Master the Skeleton Spell

master the skeleton spell and use it the best way in clash of clans

The Skeleton Spell is a Dark Spell that spawns Skeletons and has a variety of uses in your attacks, primarily to distract defenses and defending Clan Castle troops. With the recent update, it spawns many more Skeletons and spawns them over time. These new features allow it to be used to take out buildings and Heroes.

What the Skeleton Spell is Used For

The Skeleton Spell is a spell that lets you spawn multiple Skeletons wherever you like. The Skeletons don’t have many hitpoints or deal lots of damage, but they are numerous (up to 26 of them with a maxed level Skeleton Spell).

The Skeleton Spell is perfect to distract point defenses, defending Heroes or Clan Castle troops.

I’ve put together some classic situations you can use the Skeleton Spell in your raids.

Destroy Defenses With Skeleton Spells

If you’re Town Hall 9, you can use the Skeleton Spells to snipe out specific defenses, like an Air Defense. If you use 3 Skeleton Spells, you can take it down – that’s a lot cheaper than using 2 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell.

use skeleton spell to destroy an air defense in clash of clans

Especially in Clan War this is great, but you need to scout carefully! Don’t use this when:

  • X-Bow and Hidden Teslas are next to it
  • Wizard Tower & Mortar are within range

Otherwise, your Skeleton Spells are doing this:

failed skeleton spell snipe on air defense

Needless to say that this is an outcome you don’t want to have. 🙂

Kill Defending Heroes With Skeleton Spells

Alright, taking down a single defense is one thing, but you can also take down an Archer Queen!

kill archer queen with a skeleton spell

The same rules as above apply. Be sure that the Archer Queen is not well protected by too many other defenses if you plan to use this.

I recommend practicing this quite a few times in Friendly Challenges to get a feeling how it works.

Otherwise it could end up like this:

skeleton spell against archer queen defense fail

Also remember, this is only for Town Hall 9. TH10 and higher have simply too much defensive power to make this work.

See it here in action:

Distracting Defenses

Some defenses are very vulnerable when they have to target multiple small troops, especially Hidden Teslas and Single Target Inferno Towers.

A well placed Skeleton Spell can help your other troops target and destroy these defenses without taking too much damage of their own.

skeleton spell against defenses

Keep in mind that the Skeletons need to be the first target, so timing is key. Drop your Skeleton Spell BEFORE your troops get targeted by the defense. The best way to do this is to drop the Skeleton Spell directly on the defense.

Distracting Heroes with the Skeleton Spell

Heroes always have problems when they are surrounded by multiple smaller troops. They always have to target them one by one and their high damage is not effective because most of it simply is wasted.

This is a perfect way to keep defending Heroes, especially the Archer Queen, busy while your other troops proceed with their attack/attacking of the defending Hero.

You will save yourself plenty of troops by doing this.

Skeleton Spell & Queen Walk

The Skeleton Spell also works with one of the most used attacking styles in the later game stages – the Queen Walk. Sending in your Archer Queen with some Healers is strong, but there comes a time where you have to be very cautious to not let your Archer Queen die by dropping Rage Spells.

Especially those with lower level Heroes know this.

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With one or two Skeleton Spells you can help her when defending Heroes try to counter the the Queen Walk.

Distracting Clan Castle Troops

I stated right at the beginning that the Skeleton Spell will not lure out defending CC troops – in fact, I’m happy about that change from the Sneak Peek material to the Skeleton Spell – but you can use it to take down defending Clan Castle troops.

There are actually three different things you can do with a Skeleton Spells to Clan Castle Troops.

Lure Them to the Outside

Killing Clan Castle troops on the outside is much easier than within the range of defenses, so having a Skeleton Spell will keep them on the outside once you pulled them with other troops (Hog Riders, Suicide King, etc.)

Keep Them Busy

Some defending Clan Castle Troops can be a pain, especially if there are many. They will keep your forces busy while you lose them slowly to the defenses.

The Skeletons can be great against the CC troops because they will keep them busy while your troops kill them without suffering much damage.

Support Your Poison Spell

Remember that idle defending troops will leave a Poison Spell? You can keep them inside the Poison Spell range with a Skeleton Spell – a perfect way to use this is against Archers, Wizards, etc. because they will stay inside the Poison Spell long enough to die.

Simply drop your Skeleton Spell before you drop your Poison Spell.

skeleton spell and poison spell

The infection they get from entering the Poison Spell area again will be enough to kill them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for Dragons.

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There are many useful situations for the Skeleton Spell… so is it overkill? Not really in the overpowered way, but used in the right way it will boost your attack. The hardest thing for me with the time I spent using this spell was finding the right timing to use it.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha, JamesM

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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