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Maxing Out New Troops & Spells

First of all, you know I like to have mostly strategies and news here on AllClash and keep my opinion as low as possible. However, I want to get some things off my chest regarding the new troops and spells we got in the latest update. At the end of this post I will also give you my personal thoughts how I treat new troops and spells in Clash of Clans.

New Troops, New Spells, So What?

I have been running this website since the beginning of 2014, so I have been in the front row for all of the recent updates and there are some things I noticed that I want to write about. The frequency of new troops has been rising a lot in the past 6 months.

When we take a look back, we haven’t seen any new troops for a year. The Lava Hound was introduced back in September 2014 and then it was again a very long time for a new troop to appear.

Now we got 3 new troops in the past 3 months and it’s not only me being annoyed and a little overkilled by all the new troops. We can also say it’s actually 4 new troops since the Valkyries have been useless for a very long time until Supercell decided to bring them back to the game with a major buff.

What do we need these new troops for? I have never had the feeling that we did not have enough troops to have a variety of tactical options in our attacks.

Of course, it’s nice to see new things happen and I understand when many of you welcome new troops as a nice addition. But here is my major point of criticism.

The Way New Troops & Spells Come To The Game

There is a certain way Supercell plays with the troop stats and power with each update – something Cody commented a few days ago and really got my point.

Almost always when something new is introduced, it’s not very powerful in its first version.

I don’t know if that’s meant to motivate us to upgrade the new troops or spells quickly to have them in our attacks, in doubt for the accused, but that’s what I slowly start to believe.

In an upcoming update these new troops often get buffed so they become strong (often too strong) – that’s what happened to the Bowlers now in the last update. So what happens now is that a lot Clashers start upgrading them (often with gems, of course). The same with the Valkyries after they got buffed.

Now what happens is that they become more and more popular so more and more Clashers use them in their daily attacks – of course, because it was expensive upgrading them.

In the following update there will be some kind of nerf to these attacks, because they “seem to have become too powerful”. A new defense (remember the days of LavaLoonian about a year ago?), changes to some spells or just a straight nerf.

This happens all the time so it’s hard to believe from my perspective that this is just a coincidence!

I honestly start assuming that Supercell does this on purpose to get more players to upgrade these new troops instead of sticking to their one or two attacking styles.

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be a part of the “gr€€dy $upersell” party, but in some cases they have a point.

baby dragon sneak peek clash of clans may 2016 update

But why? I understand they have financial goals in their company, but the reason this game became so popular was that no player had the feeling to need to gem to stand a chance – that’s how Clash of Clans felt in the first years.

How I handle new troops & spells

With a new update I always get the new troops and spells right away, exclusively for the reason that I can write about them here.

Of course, I need to gem them sometimes, but I think I need to try them out myself to make good posts for you.

I stopped that with the last update and didn’t max out the Miner or the Baby Dragon and neither of the new spells!

Of course, I could write a post how overpowered Bowlers are right now and how they destroy maxed TH11 bases, but I don’t really want to, because I think:

  • Supercell will nerf them again in the next update
  • I don’t want to motivate you to max/gem a troop that’s overpowered right now, but will be weaker in a couple of months

I just upgrade them when I have the capacity left (yes, I’m still no maxed TH11 and have some other troop upgrades left as well).


I hope this post didn’t create a wrong picture. I still love the game and will play it and blog about it in the future, but I needed to get this off my chest. Especially since all the latest YouTube content I see is on “OP Bowlers”, “Max Bowler destroy anything” etc., and I think the smallest part of you is able and willing to spend a lot of money on gems.

I believe that some of you listen to what I write here, so it felt wrong to make more dedicated posts that might motivate you to prioritize certain troops now, just because they are very strong until the next update. I think this is my responsibility when having a blog that attracts more than 1M visitors every month!

@Supercell (if any of you read this): Please stop bringing new troops or spells until you balance out with new defense levels! The Friendly Challenge was a nice start, but why did you cripple Clan Wars with it? The Preparation Day is a mess and only a few people even focus on the leaderboard. Start to improve Clan War, the only kind of tournament in the game, to make it as enticing at it used to be.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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