Is Clash of Clans Dying?

A very enticing title, but after the recent “Summer Update” I felt like writing some thoughts after I dug through tons of messages telling me that Clash of Clans is dying. Time to take a look at the facts.

State Of The Game

Ok, first things first – the summer update was a bad joke. Useless and I still don’t understand what Supercell did the last 2 months. Please don’t tell me they focus on other games – all their games have their own teams, and they work there without being influenced by other things.

My best guess would be that they are working on some bigger things and didn’t feel comfortable releasing them now before the whole company goes on summer vacation the whole month of August (which is normal for companies in Finland). When we take a look back, the September Update has always been a big one.

However, it feels like they just threw something out to give us something and then close the doors for vacation.

Maybe I’m just over-reacting because I pushed my own vacation to August to have the time to write here about the update – not the smartest move 😀

But we want to talk about the state of the game.

Right now there are some things that need to get addressed, and sooner than later:

  1. Balancing! Some troops are horribly overpowered (Miners, Bowlers) and some are just not worth anything (Skeleton Spell, Clone Spell).
  2. The Preparation Day in Clan War – remove it or make something different with it Supercell. Right now it’s simply a waste of time.
  3. Cheating/Modding! Banning the accounts works, but some do use burner accounts they don’t mind losing and still use sandboxing. Supercell did some great first steps, but need to go down that road with all consequences.
  4. Gameplay Features. We need something new and fresh. Tournaments, Daily Quests, whatever, just something that feels fresh and new again.
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The Pessimists

When digging through all the people saying that Clash of Clans will die soon, I sometimes have to smile. First of all, it only transports a wrong impression.

Don’t mind these people at all. 100 people crying about quitting the game and saying it will die are not making a game with millions of active players die. The other ones not quitting are simply not writing about it.

Let’s check some numbers – here’s how many people type Clash of Clans into Google:

clash of clans end
Screenshot Google Keyword Planner

Does this look like a game that is dying to you? Actually, 5 times as many people search for Clash of Clans per month than 1 year ago.

It’s still the most played mobile game for almost 4 years now and with some improvements, it will stay this way for another 4 years.

I never understood these people predicting the end or crying for weeks that they will quit.

I had times when I wasn’t that motivated to play and I simply didn’t. At some point you will just get back to it – taking a break doesn’t cost anything.

It’s not like breaking up a marriage – it’s a game. You can hop in and hop off when you want to. It’s not a lifelong decision that you have to play it everyday or uninstall and delete it.

My Supercell Critic

Supercell should change some things I’m not happy about right now – mainly with the communication. They started their balancing blog and said they would give frequent insights – after one single post this was over.

I expected discussions there as well as monthly balancing updates.

I don’t request them to put webcams in all their office rooms and give all of us access to their internal development protocols, but in the past we’ve seen many times when they announce something that we, the community, needed to correct and make it useable.

Why is it so hard? That would save all of us a lot of trouble.

Also, they should stop their new troop, new spell, new level update policy. Most players have plenty of stuff left to do and I rather like to see more gameplay features and improvements than a new Archer Tower Level.

Leftover upgrades are not as much a motivation as a game that is addictive because playing it is fun.


The game feels good and the problems are far fewer than half a year ago. The game is still alive and I believe that Supercell will get some good stuff out in the second half of 2016. Hopefully somebody there has read this post 🙂

No the game is not dying right now, just struggling.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha and Punchy

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  1. I was very angry with the “new village update” that was when I quit coc

    I spent 3-4 years developing a village, and now they want me to start developing another? I thought there was a huge hype and then they brought this
    Utterly disappointed

  2. I’m still enjoying the game, don’t care if the others who play the game quit, and even if they do – even better, more dead bases for me. 🙂

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