January 2016 Update TODAY

Apparently the ‘Update’ is not going to happen today (Monday 25th.) However, I assume we can prepare ourselves to see it tomorrow on Tueday because the final Release Notes have been public also introducing some more changes including the  ‘Treasury’, ‘Star Bonus’ and ‘Loot Cart.’

January 2016 Update Release Notes

UPDATE! See here how it looks & how to use it right:

Treasury, Daily Bonus & Loot Cart Tips

The Treasury

  • Clan Castles now house a well-protected resource bank; the Treasury
  • The Treasury safeguards bonus loot from Clan Wars and Star Bonuses
  • It’s the safest place to save bonus loot until you are ready to spend it!
  • The previous concept of “War Loot Storage” has been removed from the Clan Castle info screen, etc.
  • Treasury capacity is determined by Level of Town Hall and Clan Perks. Clan Castle level has no effect.
  • Clan Perks for “War loot extra storage” have been changed to “Treasury extra storage” and are now worth a lower percentage (however Treasury storage is greater for all Town Hall levels than what War loot storage used to be)
  • Clan Castle visuals have been updated with the removal of the small storages on the roof

Daily Star Bonus

  • Win 5 stars from multiplayer battles to earn bonus loot
  • Earn bigger bonuses at higher Leagues!
  • A new Star Bonus is available every day!
  • Star Bonus rewards are safeguarded in the Treasury
  • The maximum Star Bonus reward is available starting at Champion 3 League

Loot Cart

  • A broken down Loot Cart appears in your Village after every defense
  • Collect this cart to recover some of your lost resources
  • Only one Loot Cart will appear at a time so collect it right away!
  • The Loot Cart appears randomly in the village area after any defense will contain 20% of the lost resources
  • If a Loot Cart is already spawned, its Gold, Elixir and/or Dark Elixir values will update if a subsequent defense would be worth more of that resource
  • A Loot Cart cannot be collected if your storages are full

January 2016 Update Release Notes

See here the full Release Notes:

january 2016 Update release notes

The interesting part is that the Eagle Defense will become the evil and deadly Defense everybody expected it to be after seeing the first video material on ClashCon back in October last year. With 3 times the damage to Golems and Golemites, it will crush them !

eagle artillery gameplay

Let’s have a look at the stats – a maxed Golem has 6,300 hitpoints. The maxed Eagle Artillery now deals 900 damage to it; that’s an amount a Golem can only laugh about! Now when we have the number tripled, the Golem looses about half the health every 10 seconds when the Eagle Artillery shoots. Looks like we need a solid plan for the Eagle Artillery after this Update.

Also, the additional Air Defense for TH6 and TH7 seems like a small amendment but probably will bring a lot of changes in Clan War. Mass Dragon attacks are very powerful at these Levels but the additional Air Defense will likely put the brakes on little and have those Dragon Warriors thinking a bit.

January 26th, 2016 – Update Ticker

The  Maintenance Break Update has just begun and apparently we’ll have to wait quite a while until we can check out the new features:

january 2016 update maintenance break

The timer went down to an hour and a half ago, hope the Golden Hour will be great !

maintenance break january 26

How To Prepare For Updates & Maintenance Breaks

What’s the Golden Hour?

It’s the hour after a maintenance break where usually the loot is good. Why? We aren’t 100% sure. . . .  A popular theory is that the break throws abandoned bases back into the matchmaking bringing a plethora of loot.

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