Make the most of Your Study Breaks with Mobile Games Make the most of Your Study Breaks with Mobile Games

Make the most of Your Study Breaks with Mobile Games

A student and mobile games are best kept apart, which has been the thinking for the longest time. Playing a game takes precious time away from studies.

But that may change with the recognition that playing digital games during breaks can act as a stress buster that enhances the impact of time spent studying.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

After years of negative press, video games have started receiving positive reviews from psychologists, taking into account the fact that the nature of these games has changed and they have become increasingly complex, realistic, and social.

Cognitive Benefits

Playing video games is no longer considered intellectually lazy and sedating. Playing these games is seen to promote a wide range of cognitive skills

Motivational Benefits

The environment of video games is seen to cultivate traits of persistence and optimism.

Emotional Benefits

Gaming is now acknowledged as one of the most efficient and effective means by which positive feelings can be generated by children and youth.

Social Benefits

The average gamer is no longer the stereotypical lonely, inept nerd, but a social being who plays with friends, either in competition or cooperation.

In simpler terms, they are found to improve visual attention, enhance memory, develop problem-solving skills, relieve stress, and improve concentration.

Physical Distraction by Getting Essay Writing Help

One example of taking a break is by getting professional assistance with your tasks. Lean on outsourced help and pay for high-quality essay writing while you find some distractions. In today’s digital world, you pay for essays by pushing a few buttons on your phone, and your college essay will be ready. You do not need to write the essay yourself. Hopefully, today’s extended break will result in greater productivity later.

Best Digital Games for Your Study Break

If there is one thing that might be more difficult than negotiating the challenge of an advanced digital game, it has to be selecting one. With the plethora of mobile apps available, making a choice of one might invariably lead to feelings of FOMO for the others.

We make it easy for you by recommending a few that find wide acceptance. After all, who does not like a free game?

Daily Crossword

Word games like crossword puzzles retain their charm even though the medium has changed from paper to a screen. The other advantage of these games is that they are seen to be educational as well, though that is not the reason for playing them during a break from studies.

It gives you a feel of a paper-based crossword and can even be printed out easily.

Letter Scramble

Letter scramble is another word game or puzzle that is widely played. It is a timed game where you have to make sense out of a jumble of letters. This way, it keeps you honest while you are on a break from your studies. You can use the timer to ensure you are not extending your break.

It is challenging for some as the tiles keep piling up if you are not able to clear them speedily.


This one makes the list because wanderlust has become an inseparable part of our lives. We dream of going to new, exciting locations around the world every day.

Geoguessr takes you there – virtually, of course. You are dropped off at an unidentified location somewhere in the world, and you are expected to figure out where you are, based on the surroundings and the clues you get.

It is a great way to scratch a part of your travel while you take a break from your studies.

Escape the Room

The objective of this game is to escape from a room you find yourself in. You have to find a hidden key based on the clues you get from the game. But, nothing in a video game is easy. Each clue you solve brings you closer and closer to the exit.

Can you get there before your break ends?

If you cannot, maybe it is OK every once in a while to extend the session.

Cookie Monster

This one is for the ages. Pac-man never really lost its mojo. Of course, the effects are better and brighter. Besides, today’s college-goers may not know much about the yesteryear Pac-man.

It is supposed to do wonders for the problem-solving skills of its players, but that is beside the point here. With its fascinating movements and music to match, Cookie Monster draws the player in like only Pac-man can, or could. The race to the pellets even as the ghosts are gaining ground can get the adrenalin pumping.

Google Feud

Loosely built on ‘Family Feud,’ the American game show of the eighties, where two families compete against each other to guess public responses to certain questions.

Here the clues are based on Google Auto-suggest with the answers being popular searches on Google. Some of the responses you discover are bound to bring a smile to your face, a bonus during study times.


Now that we know that video games have a beneficial side to them, we can play them during breaks from academic work without a feeling of guilt. However, we must not lose sight of a wholesome life.

You can pay for essay writing to create additional flexibility in your schedule. It is equally important to engage in some form of physical activity, even simple ones like walking and stretching, during some of your breaks. You will get fresh air and energy for the next round of studies.

And, of course, it goes without saying that playing a digital game should not become an addiction. Some experts recommend taking purposeful breaks (anywhere from 5–60 minutes) to refresh your brain and body.

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