Lost Village? How To Recover It & Get It Back

Losing a village is something that happens to many many Clashers out there, so if you just lost your village there’s a good news for you – you can recover it by following the steps here on this page.

Lost Clash of Clans Village?

Losing a village often times comes along when you have been losing your device or getting a new one and forgot your password where your old village has been connected to.

Also, in rare cases you haven’t been securing your village by connecting it to GameCenter or Google Play! Keep in mind that this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! See here how to do it:

So, but now let’s get your village back!

First of all, you have to get the Clash of Clans app from the AppStore or the Play Store and open it.

You will see a new village now, but no worries you will not override your old village.

Now you have two options:

Option 1: You have connected your village to your Google Play or GameCenter, so you only need to sign in on your device with GameCenter or Google Play and you will see a message to load your old village.

recover lost clash of clans village

Option 2: You do not have your GameCenter or Google Play account anymore of haven’t connected your village.

In this case you will need to go to Settings > Help & Support > Villages, Account & Passwords at the very bottom:

get lost village back in clash of clans

There you already see the answers for whatever happened to you (lost account, password or not secured village) and when you tab it, it will show you what you will need to provide for Supercell to get your village back:

  • Exact village name & clan name of your lost village
  • Exact Town Hall Level
  • Exact XP Level

If you do not know that exactly, you can search your old village up through the clan search or a friend to provide that data to Supercell. Without that you will not get it back!

When you have these infos you can hit the “Contact Us” on the top right to provide it within a support request:

Supercell support to revocer lost village

No that you have done that, you will need to have some patience! Supercell gets hundreds of thousands of requests every day and needs time to recover your village.

I heard it can take up to 14 days, so all you can do is playing the Level 1 village you now have for a while – but KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU MAY NOT PROCEED TO TH 4 or your old village can’t be recovered to that account and you will need to start over again!

Good luck, in case you have any questions just leave a comment below 🙂

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