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A good base is not only about having a solid layout and maxed out defenses. You can get your attacker’s troops to do exactly what you want based on their AI and give them nice surprises with Traps – this is called Trap Funneling in Clash of Clans. Traps are very essential for defending. If you manage to place your Traps correctly, you’ll have a deadly setup that can make a huge difference. If the right troops walk into the right Traps the attacker can do nothing but watch his attack go down the river.

Trap Funneling is very effective in Town Hall 9 and lower because the attacking strategies often utilize troops with an AI that can be controlled quite easily. In this post I want to show some funneling techniques that you can implement in your base and also watch out for while attacking.

Trap Funneling in Clash of Clans

Let’s start with a simple example base – have a look at the Traps and where they are positioned (it’s an older screenshot, so please ignore the exposed Town Hall and focus on the Traps):


Can you see that not a single Traps is out of place? The attacking Troops are practically forced to walk into the Traps.

When we talk about funneling troops into Traps, we need to split this topic into two types:

  • Inside Funneling – Traps on the inside give the attacker no chance to prevent troops running into them.
  • Outside Funneling – Placing Traps where Troops will walk into them. The attacker could prevent his troops running into them, but only if he knows where they are.

Inside versus Outside Funneling

Each kind of Trap has a different focus, so you should use it wisely to get the best possible effect. Let’s make a brief example: a Giant Bomb is great at killing a big pack of troops and it deals more damage if the Troops have higher hitpoints and are grouped up together.

Giant Bombs in Clash of Clans

You could place it on the outside and watch a few Archers or Barbarians run into it; of course they won’t survive it. But if you manage to make a pack of Hog Riders or Giants walk into it, the dealt damage is so many times higher. This is the better outcome. The Giant Bomb is deadly, but it’s used best only if the right troops walk into it. That’s why it’s better used on the inside.

Funneling The Right Way

I will now show you examples of how different troops react in certain situations and show you, on the example base I showed above, how a Trap would work there. If you’re not very familiar with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the specific troops, I’d recommend you to read this guide about it first:

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Wall Breaker Funneling

Wall Breakers split open your base to let other troops in. They aren’t very dangerous themselves, but they take away the effect of your Walls by simply removing some of them – they stop your Walls from slowing down other attacking troops. They will go for outside junctions and corners, so every base has only a few spots where Wall Breaker ALWAYS hit first:


You see that you only have to work on some spots to make them walk into your Traps. That’s the nice part, no matter where they are dropped, they will always walk to these spots.

If you place a Hidden Bomb right in front of these spots, the Wall Breakers are useless. Hopefully the attacker didn’t bring lots of them.

Funneling Giants

If we’re talking Wall Breakers, we must talk Giants, as they are typically used in the same strategies and go together like traffic and weather. Let’s assume some of the Wall Breakers did manage to break your outer circle of Walls – then the Giants will proceed through the opening. There is nothing more effective and frustrating for attackers than when their Giants are blown away by Spring Traps. Why not just put Spring Traps right next to some defensive buildings? Because you only have a max of 6 Spring Traps and you want to maximize the number of Giants affected. In our example base it is shown how the designer created a path giants will take, no matter how they get inside the base:


As you can see every path crosses at least two Spring Traps, and because the Giants will gather together around the first Cannon they attack, they are in a pack that will get blown away together.

Spring Traps should be wisely used inside your base to increase the probability of having more troops walking into them at the same time.

Hog Riders and how to take them out easily

Hog Riders are nasty because they don’t respect Walls and just jump over them in order to wipe out your defenses. However, they are very weak against Spring Traps and Giant Bombs. Their paths are not as predictable, but you should put Giant Bombs next to the first or second building they will attack:


Our example is not prepared for Hog Riders but it could be! I have an example below of what would happen if they come across the Giant Bomb traps and let me tell you – there is has no happy ending for the Hog Riders.


Killing Air Troops

Air Troops are harder to funnel! The reason is simple but unavoidable – you can’t use Walls to point them in a certain direction. Never place your Air Bombs or Seeking Air Mines on the outside. In the best case you will only get it activated by a few lower troops and waste it. Place them in the second row, where you expect troops to gather together.

Air Bombs

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

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