Master the Clone Spell

master the clone spell

The Clone Spell is the most expensive spell you can bring to a raid, not only because of the brewing costs but more because it takes 4 housing spells – so in other words it has to be used very effective to be as powerful as 4 Dark Spells or 2 Elixir Spells.

What The Clone Spell Is Used For

The Clone Spell is simply creating copies of the troop(s) inside it’s range until a certain housing space capacity is used. These copies will take part in your attack for a limited time.

First of all we should cover some elementary basics how it works.

If you have 1 troop inside the range, the Clone Spell will copy this troop until all housing space is used:

clone spell single troop

If there are multiple troops in it they will get copied in their whole setup (unless it exceeds the maximum housing space of the Clone Spell):

clone spell clash of clans

Also Lava Pups and cloned troops can get cloned – you can theoretically use 2 Clone Spells to turn 1 Barbarians into 70 cloned Barbarians.

You see that the Clone Spell should get used at the very point to get the best effectivity.

Of course there are a lot of possibilities how you can use the Clone Spell, from BARCH to GoVaBo – but always remember that it takes a lot of space so you should always think about how and when you will use it.

I gathered the best ways in the next chapter.

Setups That Work Great With The Clone Spell

From what I did and seen since the Clone Spell got released, the best way to use it is inside the core of a base. That’s also reasonable because the cloned copies of your troops will only stay for 15 seconds and the core is always the part of a base where you have the most problems.

The problems are always the same of either not having enough DPS left or not enough distraction troops for the defenses in the core – that’s why the Clone Spell is so perfect with the limited extra troops.

They will not only give you additional damage, but also additional hitpoints when defenses target the copies.

Where To Drop The Clone Spell?

Important to notice is that the cloned troops will always be in front of the original troops when they walk into the Clone Spell. You want to prevent defenses already locked on to your original troops, so always try to not directly drop the Clone Spell right on your troops but a little in front of them.

Otherwise this could happen:

clone spell in action

The spell is dropped directly on them and the cloned troops walk behind the original troops – the original troops will get killed first and the clones only survive 15 seconds…

Now let’s take a look at some situations where the Clone Spell is actually worth it’s housing space capacity.


If you’re doing raids with Balloons – which get more and more popular again – you know the situation when you only have a few Balloons left in the core area. Using a Freeze Spell and Rage Spell in them won’t change the outcome of the raid very much.

clone spell on balloons

If you use a Clone Spell instead, you can get up to 7 additional Balloons and they will change a lot and take down some more defenses for sure.

Barbarian King

If you Barbarian King is inside the core you won’t be able to take down the Town Hall in most times. If you use his Iron Fist ability and a Clone Spell you can get up to 35 RAGED Barbarians added – enough power to get some structures, including the Town Hall destroyed.

barbarians king on clone spell

Bowlers & Valkyries

Are you raiding with Valkyries and Bowlers? When you clone them in the core area you will see a dramatic raise of destructive power – especially with Bowlers.

They can reach second-row buildings without being stuck at walls and take down a lot.

The Panic Drop

Never just drop your Clone Spell into the middle of your raid – you can never exactly control what troops get cloned and you won’t see a big benefit.

Maybe a Golem gets cloned for 15 seconds – is that worth it? Not that much! Try to use the Clone Spell on troops that are worth being cloned.


If you use the Clone Spell right, it is definitely worth the 4 housing space spell capacity. In addition I also want to mention that the Clone Spell is only worth it if you upgrade it to at least Level 3.

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. i find a clone spell and turbo spell in core is an awesome placement may as well get the max dmg out of 15 seconds and thats the way to do it…

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