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In June we will get a Town Hall focused Balancing Update and it will bring us several new level for Defenses & Troop along with a couple of discounts

Clash of Clans June 2017 Update

Note: Due to many requests I switched the order from the bottom (old) to top (most recent). If you’re visiting this page for the first time and want to get the whole story, you’ll need to start from the bottom.

Update Today! (June 27th, 2017)

The June 2017 Clash of Clans Update will get released today and the Maintenance Break is already going on:

Update Balancing (June 26th, 2017)

If you have seen the first video material of the Night Withc, you probably assumed that they are too powerful in the developer build. In fact, mass Night Witches made 3-Star attacks all the time easily, even against maxed out Builder Hall 6 bases.

Many already said that the Night Witch will probably get nerfed in the release version compared to the developer build and that’s exactly what Supercell just confirmed:


  • Additional Army Camp in Builder Hall 6. We initially intended one more Army Camp after upgrading to Builder Hall 6, but felt this made things too offense-heavy.

Night Witch:

  • Base HP decreased from 250 to 200
  • Number of Night Witch Death Bat Swarm reduced from 4/6/8 to 2/4/6 per ability level
  • Bats spawning limit reduced from 2 (max 4)/3 (max 5)/4 (max 6) to 2 (max 3)/3 (max 4)/4 (max 5)

Battle Machine:

  • Level 6-10 HP growth reduced from:
  • 2% to 1.5%/level
  • 10+ from 2% to 1%/level
  • Heal level 6+ reduced to match (~20% heal)

Roaster & Night Witch Gameplay (June 26th, 2017)

The update is just around the corner and you can expect it to be released in the next few days – in the meantime, I’d like to show you some footage of the new Builder Base stuff we’ll get as well.

Here you can see the look of the new Level 6 defenses, traps and other buildings when you max out a Builder Hall 6 base:

new buildings for builder hall 6 base

The Battle Machine will also get a slightly changed look when reaching Level 10, like the other Heroes in your Home Village get:

battle machine level 10

The most important thing will be, of course, the Night Witch and the Roaster – both being pretty cool new things.

roaster and night witch gameplay

The Roaster is a very interesting defense and it will add air splash damage to your Builder Base where you only had the Mines on Air Mode so far and with the tons of Bats the Night Witch can summon, you will need it.

I personally expect that this will set the standards for Builder Hall Level 6 for the next weeks, using Night Witches along with Baby Dragons and the second Crusher will make ground attacks even more difficult as well.

Here’s also a video from Galadon showing how the Roaster works against all different kind of troops we have in our Builder Base:

Builder Hall 6 Confirmed (June 22nd, 2017)

With the upcoming Builder Hall 6 Invitational Tournament on the horizon, we wanted to share with you the new features are being released in this next content update. In this new content release, we are adding two incredible new units to the Builder Base while also increasing the level cap for the units already available.
Here are the features you will see in the Builder Hall 6 release along with two new units detailed below.

upgrade builder hall 6 june 2017 clash of clans update



  • +1 Archer Tower
  • +1 Crusher
  • +1 Mine
  • +1 Mega Mine
  • +4 Wall sections

Yes, you read that right…we are implementing a second Crusher, the bane of Barbarians and Giants. Furthermore, in correspondence to the Builder Hall’s increased level, all defenses, traps, and walls can now be upgraded to Level 6. The only exception to this is the Spring Trap, which can be upgraded to Level 4.


  • +1 Army Camp
  • Levels 11 – 12 for all Troops after upgrading the Star Laboratory to Level 6
  • Levels 6 – 10 for the Battle Machine


  • Resource collectors, storages, Gem Mine, and Clock Tower can be upgraded to Level 6.
  • A single Archer Tower in your Town Hall can now be Geared Up, similarly to the Cannon. Requires Builder Base Archer Tower Level 6 and Home Village Archer Tower Level 10.


  • Clock Tower cooldown reduced from 8 hours to 7 hours
  • Clock Tower duration reduced by 50%
  • Speed up multiplier has been reduced from 10x to 8x

After careful consideration we felt the Clock Tower provides too much free upgrade time. We are changing the Clock Tower cooldown from 8 hours to 7 hours and reducing the duration by 50%. We felt the Clock Tower provided progress too rapidly and that it required rebalancing to bring it in line with relative upgrade times. Reducing its cooldown will allow it to be boosted 3 times per day rather than 2 times.

NEW: The Night Witch

The Witch’s nocturnal sibling, the Night Witch is available once you upgrade your Builder Barracks to Level 8. Though there are some similarities between the Witch and the Night Witch, there are a few differences that make her stand out as well. Check out these abilities:
The Night Witch does ranged attacks that hit ground and air units
Spawns bats that attack ground and air units
Will spawn into a swarm of bats after receiving fatal damage

The Night Witch is a great way to take out those pesky Crushers, which is why we’re introducing the Night Witch’s bane: The Roaster

NEW: The Roaster

We couldn’t add a cool offensive unit without coming up with a way to defend against it. The Roaster is a great solution against the Night Witch. It is a flame-spitting defensive building that will bathe your foes in scalding plasma with the following details:
Range of 7 tiles
Burst fire of 15 shots
At Level 6 it does 16 damage per shot
Hits ground and air units
Does Area Splash type damage

So there you have it! A new Builder Hall level with plenty of unit upgrades, two new fun units to further bolster your Builder Base with, and an additional Gear Up feature for your Town Hall. We hope you enjoy burninating your enemies.


Gearing Up Options Unlocked (June 22nd, 2017)

It looks like we will also be able to gear up the Archer Tower and the Multi Mortar after the June 2017 Update will be released.

So far, the gearing up is very annoying as you will need your Master Builder from your Builder Base to do it and it won’t be available there – in case of the Double Cannon that’s already 2 days which is a long time.

Now I’ve seen pictures that the Short Range Archer Tower (shoots at a faster rate) and the Multi Mortar gearing up will take 14 days each! A horrible thing as you will not be able to do any more upgrades in your Builder Base during that time.

In fact, these images can be from an early developer build and they might adapt the upgrade time until the update will get released, hopefully!

New Level Balancing Update (June 19th, 2017)

A new update will bring some new level for our Town Halls plus finally live watching Versus Battles for our Builder Bases:

clash of clans june 2017 update info with new defenses

  • NEW: Cannon level 15 (TH11)

Cannon levels 10-14 upgrade time or cost has been discounted

  • NEW: Archer Tower level 15 (TH11)

Archer Tower levels 9-14 upgrade time or cost has been discounted

  • NEW: Inferno Tower level 5 (TH11)

Inferno Tower levels 2-4 upgrade time or cost has been discounted

Inferno Tower level 4 multi-mode damage has been increased

Inferno Tower single-mode 1st stage damage has been changed to match multi-mode damage

  • New Offensive content updates

Conversely, we have also added additional levels along with balance updates to the following Troops to ensure additional offensive power is available as well.

  • NEW: P.E.K.K.A. level 6 (TH11)

P.E.K.K.A. upgrade time or costs have been discounted across ALL levels

  • NEW: Wizard level 8 (TH11)

Wizard levels 6-7 upgrade time or costs have been discounted

  • NEW: Healer level 5 (TH11)

At last, the long-awaited new Healer level is here!

  • NEW: Miner level 5 (TH11)

Miner upgrade time or costs have been discounted across ALL levels

Miner level 3 is now available at Town Hall 10 (was at TH11)

Miner levels 2-5 hitpoints have been increased

  • NEW: Wall Breaker level 7 (TH11)

Wall Breaker upgrade time or costs have been discounted across ALL levels

Dragon levels 4-6 hitpoints have been increased

Hog Rider levels 6-7 hitpoints have been increased

Builder Base

  • NEW: Watch Live!


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    • Hi. Yes the material up to BH8 was in the developer builds months ago. I’m very sure there won’t be an update in July and maybe even just a smaller balancing update in August (due to the company vacation of Supercell).
      BH8 will probably not be released before end of the year as BH6 is still a ton of stuff to do for 90%+ of all players 🙂
      I will make a new ticker as soon as there is some info about the next update 🙂

  1. By reducing the clock tower time , the interest in 2nd builder base is lost ! It was really fun while fighting the battle as the troops train fast and seeing the upgrade completing at faster rate. Now its no use . Just remove the clock tower now coz the charm of it is destroyed . Wt a shame !!

  2. Hi Timmy can u please sent some gems on my account. Why it is saying this item is not available in your country?when ever I try to ubdate

  3. So th11 gets everything and in return we get the clock tower ruined. Great news for engineered clans, not great for players.

  4. Wtf it just updated for th11 only.. Holy shit you.. Wasting my data and time to update.. I just th 8 and need more time to ugrade to th11.. Also do for th 8,9,10 .. Not only th11

  5. I too call BS on nerfing the clock tower. Was barely worth the cost then you guys decide to nerf it 50%. Shame.

  6. All the time new updates they issue right after we having a problem, and updating issue arrive due to so many updates, coz here we are not getting new version updating apps on android phone, whenever new updating come I like to delete it coc now. Coz in our android phone there is no option for updating, so why only in ios. Why not in android???? Today I delete my both account coz of supercells new updates.. Now I don’t like to play it…..

  7. Hey Tim,

    Any idea why they’re reducing the clock tower so much? Either the effective time 12 mins to 6 mins at lvl 4 OR 10x speed to 8x would have a drastic impact on its use. But to do both at the same time? Just seems like they don’t want us to use it. Feels like when they said Witch’s skellys no longer trigger traps. Juts felt like they didn’t want us to use witches because that change has such a a big impact. What are your thoughts? Think they’ll bump it back up? Or was it initially set extra high to encourage people to get into the Builders base

    • I already though it was under powered now it is going to be pretty much a waste not worth trying to log in to use it right when you csn.

    • Personally I think revenues are not as big as they expected. By nerving the clock tower, I think they hope people are going to use more gems/spending more money. Gem mine is the next thing to be nerved I suppose.
      I don’t give a **** for this policy because I see the builder base as a nice thing to have, but my main interest is still my home base.

      • Yup nerfing the Clock Tower is sad as I found it to be perfectly balanced if you can boost twice per day.
        The Gem Mine is not the powerful in my opinion and I don’t think we will see a big change for this soon (but you never know).
        Supercell needs to be careful because the fact that it was a free game you can play good without spending money made it so successful and nerfing things like Clock Tower, Gem Mine etc. can turn the tides step by step.
        Bottom line getting a BH5 base since release wasn’t that hard so I found the costs & upgrade times balanced out quite good so far, hopefully BH6 won’t start using extremely long upgrade times.
        2 days max is perfect because you can stack up your reward if you’re upgrading something very important (Multi Mortar, Air Bomb, Builder Barrack, Battle Machine etc.)

    • You#re right, this change is very drastic and I also don’t know why they’re doing it. I found it to be perfect as it is and really don’t like the nerf because it’s very much

  8. builder base is lame. they just didn’t know how to introduce some new troops/buildings to the main village so they made us upgrade a new village from scratch. at first they were “generous” and gave us clock tower boost, but than even though sooo many people were dissapointed with BB, they reduced clock tower ability to the point where it’s even not woryh building. And moreover they are not giving our main village, that we were building for a long time, no new things except for the gearup, which is not even worth its money

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