; this also resulted in many players coming back to the game and also new players pooling in too.
    I love your site to the max , and would love to see you continuing the news,leaks of clash of clans.
    I also would request you to show off more cool attacking and defending strategies for the builder base too. (Im getting a lot into the builder base stuff and all).
    Again , wish you luck for ‘Digital Home’ ; may you keep writing … 😊😊😊

    • Thanks for your nice feedback πŸ™‚
      I will publish more strategies in the next weeks for sure when more strategies develop. The Builder Base is only 1 week old, so I think we will see a lot of strategies soon πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Tim, great work and balanced views!
    My 2p worth I think the builder base is very much a mini game within CoC, most will get the gear ups done and daily cap means a lot of people will advance at similar rates.
    The disappointment is what didn’t come. There were hopes of sea based warfare, more single person games or raids on villages with smaller armies (limited by boat capacity), water troops, trade missions by sail, etc. Supercell allowed massive speculation which should give them ideas for many years to come but this update is not the massive revolution promised and while it may lead the way for new items many people feel just simply disappointed.

    • Thanks.
      I agree with you and I think there’s now a lot of potential what the Builder Base could bring.
      I also think there will be a more competitive tournament mode for Versus Battles. They are just introduced and I’m sure they will get expanded in the future – it’s just the start of the road πŸ™‚

  20. Just throwing it out there, first off i like this new update, definetly refreshing additions. However, they didnt fix the biggest flaw of the main base, those engineered bases are still huge issue. Being a leader of a lvl11 clan i gotten quite of experience in wars, but its starting to get ridiculous how bad these engineer bases are, and its tearing up the war experience. Please if anyone can spread the news… this has to get fixed asap.

    • I think a good idea would also be keeping the loot cap, but give a very small amount of reward afterward (like 1k Gold/Elixir for a victory).
      There should be something, even if it’s just a little bit

  21. Great job allclash / the best resource on the web about clash of clans. Hated the update the first day when it came out but I’m now actually enjoying it. However , clan wars is still the most important factor that keeps me playing. Do you think they will come out with clan war tournaments for all to play? Ex- 8 teams playoff format – winner advances – loser is out.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      I think Clan Wars is still the strongest reason why people continue playing Clash of Clans, but open tournaments are something I don’t think will make it to the game as a general feature (Please mind that’s just my opinion, I can still be wrong!)
      I think they might go this direction with the versus battles instead

  22. Very well said and there shiuld be respect as well as multiple opinions. This is how you get different ideas which may lead to better gaming. I like the update but would of liked something for the main base.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ The gearing up is just the start I guess and the update probably only the kickoff.
      I think the next update will focus a lot more on our main village again and also bring more connections between BB and HV

  23. Very well said Tim. I’m enjoying the new update and I’m happy with the loot cap. As someone with less time, sports, work, wife and 2 year old daughter, and currently upgrading th to th11, it enables me to keep up with others. Love your site and been following for a long time but 1st time poster. Keep up the fantastic work. From a fellow Tim.

  24. Tim thank u for all clash. You just keep posting everything required for clashers. However my opinion for the new update is postivie😊 . The only problem is loot cap and also it would be good with another builder at builders base.

    • I used to agree with the majority about the loot cap but other than someone purchasing gems to level up their base quickly, it allows someone with more free time to level up their builder hall making it harder for others to catch up. It’s different and takes some time to get used but by adapting the play style you’ll find out it doesn’t take longer. I’ve easily pushed myself up to 1400 trophies and loot isn’t as much of a problem. When people upgrade their base too fast by getting “easy” loot endlessly they’ll probably become bored.

      • I also pushed there the first day and have enought loot to keep my Builder busy.
        I only spend like 1000 Gems in the beginning and now I have upgraded to BH4, it’s still possible to max out the Builder Base within a few weeks I guess

  25. Tim…you do a great job! People need to grow up. Im sure Supercell will have changes and tweeks in the future. Remember, without customers..they fail. They are a business.

    Folks..its just a game….grow up! Its awesome and fun. Remember….if you could get to 11 max and take everbody out easily….then there is no challenge! Don’t like that, go play pac man

    • Thanks, Rob πŸ™‚
      I also agree that there will be a lot more – remember when Clan War was introduced? We needed to re-arrange our village all the time, couldn’t delete cc troops etc.
      That all got tweaked in the months afterward, so just keep calm and wait πŸ™‚

  26. I like this update not too much but neither do i hate it.
    Versus battles, new defence mechanics and gem mine were really gud additions. Some people hate this update because its too much effort to handle a new base without much changes for the main base.
    I would say we should just take our time enjoying the builder base as its not the centre of game but rather an addition to it.
    My opinion is the gem mine should give 10 gems a day at lvl 1 and 20 gems a day at max lvl.
    Also the builder should be more connected to the main base.
    And yeah i love your website a lot since it provides the latest news about coc and would recommend you to keep up the good work.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      I also agree with you.
      I think the main mindset thing is that we need to take care of our village (defending, attacking frequently), that’s why many people had a bad feeling about it at the beginning.
      However, the Builder Base doesn#t require anything. You don’t lose anything and you only win when you battle or get nothing without investing anything else than 3 minutes of your time).
      The akes the Builder Base a very nice place.

  27. What made coc successful and enjoyable is clan war and without it the game will be less fun and boring, so i was expecting from this update to have some few changes in clan wars,like for example clan tournaments, new troops , new defences , while upgrading the heroes i can use them in war……
    We don’t need village and rebuilding a new one ..cause we already have one ,or its just for supercell to gain more money …

    • Well in my opinion, it’s impossible to make more troops and defenses into the main village without serious balancing problems.
      Also, Clan Wars have been introduced into the game in April 2014, one and a half years after the game was the most popular mobile game ever – what made the game so successful was the simplicity and that everything was achievable without using gems.
      However, I agree with you that Clan War made the game live longer and I’m sure that Supercell will bring updates to our main village and Clan War in the future as well (they already said that in the developer interview, they didn’t do that in this update because it took too much time to develop the Builder Base)

  28. Honestly, I think your doing a fantastic job! Love the new update. It is refreshing from and almost maxed out th10 that as become way to routine lately. Trolls are unfortunately everywhere today and people who like your content like myself are usually not the ones that speak the most if any at all like me. I’ve been following for a while without ever commenting.

    • Yeah Tim, I love your content. It’s a one of a kind website. Probably the best for clash of clans. I got a lot of attacking strategies and base designs which I enjoyed. I hope you keep publishing them (especially attack strategies) more often. Once again, thanks for this website Tim, and I can guarantee you that there are more supporters out there, that are just not speaking up.

      • Tim, you are the best. I read your posts every week if not more. I think is the builder’s base is awesome, just needs some extra things. I am pretty sure that would come out in next updates?

      • Thanks πŸ™‚
        I’m sure we will see more stuff for the Main base in the next updates but also I’m sure that Supercell will also bring new Builder Base stuff as well (in theri most recent poll more than 45% told they are already BH4, so I don’t think it will take that long until many have reached BH5)

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