Lightning Spell Takedown part 1: Buildings

How many Lightning Spells do you bring to a party? Hopefully you always have at least one of them in your pocket to deal with Clan Castle troops (see here an older post about taking them out the best way) but there are other possibilities to utilize the Lightning Spell (Zapping Dark Elixir Storages) or taking out certain buildings. In this first part I want to have a look how many Lightning Spells you should take with you when you like to take out some buildings and in the second part I will have a look at troops. In the end I want to have the perfect number of Lightning Spells you should always take with you when going for a raid.


First of all we look what buildings you possibly destroy with your Lightning Spell – I don’t think you will use it on Walls. I grouped them together so we don’t have to do any level of Lightning Spell versus any kind of building:

  • Taking out certain defensive buildings: that would be the Mortar, Wizard Tower, Air Defense or also an Inferno Tower. I Don’t see any use in destroying an Archer Tower with it
  • Taking out smaller hotpoint buildings when you need one more building for 50% but all your troops are dead: Builder Huts, Barracks, Laboratory, Spell Factory and the Altars of the Heroes. Of course you will use it for destroying a Builders Hut but if they are all already destroyed you sometimes need to have a Plan B
  • The Town Hall: I know you can’t destroy the Town Hall with Lightning Spells but in some close situations you maybe destroyed it for 80% and your last troops got killed

Now here comes something I love – you guessed it: math 🙂

Destroying Defensive Buildings with Lightning Spells

Let’s sum up the hit points in general (I don’t make some huge tables here):

  • Air Defense (level 5+): 990-1160
  • Mortar (level 5+): 590-670
  • Wizard Tower (level 5+): 760-880
  • Inferno Tower: forget it right here, it has 1500+ hitpoints

So we have in common ranges 590-1160 hitpoints to destroy to get the building down. I really do this more general and not in the way “if you want to destroy a level 6 Wizard Tower and have level 3 Lightning Spells you have to bring X Spells” for two simple reasons. First you would have to calculate all the time but the main reason is that you sometimes destroy a Wizard Tower and sometimes an Air Defense and when you spot a base you want to attack you can’t go home and create the Spells to come back later to the very same base to attack – maybe when revenging.

For my calculation I take the assumption that you have at least level 3 Lightning Spells (if not go and upgrade them right away 😉 ) so you would need 2-3 Lightning Spells for the given buildings. Best for this would be to bring 2 Lightning Spells if you have them at level 5+ or 3 of them if you have them lower than this.

PS: Maybe you are lucky and with some placement you can drop the Lightning Spell right in between 2 buildings to destroy both of them


Destroying other buildings to save your attack

Now we make a list which buildings you can take out with one Lightning Spell: Builder Huts, Hero Altars, Barracks and the Laboratory. If you have 49% and you have no more troops to deploy or you are running out of time you should look for them if you have one last Lightning Spell in your pocket, they are destroyed by 1 Lightning Spell.

Give the Town Hall the last hits

This really depends on which Town Hall you are dealing with and also which level of Lightning Spells you have – the worst part is that you don’t know the exact amount of hitpoints left so I would only recommend doing this when the Town Hall has about 10% hitpoints left.

Putting everything together

The final conclusion has to wait for the second part when I also calculated with the Clan Castle troops, but you can see that you will actually need more than one Lightning Spell (if you don’t use strategies like Ballooning, all Dragons, Golem based or Hog Riders).

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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