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What it takes to max your base

Everyone’s ultimate goal is a completely maxed base with nothing left to upgrade, right? That’s the dream of each Clasher out there. Maxing out your base takes tons of resources, a lot of time – AND the right strategy to make maxing out your base possible. In this post, I’d like to show you what it takes to really start maxing out your base, what you should really care about and how everybody is able to achieve it with enough motivation and patience.

Facts About Maxed Out Bases in Clash of Clans

Before we get deeper into detail I want to start with the very basics about maxed bases. Maxed out bases don’t only look very impressive, they are an achievement of pure dedication everyone can be very proud of.
maxed out TH10 War Base
But when speaking of maxed bases, I don’t only mean maxed out to the higher Town Hall level. No! Maxing out a base refers to every single Town Hall level! This is one very important detail you have to keep in mind ALL THE TIME:

Never set a maxed TH10 as you goal – if you’re TH6, a maxed TH6 Base has to be your milestone and goal.

Now you might think that having a maxed TH6 base is not that big of a deal and anybody can get to this point – but why am I only seeing such a low number of Clashers really maxing out every single Town Hall Level?
It’s always tempting to go to a new Town Hall Level with the new troops and defenses; I understand that, but you’re slowing down a lot by doing this. “I can max out defenses later when I’m TH10”, is something I hear a lot. Most people saying this will never become a TH10 because they get frustrated on their way to TH10. Let me explain why.

Why maxing every single TH is so important?

I can promise that every Town Hall Level you’ll reach makes the game harder. You’ll start losing more attacks and you’ll earn less loot – compared to the costs of the upgrades you have to buy. Simply spoken, you need even more attacks to get that together, even if you might think you need less because you get more loot in higher regions.Different layers of wall levels
The truth is, you don’t get more loot there. You maybe get more loot from a single attack, but:

  • Attacking higher bases requires more expensive and higher level troops
  • Bigger armies take longer to train
  • Fewer chances to get great extra loot opportunities from abandoned higher Town Hall bases
  • Longer searching (spending more “nexting” Gold) until you find a base that’s worth the attack

If you’re in a higher region you might already realize that the very cheap and fast-trained BARCH army will not get you very far. It worked great 2 Town Hall Levels lower… The first month after I started playing I never had a free Builder and that was my bottleneck, without even playing that much every day.  Later in the game it was the lack of resources to upgrade.
[irp posts=”14946″ name=”Upgrade Priority For All Town Hall Level”]

The 3 Rocks In Your Way To Max Your Base

Maxing out your base is an everyday quest against your 3 biggest enemies:

  • Lack of resources
  • Not having enough free Builders
  • Time! Time! Time!

The only thing that will help you is:

  • Focus on your goal with milestones (maxing out each Town Hall Level on your way)
  • Be motivated enough – are you really up to max out your base?
  • Have a solid strategy

Otherwise, this is the only way to achieve your goal:

But you don’t need to gem!

Do you know the difference between a visionary and a dreamer? Actually a dream and a vision are pretty much the same, but the vision has a strategy. Without a solid strategy, I can predict that you will not reach your goal. But no worries, I can help you formulate your own strategy, which is very simple to use. Make sure to not miss the second part of this post!

4 Things That Will Help You Max Your Base

The first part of this post was meant to show you why it’s very important to start maxing out each Town Hall Level if you truly want to reach a completely Maxed Base. Now I want to give you some advice that will really help out maxing your base.

Have A Good Base That Has Your Back

Your base protects your resources when you go offline. I don’t expect to have to explain to you what a farming base is, but I often see people using it incorrectly.
Also, if you have a higher Town Hall, a very important part of your raiding income is generated from the League Bonus – but to get a good League Bonus you need to be in a League offering you a solid League Bonus!
[irp posts=”11952″ name=”Farming Base Layouts for Clasher 2015 including 2 Air Sweeper”]

Don’t Spend Too Much On Attacks

Of course, you get great resource payouts when you take down a filled TH8 base with a mass Dragon army, but the army will cost you a fortune as well and takes ages to train. Maybe consider going after smaller payouts, but many more of them using a cheaper army. I wrote a great guide how to calculate how much a base must offer to make you profit:
[irp posts=”11667″ name=”Resource Management like a Chief”]
There are different armies that work great for farming, depending on your Town Hall Level:
[irp posts=”14885″ name=”Farming Strategies For All Town Hall Level”]
Also, be very economical with your Spells and Heroes.

Clan War – To Participate Or To Not Participate

I had a very good, and long, discussion with a visitor via mail a couple weeks ago about participating in Clan War when really farming. Should you take part or not? Actually, it’s not very easy to answer that question, in general.  It’s impossible to answer for all Clashers with a simple yes or no. My advice is:

Take part in the Clan War:

  • Your Clan has a solid win rate, so you can expect to win most of the time
  • You’re an active player doing multiple attacks every day

Opt-out of Clan War when really farming:

  • You only do a few attacks every day. You have to train an expensive army for Clan War. Time and resources are better spent in some regular attacks.
  • There’s a reasonable risk of not winning the Clan War. You invested a lot and get almost nothing!

Clan War Victory
Pro Tip: Join a farming clan, this will reward you tons of loot each clan war without any costs:
[irp posts=”14774″ name=”Farm War Alliances – Farming With Clan War”]

Plan Your Upgrades!

Most Clashers simply upgrade whatever first jumps into their mind, but upgrading is the most important tactical tool you have! You have to plan it out:

  • What you upgrade next
  • Using your Builders full-time
  • Don’t make your base too weak by upgrading

Before I get into too much detail, there are two posts I wrote that will improve your upgrade progress – they are planning your upgrades right regarding time and resources and then also what your next upgrade should be:
[irp posts=”8802″ name=”Advanced Builder Management”]
[irp posts=”12789″ name=”Defense Upgrade Priority Guide”]
Do you have additional advice? Please share them in the comments. Enjoy your trip to a maxed base and stay focused!
This content can be sent for correction. Make your edits and send me your corrections.
Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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Super close to a max th 9 EVERYTHING maxed except Heroes lvl 28 queen lvl 26 King but as a tip of advice start working on heroes early or else you will b stuck with tons of elixir and gold while trying to farm de I can tell you after playing 2 and a half years all lvl 10 walls looks really cool ! Can’t wait for th 10 soon bring it on !!

I agree with you.MAX OUT YOUR HEROES EARLIER!!!!!!!!

im Tait from Onehive, I am only 33 walls away from completely maxing th10. it has brought my gold grab and elixir escapade up to 2 billion a piece but ive done it the long and hard way. my trick is be sure to do 10 to 15 farm attacks a day, and try not to burn out and go to far above or over that number.
less than 2 years later i am within a few weeks of compeltely maxing th10

There is one bad information here… i just max everything exepct walls on th10, and i am in silver 1,2,3 last year its so easy to farm… dont lesthen this guy, just go lover as u can use goblin or brach and u have tons of loot… here and there you can go to hunt some trophey but beleve me just stay in silver and gold… best range for th10… glhf…

Rush th9 then try to max Heroes > Buildings

Be careful. Farming at th9 get much harder compared to th8

I agree with maxing each Town Hall, I maxed out 8 and 9 and the looting was fantastic while doing heros and walls. Town hall 10 is a real challange because of the times and amounts needed to upgrade. Max it OUT before the jump

Joachim nailed it on the head, do this for all TH levels starting at TH7. And work on walls early also, especially at th9. Having lvl10 walls at th9 will help you more than you think!

Hogbarch in crystal or masters is in my openion the only way to farm at th10 its cheep faster than barch and far more powerful it will reck any th9 and most th10s if done right hope this helps any struggling th10s it sure helped me.

What about heroes and walls? I’ve been trying to hold off on upgrading walls for a long time now. I’m currently th9 with max defenses, troops and traps but my walls are only lev7/8 while my king is lev11 and queen is lev14. I participate in many clan wars, almost 800 war stars. What should i do that will help me with walls and heroes.

“There’s a reasonable risk of bot winning the Clan War. You invested a lot and got almost nothing.” Change bot into not.

the arguments in this article are very strong except for one that until recently, (having a TH8.5 & a TH9.5) i never really took into account. walls play a heavy part of how easily an opponent can wipe your base clean. without writing a complete article myself about this subject just let me get to the point. if you are like me you enjoy looting a hour or two every day when the forecaster says its a good time! but if your builders are busy your resources gets jacked until a builder is open to spend your loot. this gets aggravating!
the way i have found to fix both problems is to always leave one of your builders open. you have less loot to get jacked so that you can upgrade your walls with your newly found loot. this kills a few birds with one stone as follows:
A. your walls get strong while everything else is upgrading, which makes enemy’s attacks harder to accomplish!.
B. you have less coin that can get stolen on raids.
C. you generally always have elixir for upgrading your troops or upgrading various collectors/barracks/camps!
D. generally always have enough elixir to build your army!
that is my 2 cents on the matter!
I hope this helps, – SeanyBoy –

What’s your opinion on walls? I’m now ‘max’ TH9 apart from walls (i’ve gone up to lvl9, but only a few at lvl10). Same as heroes, they’re both at lvl18. Do you think I should max these both out before upgrading to TH10? I was thinking to get my heroes to lvl20/25 and then upgrading. Waiting to max out the walls and heroes will probably take another 6 months

I was in the same position at TH9, and decided to get all of my heroes to lv20 before even considering upping to TH10, as I knew at TH10 I would need strong heroes to post decent attacks in clan wars, and I also knew that early in TH10 I would need to pour all of my DE into my lab (which I’ve been doing). While pushing my heroes I upped all walls I could, and completed all walls to lv9 and 74 walls to lv10.
At that point I decided to upgrade to TH10 (doing 9.5 upgrades for war purposes), which I have been at for about 3 months now while largely parked in Crystal 2. Yeah it would’ve been nice to max out fully, but finishing the last 176 walls and 20 hero levels would’ve taken forever and I was getting bored with TH9.
It has been a very successful transition, though required SERIOUS focused farming early on to get all my camps maxed. I do get hit fairly often, but it’s rare that a maxed 10/11 flattens me even without my 2 infernos or 3rd xbow, and I attempt to minimize loot loss by trying to ensure I never have all 3 loot types stored high at the same time.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Was worried if I went to TH10 without maxed walls and maxed heroes I’d struggle. I’ll keep upgrading my heroes until the will to play the game almost dies, then i’ll upgrade. Think I’ll copy your approach and stay 9.5 for a while once upgraded

No problem, glad I could help!
Some recommendations for 9.5 based on my findings:
– Do your standard factory and lab ASAP, as that leads to…
– Maxing your Valks needs to be the first upgrade. With max Valks and 11 spell slots you can be EXTREMELY competitive in war right out of the gates, hitting low 10s really hard or 3-starring just about any 9.
– Second priority upgrades are camps and CC, which will then allow you to start 2-starring 10s with lv3 infernos with little issue.
– Max your Golems before the Hogs, with max Valks you’ll have little need for the extra hog power
– To each their own, but personally I have found the Skeleton dark spell to be a huge letdown, so I wouldn’t worry about upgrading your dark factory for awhile. Similarly, it isn’t worth going for Baby Dragons/Miners/Bowlers immediately as that will just dilute your early troop power.
In terms of defenses, I have upgraded the following with very little impact on my war weight – i.e. the amount of gold you see in your war base that it is believed determines your war rank:
– Build the new cannon, archer tower and traps (these all created a minor bump up in war weight, none of which caused me to jump anyone else in my clan)
– Upgrade teslas, traps, archer towers (all have seemed to have ZERO war weight impact)
– Build and upgrade your new collectors as time permits, mine are all maxed now and again have zero war weight impact
This is the reference I’ve been using to figure out which defenses are/not worth upgrading for 9.5:
Don’t be discouraged if you are getting 3-starred in war early on. You will basically be a slightly stronger TH9, a near-maxed 10 will be able to stomp you fairly easily. Though I will say it’s best to sit out until you at least finish your factory and Valks, as you’ll need each to be a help to your clan.

I’m upgrading valks to lv 5 right now. Before that, i utilized the dark elixir to golems lv 5 and to king to 21.

I maxed everything at TH9. Walls, heroes, defenses, troops, spells, everything. It took me more than a year to do this, at the and it was really boring with only walls and heroes to upgrade but I’m glad I did it. Heroes level 30 are Walhalla with raiding as well as in clanwars. I am TH10 for about 1.5 month now, no trouble at all at this level.

I upgraded my town to th10 level 1 month and a half ago (like you) because i was a little bored like @MikeraphoneCheck because during my last 4 month i only was upgrading my heroes, walls to level 9 and few to 10 and some dark troups. That’s why i took the decision to upgrade the town hall and i did at same time that a friend. Now, 1 month and a half later i’m upgrading my infernos to level 3 and my camps to lv 8. Everything in th10 is expensive so take it easy and enjoy!!!
PS: I upgraded to th10 with heroes at lv 20.

I really like what you’re doing and the information is solid but you should really stop view hoarding. This page was made solely to promote 3 other pages that are the actual information. Rather than links to your other pages for more views, why not do your viewers and their data a favor and just put it on the page or group things more. Again a very intuitive and helpful thing you’re doing but remember this business is about a happy, returning regular. Not an occasional few dozen views from a one time viewer. Great job though, keep it up.

you’re right, the real information is a little deeper.
The thing with the very big posts about the whole topic would give like 5000 words+ articles, which nobody likes to read – that’s why I like to separate the information in shorter articles.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Friend I am pulast ,Indian I’m th 11 rushed, my base is level 100, except this I have 4 more accounts. 2 accounts are th 4 max, 1 is th 3 max and 1 is th 8 rushed. My gamer ID is THUNDER EMPEROR, and I have 5 clans , the head is GUN BROS lvl 4, and other 2 are lvl3 and the left are 1, I am owning an empire clan DODGE THE CHASE. waiting for your reply

What is your point?


What r u waiting for STAY FOCUSED.

cool at last I’ve seen something today that made sense

Be a Serious Rusher and Enjoy the game while staying at same town hall with same army, same defenses. go ahead and take fun!!!

Be rich lol

Now the only way to max your base faster than anything is to get the Gold Pass. Tons of benefits for just 5$