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Everyone’s ultimate goal is a completely maxed base with nothing left to upgrade, right? That’s the dream of each Clasher out there. Maxing out your base takes tons of resources, a lot of time – AND the right strategy to make maxing out your base possible. In this post, I’d like to show you what it takes to really start maxing out your base, what you should really care about and how everybody is able to achieve it with enough motivation and patience.

Facts About Maxed Out Bases in Clash of Clans

Before we get deeper into detail I want to start with the very basics about maxed bases. Maxed out bases don’t only look very impressive, they are an achievement of pure dedication everyone can be very proud of.

maxed out TH10 War Base

But when speaking of maxed bases, I don’t only mean maxed out to the higher Town Hall level. No! Maxing out a base refers to every single Town Hall level! This is one very important detail you have to keep in mind ALL THE TIME:

Never set a maxed TH10 as you goal – if you’re TH6, a maxed TH6 Base has to be your milestone and goal.

Now you might think that having a maxed TH6 base is not that big of a deal and anybody can get to this point – but why am I only seeing such a low number of Clashers really maxing out every single Town Hall Level?

It’s always tempting to go to a new Town Hall Level with the new troops and defenses; I understand that, but you’re slowing down a lot by doing this. “I can max out defenses later when I’m TH10”, is something I hear a lot. Most people saying this will never become a TH10 because they get frustrated on their way to TH10. Let me explain why.

Why maxing every single TH is so important?

I can promise that every Town Hall Level you’ll reach makes the game harder. You’ll start losing more attacks and you’ll earn less loot – compared to the costs of the upgrades you have to buy. Simply spoken, you need even more attacks to get that together, even if you might think you need less because you get more loot in higher regions.Different layers of wall levels

The truth is, you don’t get more loot there. You maybe get more loot from a single attack, but:

  • Attacking higher bases requires more expensive and higher level troops
  • Bigger armies take longer to train
  • Fewer chances to get great extra loot opportunities from abandoned higher Town Hall bases
  • Longer searching (spending more “nexting” Gold) until you find a base that’s worth the attack

If you’re in a higher region you might already realize that the very cheap and fast-trained BARCH army will not get you very far. It worked great 2 Town Hall Levels lower… The first month after I started playing I never had a free Builder and that was my bottleneck, without even playing that much every day.  Later in the game it was the lack of resources to upgrade.

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The 3 Rocks In Your Way To Max Your Base

Maxing out your base is an everyday quest against your 3 biggest enemies:

  • Lack of resources
  • Not having enough free Builders
  • Time! Time! Time!

The only thing that will help you is:

  • Focus on your goal with milestones (maxing out each Town Hall Level on your way)
  • Be motivated enough – are you really up to max out your base?
  • Have a solid strategy

Otherwise, this is the only way to achieve your goal:


But you don’t need to gem!

Do you know the difference between a visionary and a dreamer? Actually a dream and a vision are pretty much the same, but the vision has a strategy. Without a solid strategy, I can predict that you will not reach your goal. But no worries, I can help you formulate your own strategy, which is very simple to use. Make sure to not miss the second part of this post!

4 Things That Will Help You Max Your Base

The first part of this post was meant to show you why it’s very important to start maxing out each Town Hall Level if you truly want to reach a completely Maxed Base. Now I want to give you some advice that will really help out maxing your base.

Have A Good Base That Has Your Back

Your base protects your resources when you go offline. I don’t expect to have to explain to you what a farming base is, but I often see people using it incorrectly.

Also, if you have a higher Town Hall, a very important part of your raiding income is generated from the League Bonus – but to get a good League Bonus you need to be in a League offering you a solid League Bonus!

Don’t Spend Too Much On Attacks

Of course, you get great resource payouts when you take down a filled TH8 base with a mass Dragon army, but the army will cost you a fortune as well and takes ages to train. Maybe consider going after smaller payouts, but many more of them using a cheaper army. I wrote a great guide how to calculate how much a base must offer to make you profit:

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There are different armies that work great for farming, depending on your Town Hall Level:

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Also, be very economical with your Spells and Heroes.

Clan War – To Participate Or To Not Participate

I had a very good, and long, discussion with a visitor via mail a couple weeks ago about participating in Clan War when really farming. Should you take part or not? Actually, it’s not very easy to answer that question, in general.  It’s impossible to answer for all Clashers with a simple yes or no. My advice is:

Take part in the Clan War:

  • Your Clan has a solid win rate, so you can expect to win most of the time
  • You’re an active player doing multiple attacks every day

Opt-out of Clan War when really farming:

  • You only do a few attacks every day. You have to train an expensive army for Clan War. Time and resources are better spent in some regular attacks.
  • There’s a reasonable risk of not winning the Clan War. You invested a lot and get almost nothing!

Clan War Victory

Pro Tip: Join a farming clan, this will reward you tons of loot each clan war without any costs:

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Plan Your Upgrades!

Most Clashers simply upgrade whatever first jumps into their mind, but upgrading is the most important tactical tool you have! You have to plan it out:

  • What you upgrade next
  • Using your Builders full-time
  • Don’t make your base too weak by upgrading

Before I get into too much detail, there are two posts I wrote that will improve your upgrade progress – they are planning your upgrades right regarding time and resources and then also what your next upgrade should be:

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Do you have additional advice? Please share them in the comments. Enjoy your trip to a maxed base and stay focused!
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