Loot Scouting Tutorial (Visual Indication)

loot scouting for more loot

Coming across bases to attack with sufficient loot isn’t hard. If you’re in the right League for your Town Hall Level you will come across them frequently. The question is however, especially for farmers that farm hard, is the base worth an attack or not? In this post, I want to show you that the available loot is not the only thing you need to be looking at and that sometimes you can get a ton of loot without investing more than a couple of different troops.

Scouting Loot In A Base

I want to start off with an example of a raid I did yesterday. Admittedly I’m TH11, but this technique works for all Town Hall Levels, again as long as you’re in the right League. Check here for the League you might want to be in:

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Pushing the Next-Button over and over again can make you go blind sometimes. Often you have a certain amount of loot in mind before especially if you’re farming, and will mostly check The amount of loot available first. Often you’ll check the available loot count in the corner with the premise that you won’t get everything so you’re looking for a great number. Getting half or two thirds of the loot by investing only a few troops might be something you miss by not taking a second look! Let’s have a look at the base I almost skipped yesterday:

visual loot scouting mines and collectors

The total loot was just about enough for me, but my first thoughts are deducting half of it because attacking with Balloons will more or less only give me that much. I saw that the Storages were quite centralized might be quite difficult to get so I almost pushed the button for the next base. 500k loot bases pass by me a lot in Champions League but then I noticed the high Dark Elixir count and also the visually empty Storages; time to take a second look!

visual loot indication of full storages

That second look made me realize that most of the loot was inside the Mines and Collectors. I think most of you are aware that the visuals of the Mines and Collectors change, but most of you probably only look for these sort of visuals below:

full collector

The crazy filled thing that jumps at your eyes immediately, but in that base above the Elixir Collectors also seemed to be almost empty – and Gold & Elixir are almost the same availability, with all Storages being empty?! I took my chances and took a shot at the base and here’s what I got for investing 30 Minions plus a Clan Castle filled with Archers and Wizards:

raiding mines and collectors properly

Was this a risky shot? Did I get lucky abandoning common sense? Without bragging, no. In the next section, I will show you how I recognized that the loot was in the Mines & Collectors eliminating much of the risk..

How Do You Know Where The Loot Is?

Mines, Collectors, Drills and Storages change their visuals a little bit with the amount of resources inside; that’s nothing new to you. I’ve been following a lot of conversations lately about bad loot and how farming is dead, and there have been some interesting statements that I didn’t realize lots of Clashers live by. Attacking a base only if the Mines and Collectors are really full; the classic abandoned base that we all call “Jackpot”. Let’s have a look at the different loot indication levels out there:

visual loot

You can see there are 5 different indication scales for all Mines and Collector Levels, on a scale of 1 – 5. You will never know the exact amount of resources in there, but you will know a roundabout of what they could contain. Below I will show you how to get even closer to the loot available.

  • First Scale (Empty): Less than 10% of total capacity
  • Second Scale: Between 10% and 25% of total capacity
  • Third Scale: Between 25% and 50% of total capacity
  • Fourth Scale: More than 50% of total capacity
  • Fifth Scale (Full): More than 80% of the total capacity

That’s nice but let’s put that into figures of the actual loot we can get (Let’s say we have a maxed Gold Mine here). Keep in mind that we’re able to loot 50% of what’s inside a Mine or Collector, so this is the loot we can expect from such a Mine:

  • First Scale (Empty): Less than 10,000 Gold (each)
  • Second Scale: Between 10,000 and 25,000 Gold (each)
  • Third Scale: Between 25,000 and 50,000 Gold (each)
  • Fourth Scale: Between 50,000 and 80,000 Gold (each)
  • Fifth Scale (Full): More than 80,000 Gold (each)

Keep in mind that this loot is only for one single Gold Mine and there are up to 7 of them in the base. This means if you’re scouting a base for loot and see a 2nd Level Loot Indication at the Gold Mine (that’s the small tiny pieces of Gold you can hardly see) you can loot between 70,000 and 175,000 Gold if you can grab all 7 Gold Mines.

The nice thing is that the Elixir Collectors will also hold the same amount; typically nobody collects just Elixir and no Gold unless the Storages are completely full, – anyone’s light bulb flicker with an idea for a little deception here as well?

Pick The Juicy Bases

From a 2nd scale filled Mine or Collector you can get between 70k and 175k, that’s ok for investing some small troops, but maybe you want more (or you have lower Mines or Collectors, so it’s not that much because these numbers apply to maxed Mines and Collectors). There are other ways to see if the loot will be nearer to either the lower (70k) or higher (175k).

Dark Elixir is the key

Dark Elixir Drills can give you a more precise indication about the state of loot, their capacity is lower. A maxed Mine or Elixir Collector needs approx 57 hours to fill completely. If you see the 2nd scale of visual indication below you know those mines and collectors have been pumping for between 6 and 14 hours rewarding you with somewhere in the region of between 70k to 175k Gold and Elixir (when getting all of it).

mines collectors fill rate

If the Dark Elixir Drill shows at least this indication, you know it’s been about 9 hours and you’ll get more than 100k Gold and Elixir.


Easy to remember!

A lot of numbers so far, right? I wanted to show you how the technique works. Now we can wrap it up into a single rule making you raid for profit in this case:

If you see some loot in the Mines and Collectors, check the Dark Elixir Drill! If the Dark Elixir Drill is filled at least to 50%, you know you will see a lot of resources in the Mines and Collectors and should go for them!

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What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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