Best Gem Farming with improved Obstacle Spawn Rate

The only way to get free Gems in-game is by finishing achievements or removing Obstacles (including Gem Boxes) inside your base. There is the theory that one obstacle spawns every 8 hours which you can clear and maybe get some gems from it – if you are lucky you will spawn a Gem Box and get 25 Gems after clearing it. This is called Gem Farming in Clash of Clans and I will show you how to get all the free Gems in game you can get and how you can max the outcome.

Get the most Obstacles possible while Gem Farming

A player within the official Clash of Clans Community Forum documented this and found some interesting facts about the spawn rate and how you can increase/decrease them by changing your base layout. For the people who want to get their outer ring filled with a certain obstacle it is important to spread your base as much as possible.

Keep Christmas Tree

An obstacle cannot spawn directly next to a building because there always has to be at least one space of the ground in between. The point is: If a new obstacle (including a Gem Box) is trying to spawn after another 8 hours and it has no possible spot to spawn onto, it will not spawn at all. There’s even the theory that if the Obstacle wants to spawn and the space is already occupied by something else it will not spawn elsewhere – however there’s no evidence for this but some people try to prove this true and I myself also have this feeling since my base is pretty spread out and the amount of new Obstacles decreased significantly.

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More Trees means more Gems

Ok, now we have talked enough about getting the most Trees, Trunks and Bushes possible to max the possible Gems we can get from them. Please mind that the Gem Boxes are also an Obstacle within the game logic, so everytime the game decides to grow something in your village there’s a small percentage that it will be a Gem Box, if:

  • The last Gem Box you got was at least 1 week ago (Gem Box max grow is once per week)
  • You don’t have a Gem Box in your base (you can only have one Gem Box)

gem farming in clash of clans

From over a year experiencing Clash I can tell you that the percentage a Gem Box grows is lower than what you possibly can get – I had all Obstacles cleared and didn’t get one for 3 weeks. When I now think I used to not remove all Obstacles right away I think I would only see a Gem Box once a month or less.

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So let’s wrap Gem Farming up:

  1. Have enough space in your base to grow as many Obstacles as possible
  2. Always remove Obstacles on sight to max your chance of getting a Gem Box
  3. Always remove the Gem Box to get the next one as soon as possible


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  1. if you wait 24 hours before removing the gem box you get another one right away. Or at least it was like this a year ago when I played more.
    you should test it and make an article if it still works.

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