Maintenance Break Today in Clash of Clans Sneak Peek

Maintenance Marathon September 22nd and 23rd

There have been two Maintenance Breaks yesterday and another one is incoming very soon. This time it’s for server maintenance as well.

I know lots are expecting a silent update for TH11 or anything – maybe also because my yesterday post about TH11 had a little bit of bad timing with the Maintenance Breaks. Sorry to kill your hopes here, but there is NO NEW CONTENT implemented with those breaks. I’m sure Supercell implemented something like a hidden Event with the last Update that will get active for ClashCon end of October, but that has nothing to do with the Maintenance Breaks we experienced yesterday and also today.

Keep in mind that Clash of Clans serves 100M+ players and you can image what kind of server capacity you need to have to keep that up and alive. No need to argue with connectivity problems or anything in my almost 3 years of Clashing so these short Maintenance Breaks are something I can totally live with. Keep prepared and maybe enjoy the Golden Hour afterwards.

I’ll keep you updated in case something interesting happens 🙂